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NUMSA to hold protests outside Zambian High Commission on Monday

Headlines NUMSA to hold protests outside Zambian High Commission on Monday

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) has announced that it will pocket the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria on Monday over the transfer of Hakainde Hichilema to Mukobeko Maximum Prison.

In a statement, NUMSA said it will stage a picket outside the Zambian Embassy on Monday, the 19th of June 2017.

NUMSA has condemned in the strongest terms the decision by the government of Zambia to move opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema to a maximum security prison.

NUMSA Acting National NUMSA Spokesperson Phakamile Hlubi said is truly shocking that this nation which was once lauded for fighting against injustice and oppression in South Africa during the bad old days of Apartheid has degenerated to the point where the current administration has charged HH with treason for what is effectively a traffic violation.

Ms. Hlubi said Mr Hichilema is facing the death penalty for allegedly blocking the president’s motorcade.

“He has not yet been found guilty and yet he has been moved to a prison for convicted criminals, some of whom have been found guilty of serious crimes like murder. This latest move by the Lungu administration is a reflection of the intense intolerance that the Zambian government has against any dissenting voices in the country,” she said.

Ms. Hlubi said the current administration bears all the hallmarks of an authoritarian regime where opposition voices are brutally silenced.

“The Lungu administration has targeted and shut down all the independent voices, especially the media. Those who dared to raise their voices were either forcefully shut down, as was the case with only independent newspaper The Post, or they’ve been bullied into silence, as was the case with Muvi TV and Komboni Radio.”

She added, “NUMSA is dumbfounded by the silence of the South African government, whose party members, the ANC, benefitted hugely from the hospitality of the Zambian government. How can they say nothing when a leader of the opposition in that country is being treated in such a brutal manner?  We call on our government to demand an end to the tyranny and a return to a rule of law based on the respect for basic democratic principles.”

Ms. Hlubi revealed that at the weekend the NUMSA Hlanganani region in Tshwane hosted Pretoria University Law professor Michelo Hansungule at the local shop stewards council.

She said Professor Hansungule outlined the crisis facing people in that country.

“The law professor said the best way that South Africans can begin to assist the people of Zambia was to speak out against the injustices taking place in that country. NUMSA’s Hlanganani region has resolved to take up a campaign against the rise of oppression in Zambia,” she said.

“To this end, the Hlanganani region in Tshwane will be driving a local campaign against the dictatorial government of Zambia to highlight the suffering of the people in that country. The Madibeng Local, Rosslyn Local and Tshwane Local shop stewards in that area will also be involved. NUMSA will stage a picket outside the Zambian Embassy on the 19th of June.”

She said the regional deputy chairperson comrade Thabo Mogoroe emphasized the need for South Africans to unite against repression and authoritarian rule.

“As NUMSA we recognize that we cannot be silent when our neighbor Zambia is suffering, the very nation which we credit for having assisted us greatly in the struggle against Apartheid. The people of Zambia need South Africans now more than ever to raise their voices and help them fight against an oppressive regime,” she said.


  1. …ok, it’s their constitutional right to protest…to waste their time…us, the majority who voted for ECL and are enjoying the rule of law, IT’S LIFE AS USUAL…Monday, will be enjoying the FIFA confederations cup while sipping on some scotch…Jack Daniels I think…cheerio numsa….

    • Don’t say us the majority! What do you mean by “us “! We never voted for that convicted criminal you call president iwee c1kala chawiso.

    • Lungu rigged those elections to avoid a rerun against HH. No majority Zambians voted for him. There were hundreds of thousands of ballots that were not supported by properly filled in Gen 12s, Gen 13s and ECZ 19s. That’s why Lungu did not want the petition to be determined. Lungu is a PFraudster.

    • NUMSA under these new leader is under-siege of scumbags no different from DA’s Mmusi Maimane. They troll for economic hit-men of all hues. Did you hear them protest when our Pan-African founding father of Zambia and icon of liberation struggle campaign across Sub Sahara Dr. K.D Kaunda served in Mukobeko? Did you hear them speak for the poor man killed in the Marikana mining massacre in South Africa? During apartheid, they were collaborators against end of apartheid and release of Madiba. They were facilitators in the heinous murder of Martin Thembisile (Chris) Hani to mention but a few. Kindly ignore their inconsequential theatrics we have a country to preserve and laws to enforce as a nation state.

    • Kaputo Davies, why even question? us majority Zambian Citizens voted for President Lungu. That’s the reason he amassed 50 plus 1.

    • It was unimaginable that protests would be mounted at Zambian missions abroad now the country has joined the club of the abhorred for one reason or another! This is a serious matter and those brushing it aside must take a deep breath and start thinking.

    • Go get them inspector general Kakoma Makanja!!
      Oh sorry South Africa won’t allow your brutal barbarian thugs AKA ZP in their backyard.
      South African government and police are civil.


    • I agree with you that South Africans should close and trash the Zambian high commission in Pretoria. Zambia is now rolled by tribaIists who are as brutal as the apartheid Boors.

  3. Thank you for your support please come out in big numbers…PF government is taking the country backwards….we need to stand up to this madness….seriously how can a traffic violation turn into a treason case…the presidents motorcade found HH on the same road it’s not like HH blocked the traffic….everyone saw the video….what a country….Lungu is not my president there you have it. you can go ahead and lock me up if you want…

  4. Thanks to the internet and YouTube.com, the inconvenient fact of the matter Lungu’s Govt and State prosecutors are facing is that the World can access the video clips of the motorcade incident in question and see for themselves NOTHING TREASONABLE HAPPENED. As a result, its proving very difficult for the prosecutors to exaggerate and make a case for even a traffic offence, much less a treason case.
    This is how dumb Lungu’s Govt is, and has degenerated mother Zambia down to a laughing stock to anyone in the World who has seen the Youtube video clips. Its extremely embarrassing in this day and age, and makes our colonial slave masters look like Sunday school teachers.

  5. Buck Teeth I too agree with you. Lungu never got a majority WIN… PF rigged the election to avoid a re-run
    They changed the constitution to give the president maximum POWER

  6. The world is laughing at the charges of TREASON…. “in one African country Zambia, ROAD RAGE is TREASON” the headline reads…! hahahaaaaa

  7. PF are holding Zambians at ransom ……! the West do not care about Lungu, he can rule the country the way he wants as long as he is freely giving the west Copper and other minerals – cobalt for iPhones, Copper for electric equipment.

  8. South Africans,

    If you don’t want another Zimbabwe on your door step with millions of refuges pouring into your boarders as seen under the brutal dictatorship of Mugabe, you have to help Zambia.

    Already the Zambian HC mwamba is on record saying we are seeing higher numbers of Zambians claiming asylum.

    Protest like this afore mentioned should be intensified and the PF crookes stashing money in S.A. should be exposed.

    Thank for your help.

  9. Completely out of touch with reality, you cant force a court process by protest make a legal argument in court. We don’t want such kind of interference in matters of sovereignty. When did Zambians in Lusaka picket embassies for court matters outside Zambia. Shame indeed

    • They have the right to protest against lungu….perhaps if the did not turn a blind eye to Mugabe’s assaults on democracy they would not have had millions of Zimbabweans languishing their streets…

    • For what? We have the utmost docility a country in the world has seen. “Bishop Mpundu is a tribalist!”. A wise man that is a real christian would heed the warning from the a big churches not the cowboy churches that he can give brown envelopes to praise him. when you attend the real churches as a VIP, they just treat like that but not give you time to politic. Other than the old churches, the new ones are all partisan or new tribal.

  10. But a normal person can wonder why lungu is doing this to upnd and I wonder why is scared of petition if thinks that he won last election,but me I wonder if lungu think like any normal person.

  11. This is the real reason UPND will never win the Presidential elections…Zambians who vote cannot allow a party compromised by misguided foreigners…

  12. NOMSA has got it whole wrong again ! HH has already been arranged to be moved back to Lusaka. NOMSA get all the facts correct about Zambia, Your emotions have clouded your? sense of reasoning. The hearsay you are basing your? judgement on is not complete without seeing facts and hearing the other side of the story. How can you be so hateful to Zambians and yet claim that Zambia helped South Africa very much during apartheid. Have clear and honest take on Zambia’s issues. Zambia will reconcile it’s political differences with the opposition parties. Stop beating the war drum and take a deep breath. Genuine people are already talking to President Lungu honestly and diplomatically. HH will be free sooner than later, it’s not you to do that for Zambia. You have no moral right. It’s knowing…

    • Without NOMSA and the opposition party in SA, The apostles etc. Zambians were going to end up like like like like …. You know what I mean!

  13. …Who you are that prompts me to say this, you don’t mean well for Zambia. Oh hypocrite numsa , you are? a vampire .

    • They have the right to protest against lungu….perhaps if they did not turn a blind eye to Mugabe’s assaults on democracy they would not have had millions of Zimbabweans languishing their streets, stealing, begging and taking their jobs……

  14. All Zambian Citizens should respect the law process regardless of who is involved poor or rich.Some small sections of south- Africans who are interfering in our sovereignty affairs lack knowledge of how it works.To be honest HH is a good guy and presidential material though he has been losing lamentably because of poor technique on electorate sensitization and selling of party manifesto.He likes overrating himself in every elections he is/has been participating.The last elections(2016),had he not handpicked GBM as his running mate he could have easily won.Intellectuals like me withdrew their support immediately because of the blunder(running mate).I hope he pulls through the case leveled against him.

    • The GM – You can’t say he loses because of poor technique and overrating himself and then say he is presidential material. That does not not add up. He is NOT presidential material – simple.

    • He won the last election. Save us time with those reasons you are giving. PF said they were winning with a !landslide but when they saw reality on the ground, they held on to some results eg Munali, Mandevu, Matero where they eventually blotted the figures to want to appear that they had 50.4% Who didn’t know?

  15. If a suspect shop lifter refuges to be searched……if a suspect rapist refuses to take a DNA test…….if a suspect robber refuses to stand on an identity line-up.. ….if lungu refuses to let nation hear the UPND petition against his stealing of votes…….

    I will let you fill in the blanks…..

    • Opinions of the aggrieved raise such suspicions….if a woman says she was brutally raped and suspect refuses to take a DNA test…….

      If lungu is accused of stealing the elections and refuses to show he won…….

  16. That is the problem with PF cadres. They are existing in their own reality. For the catholic church and the other church mother bodies to say you’re dictators should tell you something!!!! You are living in a parallel universe my friends. Wake up!!!!

  17. We cover our nation Zambia in the blood of Jesus. We decree Angelic protection around the boarders of Zambia and inside the nation. We destroy all demonic gang up against the nation of Zambia both locally and internationally in the name of Jesus Christ. Father let what the enemies of this nation wish to happen , happen to their families. Arise O God , the mighty Man of War and defend your nation with severe judgement on the enemies of this nation. Remember the covenant your servant David Livingstone made with You over this nation, Remember the Covenant of freedom fighters led by Kenneth Kaunda made with You concerning this nation, Remember the covenant your servant Fredrick Chiluba made with You over Zambia. Jesus is Lord.

  18. But why is it that it is characters in South Africa only that are making noise about Zambia? Why haven’t we heard about these fools on Zimbabwe, DRC or Burundi? The more these fools make noise on us the more we realize that this country was actually auctioned out.

  19. let them flush out HC/ Emmanuel Mwamba from there.Expose the ill gotten wealth being used to buy mansions in SA.please deport pfools thugs when the come to seek medical attention at morning side clinic and the like .

  20. Ati NUMSA, just a breed of Donkeys called bantustans. Tell them that we 50%+1 of Zambians who voted for our government led by our beloved President Lungu and the majority of other Zambians will NEVER allow donkeys local or foreign to interfere with our govenance and judicial systems. Tell these donkeys that we are capable of resolving our own problems should any arise. At the moment there are none, U5 aka Kailu-1 is just a crininal suspect like any other criminal citizens. Tell NUMSA donkeys that we taught them independence so that they can fight their own battles without our help, not for them to become our teacher. Now they are overwhelmed with their problems like state capture, contraction of the economy, high unemployment, derating of their financial status by Moody’s, S&P etc,…

  21. Now they are overwhelmed with their problems like state capture, contraction of the economy, high unemployment, derating of their financial status by Moody’s, S&P etc, xenophobia etc etc and now they see Zambia as their relief valve. Tell them that if they continue to interfere with our laws, we shall send Kaili-1 to Guantanamo Bay. These are real Donkeys, haven’t they thought why our MUZ, ZCTU, and other unions in Zambia do not see the crisis which they as bantustan donkeys imagine we are in? There is no picketting in Zambia because our unions are too busy with more important things to worry about than U5 who inflicted injury on himself and invited the law to visit him? Dont Donkeys including NUMSA and UPNDonkeys wonder why no government in the world has spoken for U5?

  22. NUMSA are just Donkeys, fighting a battle they cannot understand. Someone tell these donkeys that the situation which U5 finds himself in is a consequence of his actions rather than a symptom of a crisis. Tell them that the genesis of U5’s problem is that he wanted 49% of the vote in 2016 and not the 47% that he was given by ECZ and international ovservers including EU, AU, and Commonwealth. You know how some stubborn children are, they must get their toy or else they will not stop crying until other consequences fall on them. That is U5’s problem, 2% which he did not deserve, and he went round like a child that he is, invited the law, until he landed himself in Mukobeko. Now his battle has changed he is no longer fighting for that 2%, no he has abandoned that and now fighting for his…

  23. PF government under siege. Here in United Kingdom we have made a request of the same calling for a mammoth protest against the Zambian government at the Zambian embassy. Within next month a date will be given by the UK government when considered appropriately after the London Fire protest calms down.

    • ok, do your protests. It your human right!! But the irony is while you are planning all that, right now the bars in Lusaka are full and people are gulping down the brews while discussing football, business and the skirts that have come out looking mighty fine…I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO PROTEST FOR?????

    • Zambian citizen

      “….ok, do your protests. It your human right!! ..”

      That is the point. UPND are not allowed to protest in Zambia.
      Those people you say are filling bars are drinking to kill pangs of hunger and frustration….

    • @spaka: ….yaawwn…i really am tired of repeating the same thing over and over…let me enjoy my beer dude…

  24. These South African *****s should concentrate on removing their corrupt Zuma! Zambia is not a province of that their useless South Africa! They have lots of time to waste hence their Rand is worse than the mighty Kwacha now! Haikande was moved to Mukobeko because that’s what Zambian law demands for treason accused persons! So South Africans buck off!

  25. Lungu is not free , he is wearing a stolen jacket, he knows that minority voted for him. So we are giving thanks for that support South Africa

  26. Let those chaps demonstrate, but should they make a mistake to cross the boarder and come to Zambia that is when they will know Zambia as the real Africa. Not even a single day have Zambians taken such courage to snoop in court matters prevailing in other sovereign states! Immigration Zambia let those chaps come and demonstrate in Zambia so that they learn unforgettable lesson.

  27. kutiwaseka. A foreign trade union organisation taking an interest in another country’s affairs?????? something fishy happening here. A trade union from South Africa and not Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique..?????????????

  28. At least our neighboring countries are able to see our sufferings. This dictatorship existing in Zambia is not healthy. Preventing opposition from campaigning freely, rigging the elections, interfering with the judicial processes, police partial treatment of people on political lines, harassing innocent people are all unfair. We hope that sanity will soon return to our country. VIVA NUMA.

  29. Go get them inspector general Kakoma Makanja!!
    Oh sorry South Africa won’t allow your brutal barbarian thugs AKA ZP in their backyard.
    South African government and police are civil.


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