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President Lungu should be the one to take the first step towards HH-Chipimo

Videos and Audios President Lungu should be the one to take the first step towards...

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  1. I think so too. HE ECL has the authority and power plus means to engage HH. this requires sobriety and humility on all sides.

    • The President is surrounded by people who just want to keep their Jobs and not tell him the truth. He has to stop this HH accusations and let both sides refrain from such acts if they truly want to serve Zambians. EGO kills !!! which poor Zambians are the ones to suffer. We have to respect and work as one People. Lungu is the president let him extend his hand and be a better listener on the grievances by the other side. That’s what Leaders do.

    • Lungu will be lowering himself to the level of a free manson if he makes the first move. HH must first accept ECL as president before any dialogue can take place.

    • NO! No ways. ECL is the head of state and should not lower himself to HH’s level by making the first move. If HH wants dialogue, it’s up to him to make the first move. Otherwise, let the law take its course.

    • What can ECL do if HH is saying he can’t be forced to acknowledge ECL presidency? Where should Lungu start? By maintaining that he doesn’t recognise ECL as the president; that is a clear sign that no presuasion, abitration or any form of conflict management can put any sense to him. HH is telling Zambians that unless he was the president of the country, nothing else can work. This doesn’t need attending a philosophy class to understand HH’s position.


    • Awe ba Chipimo you have gotten it all mixed up. Lungu was nothing but cordial to the guy. Arrogance is the message and language within HH’s world. He has taken matters too personal hence the solid waste he is releasing from his body, doo-doo I think they call it.

  2. Have always said that President Lungu has to raise above what his cadres are telling him. He is president of all Zambian be it opposition or PF. He has to take the steps to resolve the HH issue because even the treason charges are all about his EGO being in power and trying to punish HH.
    This should not be the case as all Zambians need true Leadership. Step up Lungu and show us you are a true leader. Show your abilities by extending your hand to dialog with HH as negotiations come with respect for one another.

    • This is where you are able to tell that Lungu is childish. His brain is destroyed by many years of alcohol abuse.

    • Our president’s reputation has sufferred a huge damage purely at the hands of Lungu himself.How can he honestly say that he will only dialogue once he is recognised as president.Those are statements that should come from the likes of Mumbi Phiri,Frank Bwalya or Kampyongo.Clearly Lungu is not cut for the job.He wants to meka ati i can only talk to HH after he recognises me?Shame.The man has no idea what is expected of him.It is called Statesmanship.He obviously has no idea about it going by his own confession.What is shameful is that it is not a case of Lungu being misquoted,he was clearly shown on TV making such a shamefull statement.

  3. Hh wAnts government of national unity but how when it’s pf that won elections ,also why should el approach hh who does not recognize him ??? Ba chipimo that statement does not make any sense

    • @ Mike Kalonje: Where is a dispute with no proper justice system that listened to both parties, Government of national unity would not be bad to maintain peace in the country. What is happening at the moment is not health, Zambian economy is being affected due to the uncertainties. This matter has brought more tribal divisions, which is not Zambian values. Let Lungu show us his leadership by respecting every Zambian including people that do not agree with his policies. That’s what Presidency is all about. I take PF leadership as Childish, they should grow-up.

  4. The corrupt fraudster with a bible in his back pocket can not do that……lungu is a paranoid theif, he has stolen too much already and knows where he will end up…….as sure as day light follows night , lungu will be spending a lot of time in courts at the hands of a future GRZ…..the revelations to come will force a prosecution against him.

  5. I decide to disagree with you Mr Chipimo. Mr HH does not recognise Mr Lungu as president. So in what capacity will Mr Lungu initiate a reconciliatory step with Mr HH?

    That’s the lacuna!

  6. I think Mr. Chipimo is right. The one with the power and authority should make the first move (after all his party wants us to believe that he is humble) or at least he can do this through a third party like the “church,” albeit that they are also divided!

    • Bufi Tuutu
      And why is the church divided?From the time of KK we have never seen the church being so divided and am sure Lungu does not see that as a sign that there is something wrong.I would bet my last dollar that i am sure Edgar was celebrating when he heared that the church mother bodies are not united.The man cant smell the coffee.

    • the church is full of corruption.its better to engage muslims as third party if they are to have dialogue…lol

    • I think president Lungu has tried to create an environment for reconciliation through national prayers which Mr. Hichilema rejected. whether they were out of pretense or not, hh must have tried to recognize such opportunities and take interest for the sake of reconciliation. In as much as I respect you sir, am sorry to disagree with you for now ba Chipimo. Let wait for the law.

  7. Ba elias he should go and say what? “hey hh buddy thanks for not recognizing my victory but you know what am going to ask you to forgive and forget”. I note that EC you are feeling the pressure of not reconciling with the milupes of this world maybe even sampa who described your attempts at the orange pact as ‘ an impossible task’ because of you. Join other political calamities then maybe you might reserve a semblance of serious mindedness remember what zayelo advised you?

    • No wonder we do not progress. there is a lot of sense in What Chipimo is saying don’t be carders with no brains. stop attacking Elias. It only takes leaders like Mandela to do so. only a sober mind like Chipimo`s can bring suggestion like this.

  8. i think some people are more intelligent with their mouths shut, this chipimo doesnt think if am permited to say that, how will Lungu initiate or take the first step, as who if hh doesnt recognize him? to hh Lungu is just like me, which mean i can take the first step at any given time to start the talking with hh ka?
    muletontokanya limo before you open your hungry mouths ba wana be president,, the first step is hh and upnd acceptance of the 2016 election and theafter recognition of the winner (president bLungu) only then Lungu can be blamed if he refuses or fails to meet with hh and his upnd, without the acceptance of last years results there can be no Lungu to talk to hh,,, learn to reason and then advise not just kulandaukafye for banioneko naine,,, you are the people to blame if…

    • Stop these attacks . the man has a point. the only thing is that HH`S issue is already in court and the president can not interfere. But the point raised is very valid .so carders think before attacking.

  9. Fellow Zambians, I think 50%+1 has divided this country a lot. The opposition lost by 27,000 in 2015 and there was no such un called for complaints. Last year they lost by 100,000 plus votes and there is so much confusion. The belief was that a re-run was very very likely. Its the closest I think the opposition wanted to happen. Our MPs should revisit the law as we seem not ready for it, at least for now.


  10. This storm shall go and God’s children shall be delivered .
    Those that fear GOD and Keep HIS Commandment shall be saved. Our GOD has never failed us. We are in this storm because of our sins. We have lost our first love and may we repent.
    First, let us forgive each other and stop calling other tribes bad names. Those in leadership must respect GOD first and do that pleases GOD before they ask to be respected.
    All acts of evil whether done by either PF or UPND must be condemned by President Lungu. He must tell his juniors never to insult HH and his supporters.Thereafter HH must apologise too to the President and the nation.
    Calling HH a s.a.t.anist by Lungu’s cohorts and saying UPND is tribal is sin before GOD. PF members must repent. Calling Edgar Lungu names by UPND is evil and…

    • Robmwale my man, I really doubt if the 2 gentlemen involved are capable of the true repentance you are preaching my dear brother. We seriously need HH and ECL to emulate Mwanawasa and Sata at this juncture. HH should tone down and ECL should exercise love towards HH. It is time to move on from this horrific deadlock. It is in both their interest to bring this country together or the next elections will not have anything to do with policies but with fear of one another and could lead to chaos.
      Please my leaders, stop this insanity by both of you.
      I just re watched the Mongu road saga, that was insanity and having HH a man, husband and fellow country man in Mukobeko for one moment of bad and insane behavior is also too hush. Please work it out.


  12. Honest, I concur with you! Without the 50%+1, we wouldn’t be in this messy. Some poor chap wouldn’t be sitting at Mukobeko Maximum Prison for being a confused and disgruntled. The 50%+1 has brought more divisions, misery and anarchy than the improved democracy we anticipated.
    As the new parliament gets underway, let them re-look at this law!

  13. The President has got nothing to show all of you which has not showed you already:
    1. He has tolerated HH’s and his morons insults for so many months;
    2. He spared HH and his moron’s lives in Mongu.
    So what else do you want? Him to lower himself to these under-fives? Moreover it is too late for that the case is already in the court, if he is jailed the president will pardon him.

    • Pathetic thought! Just because he is president then he should kill anybody who crosses his path.

  14. Reminds me of the standoff we had between late Sata and late Mwanawasa. If HH had a heart attack today, I doubt if ECL would even think of evacuating HH. Mwanawasa took the first step. The question is: is ECL humble and wise enough to realize how he is destroying his own name and legacy? He is listening too much to wrong advice from KZ, Mumbi, RB, Kampyongo etc. ECL should know that these wrong advisors of his will be the first to desert him when his time to account for his wrongs comes. Change course while you still have the opportunity. Not even those Kagames, Mugabes or Musevenis will be able to assist you when you fall into the hands of the citizens!

  15. This is very simple. Lungu claims he won the 2016 Election in 6 Provinces and Luapula votes enabled him to reach the 50% +1 threshold. If this is true why doesnt Lungu prove this in Court during the Petition Hearing? The logical answer is that Lungu did not win the Election and neither did he meet the 50% threshold. HH Petitioned the Election Results but Lungu blocked the Petition Hearing Process becoz he knows that any impartial Court will have no difficulties in declaring HH the Winner of the Election. Lungu stole the Election and is illegally in power. Lungu has imprisoned HH to force him to withdraw the Petition and recognize Lungu as a Legitimate President. HH wants his Petition heard in Court but Lungu doesn’t want becoz he knows he will lose the Petition. The solution is to…

    • You dunderhead the onus is on HH and UPND to provide evidence that President Edgar Lungu did not win and they should have done that within 14 days according to the Zambian constitution…

  16. @Chibwe.The problem is that the Petition Hearing will show that HH won the 2016 Election outright. That would dethrone Lungu’s Rule and land Lungu in Jail for stealing the Election and abrogating the Zambian Constitution. Becoz of this its a do or die for Lungu. Lungu is riding a Tiger and if he dismounts he could be mauled to death. At law Possession is 9 tenth of the law so Lungu is hoping to cling to his Stolen Power and hope that somehow the Petition will fall away.Hence Lungu has incarcerated HH on Trumped Up Treason Charges to force him to withdraw the Petition and recognise the Vote Thief and Law Breaker as a Legitimate President. HH and UPND will Never recognize illegality and in anycase there is no law which requires HH to recognize Lungu as a President. Its a Stalemate. AU and…

    • @17 & @18: are you listening to yourselves?? You donkeys are the reason hh is in a pickle!! How can ECL block the petition?? What powers does he have to intervene in a judicial matter?? How can one rush to court and forget to bring the evidence, why didn’t you publish your PVT results at least?? Your s.t.u.p.idity is what has misled hh to misbehave and land in trouble, if he had good advisors like Kambela Mazoka, he would have worked MCS and be president today. You donkeys are pathetic. I wish the treason case takes longer so that hh stays in that dungeon longer and AIN’T NOTHING YOU DONKEYS CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!!

  17. EL has no problems. He is busy ruining the affairs of the nation. While the none entity is locked up. And u suggest EL wastes the electrolet’s time? Zambia, how dull can pipo b. Let this none entity rot in mukobeko.

  18. There is no need for the President to take a step to someone who does not recognise him.

    Opposition leaders in Zambia should stop adding more problems on top of the confusion. Let the law act.

  19. Oh no! Chipimo, keep away from the UPNDonkeys. According to the Donkeys, you are the wrong tribe anyway.

  20. Under Five Card Clinic is a Three Mansion plotting evil! No! The President has no obligation to meet him.

  21. Loss of objectivity is a sign of a politician who has become irrelevant and is desperate. That’s what has happened to ba chipimo. It happened to ba Nevers Mumba, almost happened to ba tayali. At the end of the day people who used to sound sensible and respectable suddenly start sounding like small boys. Shame. Wake up before its too late bachipimo.

  22. The only solution for our leaders is reconciliation. Where is the Zambian love? People living like animals everywhere killing each other because love is not being preached. I cry for my country and the future generation. HH and EL disputes have brought shame to the frill Zambian democracy. It is time they put aside the differences and reconcile.

  23. Zambia has never had an opposition party like this one. Full of bitterness. The only thing they want is to rule Zambia. I have news for you people. It will not happen. ECL won clean. UPND can never win in Lusaka (I’m told thats where the votes were stolen……………..where?????? for heavens sakes, where????)

    ECL has tried to call for reconciliation….but Double H is so bitter. Calling for national prayers is a way of calling for reconciliation. The Republican President is a busy may.

    Even if elections where held today, PF would still win. I can assure you. People are so fed up with this bitterness

  24. Kingdom, HH didn’t reject national day of national prayer. He instead insisted that he’d pray at his church the SDA which he did. Does it mean praying is recognised only when u do it with party on power at a place of their choice?

  25. The solution is simple. Have a recount of the ballot papers to determine who gueninely won the elections. Election theft should not be condoned.

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