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President Lungu might be falling in the political trap of HHto make Zambia ungovernable-Tayali

General News President Lungu might be falling in the political trap of HHto make...

CHILUFYA TAYALI Executive Director The Zambian Voice
Economic and Equity (EEP) President Chilufya Tayali has said the Nation needs that dialogue, so that Zambians can bury whatever hatchets and move on, and the President is the one with that responsibility before anybody else, especially Hakainde Hichilema who is not part of Government.

Tayali said President Lungu might be falling in the political trap of Hakainde Hichilema to make Zambia ungovernable by perpetuating tension and noted that there is a solution to this problem which is to defuse this tension through dialogue in a national indaba.

He said after the Indaba, Zambians will dismiss or disown whatever anyone would bring, relating to the last elections because it would have been a closed matter.

And Tayali has warned that President Edgar Lungu should not continue to bury his head in the sand, insisting that there is no tension in the country because things might explode in his face.

Tayali said the more he continues to refuse to engage on the smoldering tension, the more it is being fuelled and it may explode like a volcano.

Tayali noted that it is a fact that the UPND and Mr. Hakainde Hichilema did not agree with the outcome of the last elections and have also refused to accept the Concourt ruling to throw out the case on a technicality of 14 days, affirming that it is on this premise that, they have refused to recognize the legitimacy of President Lungu.

Tayali said the UPND have a huge following as evidenced by the results of last elections and the PF also have a huge following, which is why they won the elections as announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Tayali has since said President Lungu needs to recognize what is so apparent, otherwise, it will be difficult for others to recognize him as President, adding that it might just attract serious criticisms on his ability to judge situations for an appropriate and legal actions as President.

The EEP leader also noted that president Lungu should take the willingness of the UPND to dialogue as an opportunity to disarm them by allowing them to air out their grievances so that, Zambians can judge for themselves and thereafter move on.

“Therefore, President Lungu should transcend pettiness and be precocious and gracious to ignore the sentiments from the UPND and HH, to focus on his responsibility, as a Republican President, to keep this nation at peace”

“The call for National Indaba, by Archbishop Mpundu and the other Church leaders, though highly criticized, is very valid and relevant”

“We are taken aback by some leaders of the Church who are busy attacking Archbishop Mpundu and other leaders calling for dialogue, because, they are not offering solutions; rather they are making things worse” Tayali said


    • The Party and it’s government better realize sooner that they can’t keep running away from a problem. They have to face the problem head on and solve it. That’s the only way it’ll go away.

    • Well done Tayali, good contribution and this will give ECL something to think about. I guess this is Tayali most reasonable contribution to date
      ……..Zambians can bury whatever hatchets and move on, and the President is the one with that responsibility before anybody else
      …….Lungu should not continue to bury his head in the sand, insisting that there is no tension in the country
      …….President Lungu should take the willingness of the UPND to dialogue as an opportunity to disarm them by allowing them to air out their grievances so that, Zambians can judge for themselves and thereafter move on.

    • Agreed, Lungu must take lead in order to defuse the tension he wishes to vanish into thin air by being in self denial! The problem is known and must be tackled with the magnanimity of leadership wisdom! Those who herded cattle bulls don’t chicken and face each other frontally to put to rest a disagreement! Legitimacy can also be settled when the law of the land is respected!

    • Tuyali do you thick the chief advisor at plot one will like that? At the moment advice is not what they want to hear, only praises is all they want.


      Out of smelly chaotic Chawama,
      Crawled a gangly drunken worm
      With no morals, but integrity torn
      With teeth as a buck, tall as a Llama

      Raised on Jemason with fingers long
      He staggered and stabbed his way
      To a throne he stole from a Sata tray
      Demented with an ego, vile and strong

      In HH he found a strong opponent
      A champion of hard work and thrift
      Who he jailed and tortured aswift
      Lungu’s ire and envy set afire, and violent

      The eternal kaponya turned dictator
      Violent of character with none to tell
      Stared in the abyss of his evil core
      Jumped and drowned in his own hell

      ~ Buck Teeth Lungu, 2017©

    • There is so much envy and that ka chikonko mwikate in your ‘poem’ @ Buck Teek Lungu. Ati ‘strong opponent’ hm, LOL. Sober up bwana and concentrate on fending for your family otherwise, mu kasakaminwa.

  1. Tayali u wrong on this one. The headline was good but the content is poor.

    There is nothing to discuss between Lungu and HH. What HH is doing is in line with his political style and that is the only way he can keep his supporters alive.

    HH he has nothing to offer to his supporters and he is actually grateful that he is attested.

    He has very poor style of opposing the government. Going to prison is no longer a good idea for the opposition. This style is actually outdated.

    The more Lungu keeps quiet the better. HH is the attention seeker type of a politician.

  2. The problem is not Tayali, it is Lusaka Times! They do not seem to have ability to identify items that are news worthy!

  3. Sense, Tayali you helped Lungu to be on the position he is,and hope you will help him how to Governor the country, otherwise Zambia is no more Zambia,

  4. This indaba talk is now becoming an opportunity for some broke characters to try to make some allowances.

    • The BABY has shhitted in his nappy again. Can somebody please change the nappy? The smell of sheeet is overpowering!

  5. Tayali tell hh that crap. As far as hh is concerned there is no government because if you don’t rocignise the Head then how do you recognize the subsidiary institutions. So on what basis will the dialogue take place. So let your hh continue debying the outcome of the elections and Lungu will quietly move forward and STOP THIS NONSES OF DIALOGUE WITH I.D.IOT WHO says they don’t recognize the President. The next elections is on 14th August 2021

    • the petition must be heard before HH can recognize ECL without that this problem will not go away. we can discuss this matter till the day we die unless ECL can prove to the court that he won.

  6. I have a big a problem with all this proposals of national Indaba. There is no need for such. We should not accept that people should using their perceived popularity to commit crimes. The danger of doing that is that we shall be writing two laws, one for the popular ones and another for the commoners. HH wants to turn a suspected criminal act into a political event and some of you are falling prey to it.

    The arrest of HH may of course create some form of tension in the country, but this is not the first time Zambia has been through this. Kenneth Kaunda was arrested on Christmas day and charged with treason, he went through the court process till he was aquitted, Chiluba had his immunity removed and daily labelled as thief by the press and even by some men of God. They didn’t see…

  7. They didn’t see anything wrong with that and grace was sufficient of the part of FJT, he underwent the torrid court process till he was acquitted. RB faced smillar situation to that of RB and he too was acquitted. At all these times there were several of our citizens who strongly felt those in power were using the law to persecute thier perceived political competetators. So many of so much great pain stood with these individuals in the whole process. Its even unfortunate that even up to date regardless of the court outcomes, there are some of us who still refer to FJT and RB as thieves and yet these are meant to be dignified personalities as they hold a very place in our national history. We never heard of such calls. Of course its unfortunate that HH is going through these issues and it…

  8. Bishop Mpundu did not call for dialog ewe, he took sides. He called EL a dictator. How can u expect a man of God, with an established position, to talk of dialog let alone b involved in mediation. A relative to gbm.

    • It was really unwise and a great disappointment for bishop mpundu to call president Lungu a dictator, he acted purely as a political cadre not a clergy. I f you find two people fighting, you don’t start by punching the other person to stop the fight, rather take a neutral position. Bishop Mpundu lacked wisdom and has made the situation worse, next time he should just keep quiet and try to manage his anger first.

    • The Bishop needs to be called and debriefed. What he said is so unfortunate and I think a lot of people are alarmed, disappointed and embarrassed.


  10. One mistake, some people just sit & think how they will insult the President, PRAY. Even the Bible tells us to respect & pray for our National leaders. Let’s be careful, some of you may be cursed. Insulting the President who cannot even respond to you? Remember you belong to that Church. Pliz be watchful…

  11. When will it get thru to all pipo that there is no legal requirement to recognize ECL as president . This is just crap. Get on with working out a wat to fix the enormous debt we have.
    Tayali nobody has to RECOGNIZE you as leadef of EEP the same as with ECL
    Fact ECL was not sworn in according to the Constitution. So were is respect for rule of law.
    Tayali sit done think and think hard when you write your next piece as most of them are for your own self advancement. Set out your party’s economic recovery plan. Politicking is easy, managing a nation socially and economically requirex logical, achievabke planning

  12. What kind of dialogue are you talking about when HechiHechihas has totally refused to recognise EC as president of the Republic of Zambia. To him there is no president whatsoever. Very pompous man. Let him rote in jail after all there is no government to try him and maybe get him released. We are at peace now that someone has been caged. A clear indication that thats where he belongs!

  13. Tayali you are political hungry including your followers people should learn to respect the high office and the custodian of that office you are the only ones seeing the tension because you have nothing to do Zambia is at peace 100% we are working freely without any problems you are being paid to write those things you and mweetwa you think we dont know

  14. Rude monk stop exposing your dullness in public like that. You are better quiet than commenting on things you know nothing about. If at all you know that there is no Government to try HH then what is he doing behind those bars in the first place. Your same Government arrested him and the same government should try him until justice prevails.HH is innocent and justice will prevail in his favour. God is watching above. You are the people that are terribly contributing to the collapse of this great nation. At the moment Zambia needs great minds to take it to greater heights. People like you should not exist in this world. Very heartless human being.No matter what happens HH shall be free from all this persecution. Your envy and bitterness for HH will kill you. People who means well for this…

  15. Nathan you are evil. Are you sure that there is no tension in this country? Just because some people are quiet doesn’t mean all is well. Yes people might be working freely at the moment but you don’t know what is going on in there hearts. Let me tell you something, ZAMBIA AT THE MOMENT IS LIKE A BOILING POT WELL COVERED AND YOU CANT SEE THE VAPOUR UNTILL YOU OPEN IT.That vapour is very hot. You need to heed to good counsel so is our leaders.

  16. Benechishi what Rude monk meant is if HH can’t recognize ECL and his government then it means that no one can put him in jail. So since there is a government in place and a President that is why HH is where he is because he committed a crime. As for the tension it is in your imagination of you UPND. At the moment Zambia is quite and people are enjoying the peace they deserve. So please stop exaggerating the issue just deal with your HH to behave. A lot of you have tried to incite people to rise against the government but to no avail, so what does it mean to you?

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