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There is need for African countries to work closely to reform the African Union-President Lungu

Headlines There is need for African countries to work closely to reform the...

His excellency Mr Paul Kagame President of the Republic of Rwanda being welcomed by President Edgar Lungu for Bilateral Talks at State House
His excellency Mr Paul Kagame President of the Republic of Rwanda being welcomed by President Edgar Lungu for Bilateral Talks at State House
oundation of mutual respect, shared values and an unshakable commitment to democracy and development.

President Lungu said the two countries have shown strong commitment to working together to achieve progress in regional economic integration, peace security and stability.

The President was speaking during a state banquet hosted in honour of the visiting Rwandan President Paul Kagame who arrived yesterday for a two day State visit.

There is need for African countries to work closely to reform the African union to make it more responsive to challenges of the time and the future, Mr. Lungu said.

He said Zambia will cooperate fully in the important discussions which will yield vital recommendations to reform the African union (AU ).

He added that the Zambian government is cognizant of Rwandans remarkable achievements in agriculture and food security.

The President noted that Zambia has much to learn from the Rwandan government, adding that he is hopeful that the Zambian technocrats and experts will expeditiously exchange ideas pertaining to the success of agriculture and food security.

He added that the visit by the Rwandan President is a clear demonstration of the desire of the two governments to enhance bonds of friendship.

“I’m also aware of the extraordinary advances that Rwanda has made in the world of information technology and renewable energy, particularly solar energy” the President said.

And visiting Rwandan president Paul Kagame said Rwanda and Zambia have a lot in common, despite the distance between the two countries.

Mr. Kagame said both Zambia and Rwanda aspire to a higher quality of life for the people, and the continent.

The visiting President added that the two countries should strive to seek a stronger and more unified voice for Africa, on the world stage adding that there is need for deeper ties and greater collaboration.

“I am happy to see positive momentum in this direction, both in the African Union, and the regional economic communities, ” he said.

He added that the two capitals are linked directly by Rwanda AIR and should therefore look forward to increased cultural and business ties between Rwandans and Zambians.

Zambia has a proud place in the liberation of the continent and the sacrifices Zambia was prepared to make, in solidarity with fellow Africans, in helping many people to regain their freedom, He said.

He further stated that Africa still needs to live by the values, in order to achieve the dignity and prosperity that African people expect and deserve.

The Rwandan president is on a two day state visit and he is expected to tour the universal mining and chemical industry (UMCIL) steel manufacturing plant in Kafue before he departs for Rwanda.

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  1. Kagame’s was reported in the media recently advising young girls in her country not to imitate Zambian women who wear wigs and put too much make up on their faces. Unfortunately she is right.

    • A Rwandan businesswoman Diane Rwigara announced her intention to run against Kagame, photos of her nudity appeared on the Internet. Her campaign was quickly ceased.
      Birds of a feather flock together!
      Now here is Kagame’s another opponent~Victoire Ingabire~who has ended up in prison. She was barred from running in elections in 2010 & arrested & sentenced her to 15 years in prison for trumped up charges like Lungu is doing to HH.
      Many people have disappeared without a trace like activist Illuminee Iragena.
      How much is mealie meal today?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Tutsi = Tonga
      Hutu = ??
      Not Bemba for sure….
      So Lungu don’t follow Rwanda formula, who have developed using sympathy.

    • This is what Miyanda said don’t sign things with your eyes closed. The extradition treaty is one sided this is supposed to benefit both countries. But you need to understand the mindset of kegame he is insecure and wants to eliminate all opponents and those that know the truth about who ordered the plane to be shot down.
      In his grand scheme of things kegame will accuse anyone trying to form an opposition alliance of genocide so that wherever they are he can extradite them. Its an evil oppressive plot!

    • Most people know that AU is nothing but a talk shop for dictators. When lungu is invited to AU, he rushes to Addis Ababa like a small kid running for candy.

  2. Visionless Lungu is telling all African dictators to work together. Smell the coffee!

    How much is mealie meal in the country imwe ba Lungu?
    The Skeleton Key

    • You are quite correct! The AU does nothing for Africa – they are too scared to stop dictators, corruption, racism, the list goes on ! We need an AU that cares about the people of Africa not corrupt leaders !

    • The AU is just a club of dictators, headed by Mugabe and Museveni. Even Ethiopia where AU is headquartered, the govt is killing the Orom people. The AU cannot be reformed, other than getting rid of it.

  3. It’s the Catholic who brought Rwanda on fire just like your men in clothes have started in the name of Bishops like Tresphore Mpundu. People like Mpundu are a disgrace to the gospel. .

  4. Bla bla bla … Here we go again. Fortunately Magufuli and Karma won’t be part of the infamous league of dictators that wants to recolonize subs sharan Africa! That is what makes SADC and AU toothless and quite use – less groupings. ECOWAS is a much better grouping. If Africa is to change, Africans must begin to think and act in ways that don’t promote dictators to mushroom!

  5. Let’s not forget Zambia’s proud role of sending a peace keeping mission to Rwanda during the transition period in the mid to late 1990s. Those that served brought dignity and honour to mother Zambia and many Rwandans can attest to the fact that Zambian military personnel were amongst the most disciplined, most well trained of the blue helmets deployed. The strong relationship Zambia has goes way back as Zambia was one of the first nations to provide support to the Kagame regime during its transition- this was one of the few commendable moves FTJ made.

  6. AU is a waste of tax-payers money.

    Kagame himself knows how AU was silent in the entire genocide.

    Even as lungu converts the country into a dictatorship, AU is as silent as a hot fart.

  7. Only Gaddafi had the ability to take AU to greater heights, not visionless leaders like lazy dictator lungu.

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