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Concentrate on local issues PF-South Africa tells NUMSA

General News Concentrate on local issues PF-South Africa tells NUMSA

PF cadres at the Zambian Embassy in South Africa

The National Union of Metal Workers in South Africa (NUMSA) failed to show up to their highly publicized protest at the Zambian Embassy in Pretoria.

But on hand seen at the Embassy was the leadership from Patriotic Front South Africa Branch led by Sydney Njamba who were keen to speak to NUMSA to urge them to concentrate on South Africa’s problems and the problems of workers.

” When we heard that NUMSA would conduct a protest at the Zambian Embassy, we came to check and we wanted to advise NUMSA to concentrate on huge problems that South African workers are going through” Njamba said.

“We are happy they have found reason and have abandoned their protest” Njamba said.


  1. Deafening silence with innaction on Marikana mining massacre, waves of xenophobia on fellow Africans that sactificed in the liberation era, a curse of local poverty, unemployment, crime, and illiteracy to mention but a few, should be enough load for serious minds.

    • Ask them why they are ever mute on internal crisises in SA and have never condemned xenophobia melted on fellow Africans who sacrificed for SA’s freedom. Do they have any moral fabric or face to pitch in all inclusive democratic Zambia? We are the sub Sahara Africa’s most hospital melting pot of diversity and not SA. Please give us a break let them find another play ground and not my Zambia.

    • Senior citizen

      It is dictators like Mugabe causing xenophobic attacks in S.A. by brutaising their citizens and denying the democratic rights which makes them flee and flood into S.A..

      Now they are expecting the same flood of refugees from a budding dictator lungu.
      Intact mwamba HC says Zambians increasingly seeking asylum in S.A..

    • @Senior Citizen I respect you as a formidable blogger but when you engage into petty cadre sojourners, it boggles my mind! However, South Africa is the wealthiest country in African with a better living standard than even Nigeria (acclaimed to be number one). Zambia is one of the worlds 10 poorest countries! For your information most PF leaders (including Ministers) are now investing in South Africa (if you want the full list which I obtained through the Freedom of Information act). As for PF dimwits travelling to RSA to demonstrate at their own embassy is so fool hardy! No wonder NUMSA laughing at us! We are the joke.

  2. One down one to go. I feel happy they realised they were flogging a dead horse especially when they saw how the Catholic bishops have differed on Zambia’s prevailing situation. Ecl is been vindicated there is no crisis here it only exist in those people with a negative mind.

    • You can cause divisions among people and take advantage. That is divide-and-rule. It is usually short-term.

  3. These guys are hearing from a Tonga guy based in RSA and think there is confusion in Zambia! Zambia is alright! It is just taking care of its local business by making a person trying to destroy Zambia with the help of outside supports answerable for his unlawful behavior. South Africa Union should focus on union matters or bringing to book scores of youths who kills other people daily in South Africa! What a cheap shot by these Shaka Zulu boys!

    • It’s only the deaf who are not hearing PF lawlessness in Chipata which part of the confusion in Zambia. The law of the jungle is at the helm in Zambia.

  4. So what happened to the three buses hired to take PF Supporters to go and counter NUMSA’s picketing at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria? They have been dribbled. As soon as the PF Cadres return to Zambia NUMSA could embark on its Protest at the Zambian Embassy in RSA.It was not a wise idea for Lungu to send the Buses to go to RSA and mount a counter protest to that of Numsa.

  5. @4 Moomba, correct me if I am wrong but from your tone I think that you a donkey, UPNDonkey likely? Obviously as a donkey you have to say something but didnt you read that this was PF-South Africa? There are PF supporters in RSA just as there MAYBE “some” UPNDonkey cadres in RSA.

    • Those are paid up theives from mwamba , a big theif and opportunistic lier himself.

      Zambians are still waiting for the free wi-fi in Lusaka he promised.

  6. God will fight for HH and all who voted for HH. He is always on the side of the oppressed. Easterners eat now you selfish people but remember nothing evil stays forever.

  7. We are informed that leaders of NUMSA plan to establish a political party. It is quite clear that their sponsors have twined a network to inflame disturbances the SADC region, particularly targeting Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Agents of the west hire treacherous Trade Unionists (e.g. NUMSA) as tools to execute their dirty evil work.

    Obasanjo has a long standing historical hatred for Zambia. The breakaway Biafra under Ojuku was supported by the UNIP Govt. When the war ended it was General Yokubu Gowon and Obasanjo (The Yorubas) who attended to the surrender of the Igbos then. Hence the basis for Obasanjo’s hatred for Zambia. If he ever set foot in Zambia, Kaunda’s sons should never allow Obasanjo meet their Dad KK.

    • Yes….yes …..indeed ladies and gentlemen they went as far as planting a black man, Obama, in the white house to infiltrate……obama was planted there by the cartel………indeed…..

  8. Apparently, the Nigerian films that entertain many families in Zambia are staged by the well educated Christian Igbos from Eastern Nigeria. But instability, Military coups, terrorists (Plus Boko Aram) that have been the order of the day in Nigeria have been fermented by the Moslem Yorubas.

  9. Shame on these hired PF cadres just like ZW had mentioned; if South Africa was like Zambia under dictator Changwa whose fall is soon the police would have arrest these foreigners;

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