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Chipata Bishop Benjamin Phiri differs with Archbishop Mpundu

General News Chipata Bishop Benjamin Phiri differs with Archbishop Mpundu

Chipata Diocese Auxiliary Bishop Benjamin Phiri says the recent statement issued by Lusaka Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu does not represent the views of the Catholic Church in Zambia.

Bishop Phiri says Archbishop Mpundu did not consult other Bishops before he released the statement.

He says there is procedure that is followed when Bishops want to advise government on issues affecting the nation.

Bishop Phiri says the procedure was not followed by the Archbishop when he released a statement attributed to the three Church mother bodies.

He was speaking when he addressed Christians in Chadiza district.

The Bishop said the Catholic Church is non-partisan, contrary to assertions by the other church mother bodies.

He said the Catholic Church will continue to work with the government, by playing its role of promoting national unity and diversity.

Last week, Lusaka Catholic Archbishop Mpundu held a joint press conference for Church Mother Bodies dubbed ‘State of the Nation’ in which he stated that Zambia as a country today stands at the crossroads and that the country was in a crisis.

Meanwhile, Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) President Charles Milupi has called on President Edgar Lungu not to ignore the wise counsel from the three church mother bodies in promoting democracy and peace in Zambia.

Mr. Milupi says the Head of State must think twice and try to implement some of the recommendations given by the church.

Mr. Milupi says the PF government should seriously analyze the statement issued by the three Church mother Bodies, saying it gives a serious signal to President Lungu of the current political situation in the country.

He has told QTV news in interviews that the party in power should critically sit back and study the church mother bodies’ statement and respond to the statement constructively.

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  1. Bishop Ndhlovu differs with Bishop Paul Mususu!!!
    Bishop Phiri differs with Bishop Mpundu!!!!
    Conclusion: UMODZI KUMAWA

    • Telesphore Mpundu is a lone wolf turned rogue on the Church of Christ and Zambians for a long time. He had signed up for “Switch ‘N play” task wishfully counting on a popular implosion. During Mwanawasa he cocked the infamous “Family Tree” smear in hope of sparking genocide. Time to retire and focus on political ambition. The sactuary is not for counterfeits with cotrosive hatred but peacemakers. How does his rage solve political problems?

    • This tribalism from east is going too far!!!
      Or are these bishops Phiris, and Bandas receiving threats from Zulu?

    • When bembas unite it’s not a problem. When Tongas unite it’s not a problem. It’s only a problem when easterners unite.

  2. I appeal to the Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to invite Pope Francis to come sort out these Bishops over here. They are creating problems in this country.

  3. Open letter to Telesphore Mpundu
    Father Mpundu your hatred for certain people or should we say tribalism is starting to show. If you are not seeing that you are dividing the Catholic Church, then you need special glasses. Your true colors were bound to come out. This was long coming, all because of your false sense of importance. At heart I think you are a tribalist. You only see Bemba colors and for a religious leader, this is dangerous. The Catholic church is one of the churches which is not tribally inclined. Don’t try to make it one. Is it all because of GBM? You have this imaginary fight with the easterners in your head. Where this is coming from only you can explain. As a learned man that you are, you should know that no tribe is above the other in Zambia. UNIP knew this, MMD knew…

    • My tribe is Zambia,

      I have it from a fairly reliable source that the Archbishop is unwell. So I don’t believe he is anti-Eastern, pro-Bemba, or anything like that. My suspicion is that the UPND and the cartel are fully aware of his mental infirmity and are trying to capitalize on this. What the Archbishop needs are our sympathies and prayers and not denunciations.

    • I have it from a fairly reliable source that the Archbishop is unwell. So I don’t believe he is anti-Eastern, pro-Bemba, or anything like that. My suspicion is that the UPND and the cartel are fully aware of his mental infirmity and are trying to capitalize on this. What the Archbishop needs are our sympathies and prayers and not denunciations.

  4. Ckikala milupi uleumfwa ati everyone is distancing themselves from mphundu’ statement yet u still attribute it to 3 church bodies and u want ecl to take it serious y

  5. I think Archbishop Mpundu has been bishop for a very long time more than both Bishop Banda of Ndola and the Auxiliary bishop of Chipata and understands the procedure and has even more experience. In my understanding i dont believe to say Archbishop Mpundu did not consult. And it seems the Bishop of Ndola is accusing the Lusaka Archbishop of being partisan, it seems to be that he himself Bishop Banda is siding with the PF government and his statement says “working with the government of the day” but does working with government of the day mean siding with them like the case it is with him. Working with the government should mean guiding them like in the case of his Grace Archbishop Mpundu has done. As in the prophetic ministry the clergy are in, it is important that they speak out when…

  6. These guys have no moral campus! They talk to have a name and be heard! Mpundu needs a moral campus and that campus starts at the cross! Know Jesus, know peace, No Jesus, no peace!

  7. Remember I had said his Lordship Mpundu is driving his own agenda. Even the Monze Bishop has “indirectly disowned Bishop Mpundu. This is to do with the late Michael Sata. Any press statement is normally released by the director of communication (Fr Winfred Kunda) not by the Bishop. Like I said, he’s just human and a little palm oiling can work wonders.

  8. Bishop Phiri has no choice but to distance himself from the Pastoral Letter. Bishop Phiri has been told to tow the line in terms of the Wako ni Wako and Kumozi kumawa Philosophies. As an Eastener Bishop Phiri cannot be seen to be supporting HH’s freedom at the expense of the Lungu govt which is dominated by Easterners. This Is all about solidarity among the Easterners to consolidate the Easterners’grip on Power. HH is a threat to Lungu’s Dictatorship hence the Mukwasus are unanimous to eliminate HH and his UPND Party.

  9. You will always see the though-pattern of UPND – faulty and like Under 5s!!! A person (@Man of God JT above) is saying because Mpundu has been in the position longer makes him believe that the guy consulted his friends! One of them is saying he didn’t consult them! These guys’ (UPND) level of ignorance is frighteningly high! They need to attend Under Five Clinic – all of them!

  10. Miluupi iwe dont be funny, tell yo socalled opposition to anything be it good nd progressive to first sit back nd reflect.Mpundu will never take u to plot one…start behaving now l mean now.

  11. @9 Sharon, unfortunately there is no clinic for Under Five donkeys anywhere in the world as this is the first time we have them in Zambia.
    Let them try the Vet Clinic, they may just improvise a section for baby donkeys. On a serious note, they can try the Dip tanks, we have a few for cattle.

  12. The Catholic Church is the most divided Church in Zambia. Imagine a cabinet minister going against what the President said. But we have several Catholic Bishops going against the statement of there President. What a shame and I should trust you with my salvation, sorry.

  13. Look UPNDonkeys, you seem to be lost again as usual, so let me remind you for the 900th time what your problem is. Ackson Sejani said that UPNDonkey party can only be led by a tonga, not a lozi, bemba, nyanja, or even Lenje or lamba or a combination of the above: just pure tonga plain and simple. I have not seen any change from that position. All I see are donkeys accusing others of tribalism. I thought that outside tongaland, western and northwestern, your largest share of votes came from eastern so how come you have now turned against them if it is not tribal hatred?

  14. Comment:Sharon u re stil un amature in zambian politics. Wait til u mature, for now aim at bettering yo future.

  15. Bishops phiri and Banda respect ur religion! Money will take u no where. Do you think all is well in Zambia. Do u believe in eye for an eye ,,its sad!!!

  16. you are very right @sharon. the excitement that these guys exhibit whenever some ‘VIPs’ say something in favour of ka hh thing is appalling. now that all the three mother bodies have distanced themselves from that stage. managed upnd fora, you will see what is coming to His Lordship mpundu. he will be summoned to the Vatican very soon. this church is not like hh’s church where he was made an elder overnight cos of elections

  17. Bandas and Phiris are the only ones against the spiritual advise given by the church why? the next person to speak will be Joshua Banda we have a big problem in Zambia and then you still refuse the country is not divided? lets be honest and sort out the problem lets not be selfish

    • Dr Bill which church do you go to? Archbishop was wrong and he must not divide our church. Whats so special with UPND to break the law and get away with it. Then let PF also break the law and see who will win.

  18. The tactic of Divide and Rule being applied by PF has short legs. Check political history: it is honesty and integrity that stand the test of time!

  19. ‘The fear of causing offence makes man to swallow phlegm.’

    I salute Bishops Banda and Phiri for their boldness. Archbishop Mpundu knows that it is not in order to use the name of the church to express a personal opinion.

    The catholic church is a very organised institution and it is not fair to damage its integrity for whatever reasons.

  20. Zambia is in a political, religious and tribal anarchy. Behind all this is the so called “Humble man”, he’s cursed and a curse to our country.

  21. That’s how it started with Frank Bwalya. He started with differing with the Bishop O Reagan and other clergy.

  22. ignore the compromised Chipata bishop; He is a liar; Listen to the archbishop and other uncompromised bishops have said; Listen to Milupi too

  23. Catholics can be dangerous. Ask Rwandans they will tell you how they brought Rwanda on fire. I know them. You trust Mpundu? You are in big trouble my friend. Bishop Banda is right


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