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HH back at Chimbokaila

Headlines HH back at Chimbokaila

HH waves at his supporters after leaving the Magistrate Court on Wednesday
HH waves at his supporters after leaving the Magistrate Court on Wednesday

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema was on Wednesday transferred from Mukobeko Maximum Prison back to Lusaka Central Prison following a court order by Lusaka Senior Resident Magistrate Ireen Wishimanga

Magistrate Wishimanga directed that Mr Hichilema and five others should be moved to a prison near the court while she hears a separate case in which Mr. Hichilema wants Religious Affairs Minister Rev. Godfridah Sumaili to be charged with contempt of court for allegedly saying he was in prison because he refused to recognise President Edgar Lungu as President.

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema, who is facing treason charges for impeding a motorcade for President Edgar Lungu, had been moved from a prison in Lusaka to the maximum security facility outside the capital on June 9.

Magistrate Wishimanga announced in a packed court that the order given by her court should be adhered to until such time when a new one is issued or there will be consequences.
Prison warders drove Mr. Hichilema and his five co-accused to Lusaka Central Prison immediately after the court case.

Mr Hichilema in a Facebook post confirmed that they had been taken to Chimbokaila and hoped that the court order will be adhered to.

The case in which Rev. Sumaili has been sued for contempt has been adjourned to 28th June, 2017.

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    • Congratulations to him. THis is the biggest victory if this can be deciphered in any way someone can.

      Here is the thing and my prediction.

      Come Christmas he will still be in it – wanna bet ?

      The nation has moved on. Time has moved on and people quiet frankly all on here would like to give a middle finger to the UPND leader right now !

      I hold a PhD



    • HH will bring down UPND just like KK did to UNIP. One cannot fail to make an educated guess – that HH runs UPND like his own corporate organisation.

      HH has brainwashed UPND that without him it cannot survive financially. This is a falsehood.

      Refusing to let go of UNIP was what brought it down by KK. He wanted to be the only owner of UNIP. And if it was not him then it had to be another Kaunda.

      HH makes all the decisions. He can command UPND MP’s to boycott parliament at a stroke, Pen, WhatApp, Text, Phone Call. He has dictatorship mindset.

      HH must realise that these MP’s don’t work for him. They are hired by the constituents whom they represent and must report to….. And not HH.

      They will be missing a month’s pay because he commanded them to do so, while he has a Fat-Bank…

    • Cont…

      They will be missing a month’s pay because he commanded them to do so, while he has a Fat-Bank account to feed from.

      This itself, shows that on hand side HH says; he cares so much about the poor people. Yet on the other hand he is stopping the MP’s who represent the very poor he cares about – NOT to be embodied/represented in parliament.

      UPND has clever chaps who can run it, and happen to have more parliamentarian experience than HH himself.

    • The problem with upnd is that their members, followers, sympathisers and “tribesmen” are bitter, angry, militant and furious ALL the time… Allan calls into Hot FM at 07h30 every day – angry, bitter, militant and furious… EVERY SINGLE DAY imwe bantu

      I am very educated.


    • Bravo bravo bravo to Judge Wishimanga for putting PFolice & PF bandits to shame!

      The Skeleton Key

    • Looking at hh closely you can se that the head is getting bigger than the body. He has immanciated in simple language nangu ashalile kumutwe. Looks like TB is kicking in slowly.

    • Depends which side you belong and seems most bloggers use emotions than facts. Facts are that the courts and police force do not work independently. They are controlled by State House run by PF cadres. Even these delays on the judgement show that they have no case but to punish HH. What astonishes me is that the same people talking bad of HH, will turn around if he becomes president and condemn Lungu. It’s sad to see how Zambians can be so desperate to feed their mouths and forget ethics. Some of you called SATA names, cobra and so forth?? Now you are eating from Cobra’s party abandoning MMD. HH is innocent it’s a shame we are even encouraging such to happen in a democratic country. Treason because of stupid motorcade?? It’s a joke.

    • Correct observation, where is that bitch which swore that Sata shall never be President of this country? That bitch which called him homosexual supporter? Yes most stupid Zambians are swayed to swear that a fellow Zambian can never become President only to appear farting into state house when the same person they cursed is President. Shame on all of you who resemble dogs in thinking.

    • @1.11 The Prince. Wow! I never thought there were bloggers on this forum who could write and articulate their points so beautifully. That is the truth of the matter as you have written it. How can Zambians mutilate the constitution they received hardly a couple of years ago I ask myself. It doesn’t matter if you hate HH with all your mind, heart and soul! think about the wrong being done here and the price you are paying for this circus.

    • @1.11 The Prince, well said! Zambians have just become so illogical it’s not even funny. These same bloggers will turn against Mr. Lungu and demonize him when today they are busy egging him on to commit crimes against his rival. It seems like we never learn. The way HH is being treated today will necessarily evoke vengeance if he comes to power. Someone has said make friends on your way up because you might need them on your way down!

  1. This will not end well for everybody. Lungu has fatally stabbed himself in the foot with the jailing of HH on pfake treason charges.

  2. Every leader should serve two terms -one in office and the 2nd in prison.Bwana Lungu you’re next in line.

    • For stealing $10 billion in 6 months. Per Mutati in Parliament yesterday, Lungu has increased the national debt to $22 billion since December 2016. That is real treason to me, not the racing games in Mongu. Lungu needs to spend some decades in prison to reflect on how far he has come since his extreme poverty in Chawama.

  3. Drama continues. However, his Political career will be determined by what he has experienced. Will he emerge as Victor and stronger, or is it the end for him?

    • This is a very personal test for HH and will ultimately define his resilience.

      To his lieutenants and commanders, foot soldiers and all in UPND family , we salute you.

      Keep up your support. The dictator will try every thing to break HH and UPND.

    • Personally, I think HH will emerge a victor, though the biggest problem is that Lungu has created a monster in HH. I know HH to be gentleman, but after this and after taking over power, beleive you me HH will not see anything wrong in killing another human being because of what Lungu has done to him.

  4. Before end of 2017 lungu is is dying. Rat poison in his food. People working at state house are suffering too.

  5. HH will never rule zambia. Mark my words. There are more reasonable people in zambia than those who support lawlessness.

    HH can only win by violence but as long as people vote individually, he will never win.

    He has no capacity to effectively oppose the government and some people think by him going to prison is automatically gonna be a president, that way of thinking is outdated.

    U can only win elections by articulating issues affecting most Zambian. Many people in zambia have no jail experience. So u can use that as your campaigning issues.

    In fact, HH is happy to be in jail because that is the only way he is going to keep his few supporters. He has no message for his supporters. The man is so dry politically.

    • …but even when they said Sata would never rule, he did the unthinkable. He swiped Lusaka and C/Belt from right under Mwanawasa’s feet. hh has failed to even win a single seat in inner Lusaka and C/Belt from 2006, Sata did it at his first attempt; Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before Sata got into State House!!

    • We know why. The High Court has exposed rampant rigging and unsupported results in Munali and Lusaka Central. This is only where the UPND contestants felt aggrieved enough to contest. Lungu himself knows how hundreds of thousands of ballots cannot be accounted for at ECZ through pfake Gen 12s,13s and ECZ 19s. That’s why Lungu had to stop the petition at any cost.

    • No, donkey. Munali and Lusaka Central was pre-election: violence and undue influence. Not ballots or anything to do with ballot papers or gen 12 forms. Even if there will be by-elections: WE WILL DUNUNA YOUR DONKEY ASSES IN HUGE NUMBERS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @ 6 Mpundu, are you God to prophecy that HH will never rule Zambia? Your declarations are a lot of hot air and in fact, you are encouraging the UPND sympathizers to defeat your kaponya party! Just make an argument for your preferred candidate come 2021 instead of barking like a toothless bulldog. PF has done nothing so far to deserve our vote again!

    • The same PFrison warders are giving him phones and laptops to issue press briefings. No wonder Lungu has stopped smiling these days. He is like a dead man walking.

  6. From one hotel to another. His lawyers are really enjoying pay day for as long as he has s.t.upid matters in court. Enjoy the 3 star chimbokaila till 2021

  7. @Mpundu what lawlessness has HH and his workers committed? If u are referring to the Motorcade Incident in Mongu don’t u know that, that Charge was dropped by the State thru a Nolle Prosqui? Its legal for HH to have Petitioned a flawed Election Result. Refusal to recognize an Election Thief and a Law Breaker is not a Crime and certainly not Treasonable. HH has been incarcerated for refusing to withdraw the Petition from Court and recognizing Lungu as President. There is no law which requires HH and anybody to recognize Lungu as President. HH and 5 others are innocent and this will be proved in Court. HH is being persecuted for beating Lungu in the 2016 Election and for refusing to accept the Stolen Election Results and recognizing Lungu as President. HH has refused to accept flawed…

    • Stop lying to yourself. HH never won the 2016 elections. He only won in Dudumezi.

      Did he win in Northern province, CB and Lsk, Luapula? Be honesty?

      U are the people deceiving HH and because of u, he believe that he is a good politician. Tell him the truth please.

    • @ 9.1 Mpundu

      Rigging is not winning. Lungu rigged the election. If he had to rig in order to be declared the winner, who then had won without rigging?

    • If PF rigged results in Luapula and Northern province, can u also confirm that UPND rigged results in Dudumezi?

      What is your position on this one? But try to think before you answer this question please

    • @9.2 Imute: rigged??? You have even failed to produce your PVT to the public, name one polling station that had irregularities?? The ECZ allows all political players to place agents in all polling stations and allow them to even monitor the printing of ballots, where did the rigging take place???

    • Ofcourse, my knowledge is when the petition was started and the inauguration postponed, we waited anxiously for the petitioner to present their evidence so that the elections can be nullified. To my surprise, no evidence was brought before the court and the nation.

    • @ 9.6 Zambian Citizen

      You are trying to bury a giant of an elephant with only a shovel of sand. The fact is, the elephant is not buried. It is still in the house. The mishandling of the petition case by the Zambian court system is the dead elephant that has continued to bedevil us. It is the reason HH is in prison today. Civility, it would seem, is yet to knock on our door. We are the instigators of our own fate.

    • That is where your problem is: upnd was part of the NCC and TC that inserted that 14 day clause in the constitution, true or false?? So they were aware of that time limit, ask Jack Mwiimbu. The norm is when I accuse someone of stealing from me and a court sits to listen to my case, I have to prove to the judge that that person stole from me by availing the court EVIDENCE, true?? If I don’t prove that by way of not providing evidence, how has the court MISHANDLED my case???? All hh and gbm had to do is point to a polling station that had irregularities, and the ConCourt Judges were going to summon the ECZ and ask them to exculpate themselves, failure to which, hh would have proved that there were irregularities in more than one polling station. The Judges would have been left with no…

    • @ 9.9 Zambian Citizen

      The issue was not the law, but its dubious interpretation by the Constitutional Court.


    • “Mr Hichilema in a Facebook post confirmed that they had been taken to Chimbokaila and hoped that the court order will be adhered to.”

      Akainde now knows who’s Boss. When you begin to know who’s Boss it means you have been humbled

    • True, Mr. Kudos. Did you see Kakoma’s statement the other day?? He kept on saying “president” Lungu!!!

    • Zambian Citizen, they are now beginning to accept the rule of law and order. Even Nalumango seems to know how to apologize and appeal to the masses.
      I saw Kakoma’s statement! Kudos

    • @Umodzi Kummawa
      I am a Bemba, but I can’t stand your stupidity and ignorance. I am almost VOMITING.
      It’s people like you who are slowly but surely destroying Zambia. Your STUPIDITY has no limits.

      Thank you for exposing yourself in which category of bloggers you fall. PHDs, Skulls,……

    • Comment: my comment is to vote. Where is it written that tongas should not rule. So why dont you divide and rule yourselves as easterners and northerners. After all us from the south western and north western have nothing to lose God blessed us abundantly at least we wont go chasing rats and monkeys for survival in addition, we are hard workers. Kachemas never sleep on an empty stomach.

    • @ umodzi kummawa- You can not be to sure about that. In fact if you what to go by province and tribe and see which president did exceptionally well to run this country was Levy Patrick Mwanawasa who was Lenje followed by Michael Chilufya Sata who was bemba/Namwanga. So far the worst presidents have been easterners.

    • @Umodzi kummawa uli mbwa sana! i’m Bemba but i don’t just support stup1dity. Here we talk about the future of our children and children to come. Just because your tribesmate is eating feaces you will do the same to show solidarity! then go to nearest psychiatric hospital and seek help. Tribe will never put food on your table you id1ot.

    • He is in because of not recognizing Lungu and not accepting the result of the election, even RB confirmed that the other day. “HH ngakana ama results yama election akamona efyo nkamucita”. This was Lungu speaking way before the elections. Does this relate to the Mongu issue!

    • He is in because of not recognizing Lungu and not accepting the result of the election, even RB confirmed that the other day. “HH ngakana ama results yama election akamona efyo nkamucita”. This was Lungu speaking way before the elections. Does this relate to the Mongu issue……

    • why release a criminal before the court rules !!! let him the under 5 get wan.k.ed in the rear …

      We know he will be freed.

      First let him answer 1 question.

      Who is the president of Zambia a) ECL the drunk B) HH the free mason
      He will rot inside until he he shouts the correct answer!!!
      Batonga kupusa shahahahah

  8. UPND hates Lungu not because he stole their vote. If a UPND cadre takes his heart for X-Ray at the hospital, it will show tribalism as the root cause kikikiki

  9. @Mpundu, I once said that sata, that he will never rule, alas, I swallowed my own words.

    You too may swallow yours in the near future

    • Sata knew how to oppose the ruling part not HH. HH is not intelligent. I can do a better job than him. There are many things the opposition can do than seating in prison.

      The UPND is dead because the owner of the party HH is in Jail. What kind of opposition party is that seriously?

      UPND is a one man show. Shame to UPND supporters

  10. UPND hates Lungu not because he stole their vote. If a UPND cadre takes his heart for X-Ray at the hospital, it will show tribalism is the root cause kikikiki

  11. The level of your insanity has gone out of hand Mushota.Your mind is just possessed with evil thoughts. You are not God who knows what tomorrow hold and as such you better shut the hell up. A day cant go by without reading a nonsense about HH from you. Am sure you system itches for the man.
    It is the nation in your own imagination that has moved on. Zambia is still bleeding profusely for the incarceration of its saviour HH.

    • Nobody is bleeding imwe naimwe! The exaggeration of the UPND supporters of the impact of incarcerating HH on majority Zambians is really sad. Zambians are too pre-occupied with their individual economic woes such that usually they hardly remember HH is at MUKOBEKO or CHIMBOKAILA.
      There is need for UPND to realize that being the opposition implies you are the political under-dog and if you formulate your political strategy cleverly, you can rip great benefits. Being antagonistic and rumble raising usually leads to warning the government that you are up to bringing them down and they get into defensive mode, which can be very dangerous and destructive for the opposition political player.
      UPND and HH need to settle down into political defenders of Zambians through scrutiny of PF…

    • UPND and HH need to settle down into political defenders of Zambians through scrutiny of PF government development agenda, policies, budget implementation and human rights for ordinary people.
      Focusing so much energy, resources and time to an election that has passed is most likely to e viewed as being disgruntled and disoriented.

    • His head is too big and not well aligned . . .he deserves some panel beating to be centred and levelled.

  12. How shall Zambia celebrate Unity day on 4th July?

    For those who think they have the right to rule this country, I ask that you get into a coma thinking about how best to get us out of this rat hole situation we are in.

    The Rwandan atrocities of the 90s started by a certain grouping thinking that they had the right to rule. We shouldnt go down this path. Let us rise above our tribal differences and find unity in a common purpose. This common purpose is to surmount the challenges that have no respect for where you come from like poverty, illiteracy, injustice and disease.

    We should move away from categorizing our selves using villages.This is the 21st century. We need to be cosmopolitan in our identity.

    • Dr. Chaos Theory, that is the debate we should all promote. We are all one regardless of where we come from. Let us keep away from tribal tags- All tribes including Southerners, Easterners and Northerners, Luapula Muchinga

  13. Its sad that we have people who were supposed to live under stone age amongst ourselves. A tribe, race, religion are factors to retarded minds. I’m actually a Mambwe / Lungu from Mbala, Village muswilo, mwane Tafuna before you mistake me. It is not the first time we have prophets of doom in Zambia. Dora Siliya said Sata would never rule Zambia, FTJ said Sata would only rule Zambia under his dead body, where is he? Destiny belongs to God himself. How many of us here would confirm that they saw ECL becoming president 10 years before?

    • …hmmm, which economic sanctions?? IMF has confirmed the are pumping in $1.3bn, USA and Scandanavian aid to our health sector has increased, over $250m has been sourced from oother donors and banks for aquaculture development-WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR INFO FROM????

    • @ 22.1 Zambian Citizen

      That tells you just how depended we are to outside help. Sanctions, in any form, could cripple us overnight. The world is wary of human rights violations. Don’t think that the world is blind to what is currently going on in Zambia.

    • You see, Imute, unlike you upnd fanatics who believe any rubbish your leaders throw at you, these western countries have complex intelligence and information systems. When you people are busy crying “dictatorship”, they have embassies here in Zambia that collect data and information on the ground and advise their leaders of what exactly is happening. They will not rely on your rantings. They are fully aware of the political “tension” but are equally amazed at the calmness that is on the ground amongst the greater population; hence their silence and their no panic attitude: IT’S BUSINESS AS USUAL!!!

    • @ 22.3 Zambian Citizen

      Do not take their patience for granted. It can run out. They don’t need to be told what is going on. Their embassies in Zambia are their eyes. It should concern us that these things are happening in broad day light. The HH story has gone viral worldwide.

    • You are missing the point, in broad daylight, go to city market, things are normal, go into bars, things are normal etc How can they believe there is oppression when everything is normal and calm??? Where are your mass protests for hh?? Even if the story has gone viral, why aren’t there people on the streets protesting????

    • @ 22.5 Zambian Citizen

      Who, I wonder is missing the point here, you or me? Seen from above, a river may appear as though not flowing at all, or seemingly reluctant to do so; at times even looking like flowing backwards. It’s the under-current of such a river that you should be concerned about. That is what gets you. It’s what can kills you. There are powerful Human Rights Lobby Groups which exist primarily for the purpose of lobbying foreign governments to act on behalf of political prisoners around the world. It’s not the marketeers at Soweto market who will sell you out. Those only know how to sell vegetables and the like. They don’t know how to sell a corrupt government. That is the specialized job of Powerful Human Rights Lobby Groups. Watch-out!

    • …oh, no…who votes: the powerful human rights groups or the soweto market people?? eho makes up the population of our country??? you are such a bullsh*ter!!!

    • @ 22.7 Zambian Citizen

      “Sanctions” is the contextual subject matter, not the ballot box.

  14. I feel those of us are able to use this forum can contribute positively to better other people’s reasoning. we can differ politically but that should not mean we become enemies. that is the more reason I for one would have loved to see PF members going to visit HH in prison on a brotherly level. Unfortunately this is not the case. When people say there is tension in this country, we refuse, yet even just on this forum, one can easily pick the tension from the two camps. can we please be more civil

    • @23mwelwa, I AM NOT not a PF nor a cadre of any political party but HOW do you expect PF cadres to visit HH in prison with the behaviour exhibited towards Sumaili. Any way Mwenya Musenge tried to visit lol!!

  15. This tribal Lord Human Hyena (HH) cretin again…only real Dunderheads believe this hateful and selfish individual can provide a better life for all Zambians…God and Heaven forbid these sa.tan.ists ever rule this peaceful land because they will leave it in ashes…to the govt of the day your mistakes are playing into the hands of these blood thirsty animals..traffic police roadblocks, taxation on SMEs, wasteful govt expenditure on luxry SUVs and hefty salaries and allowances, zero govt efficiency govt officers never found in their offices and delaying projects, taxation on small scale farmers wanting to export produce- these mistakes are killing PF and if we continue like this UPND will win the next elections!!!!!!!!!

  16. H.H is my president others just follow.We don’t believe in illegal leaders.I mean dictators,you might get lost with them.H.H will be off jail befor August.That’s my strong prayer.

    • Wasn’t he supposed to be sworn in as president last year November?August is just a stone throw away……time will tell.

  17. Ba LT, that is not news. Let us talk about the economy! A debt level that exceeds our meagre GDP should concern us all. I think we have talked enough about HH and ECL. We are not Siamese Twins with any of these leaders. We are first of all Zambians before we get to become politicians. And what makes us sane Zambians is a good economy! While we are busy talking HH, ECL was busy contracting debt. If it wasn’t for IMF, Mutati would never have revealed our debt. Concealing debt is an economic crime and citizens should demand answers. How did the government of Edgar manage to secretly borrow 10 billion USDs in 6 months?

    • You know it is worrying that you would base your political strategy on falsehoods, it explains why upnd has repeatedly failed to judge the mood and mental status of voters and has lost 5 times. Who can confirm that ECL and his PF government has secretly borrowed $10bn in six moths??? This amount is over 6 times our national budget and it would send the country into a tailspin if it was true. It’s like a bank lending its client K600m on a house valued at K100m, its just not feasible. You must analyse matters before you jump to conclusions, my friend, otherwise you will be categorised with the growing group of people who believe anything the upnd leaders say without using their own ability to think, research and reason: DONKEYS!!!!

  18. 2020 vision , it is wrong to call HH hyena , s.a.tanist and say HH must not rule Zambia.
    Ethics and values are about values and justice, it is not about pleasing or displeasing people but respecting people’s needs and rights.
    Truly, if you are a Christian , you could evangelise to HH and his family. GOD loves you, ECL , HH and me. Calling HH names will not save you from GOD’s justice on the day of Judgement. GOD will judge you , ECL,HH and me for what we do to one another.
    If you truly as Holy as JESUS is , why don’t you emulate JESUS by show love to his enemy…
    My young man , there is time for everything in life. Time to make peace with your soul before Judgement.

    • Rob you talk a lot of nonsense as usual, and as someone who has a PhD I can see through you. I am a Dr mind you.

      You are putting Jesus, HH and ECL in the same sentence- what is wrong with you?



  19. I feel politics of mayhem,vengeance and belligerents will leave this country in a great crisis.There are people who are scared of joining politics because of being scared of stripped naked.If you join politics,especially in Africa,you need to count the cost.Your dignity will be indecently exposed.Your privacy will be scandalized by vultures who are scared to offer solutions themselves.Life in politics,is an irrespectable life.There is to much washing of dirty linen in public.Most political cadres are empty sacks that do not stand upright.The blame should be on political parties.They have not invested in their structural moral fibre.The growth in numbers should be in tandem with growth in morality and respect for divergent views.

    • A blank wall is better than talking to an empty brain that is designed to create confusion in the nation.Empty tins will always come on social media to create confusion.They,in most cases,hide their identity because they are not real and they are cowards.Little scared men will even run away from their own shadows.

  20. Mushota , do you need to know that I have a PHD too.
    Despite my education , I fear GOD and request you to fear GOD and keep His commandment.
    In life , my daughter, for I know you are very young. I am an elderly man fit to be your father or older than your father. I shall not insult you not call you nonsense because I want to leave a good legacy behind me.
    One can be a winner without a medal and loser with a medal if winning is not kept in perspective.
    Let you life be based on emphathy, fairness, compassion for the injured, ill and the girl and the larger interests of society.
    Never argue but discuss with people. Know the difference between discussion from argument

  21. Dignity is not in possessing but deserving.in life there are defeats more triumphant than victories. True winners are gracious, they never brag about themselves, they respect and appreciate their team members and opponents. Winners know how to handle success. True Winners do not win by hook or by crook..
    Winners leave a legacy


    • Consider the difference in votes and not the difference in provinces. It makes you loose sight and misleads the ignorant. The difference in votes was 100, 530 votes !!!!
      PF =1,860,877
      UPND = 1,760,347
      Total Votes Cast =3,781,505
      Number of votes rejected = 85,795
      The difference was 2.6%, and this is actually within statistical error. Therefore, I hope it gives you an idea how tight the elections were. 2011 election between RB nd Sata could not be refuted, as the difference was outside the statistical error, it was a clear win. Less rejected votes….

    • Do you honestly think these figures will be the same if another election is called tomorrow? UPND is alienating core voters by the day with their antics and I truly hope the Zambian people can sort out this problem once and for all by making this party irrelevant in Zambian politics.

  23. PF’s toy game over HH, will soon come to an abrupt end. I wonder how the score card will read when the final whistle is blown?

  24. Zambian democracy!!, If you fail to elections 5 times call the wining candidate dictator, behave stupidly so that you can be arrested and tell the world that there is no democracy in this country. After all the world is as gullible as can be they will believe all the crap. The underworld hates to praise any African country for any single good, they would rather lump everyone together and make general statements such as Africa is chaotic, only conflict reigns in Africa etc. When you have peace as we have had in Zambia the underworld is bruised, they will raise one of their own to fulfill their mission. THERE IS NO DICTATORSHIP IN ZAMBIA ONLY A FIGMENT IN THE DEPRAVED MIND.

    • You are spot on…UPND are forgetting that times have changed, the majority of Zambians can see through this crap. The media isn’t as powerful as it once was and their cries for dictatorship without facts is just making those jumping on the bandwagon look silly. They are finding it hard to pinpoint the smoking gun that defines dictatorship. The best way to isolate these forces is to make sure UPND is punished at the next elections. They don’t mean well and don’t care about our Zambia. Peace is in our DNA and those who are trying to divide us with rhetoric will just make us more determined than ever to fight them.

  25. You will know how efficient our judiciary is. Ako ka juzzi will change from Red to Pink kuka zuba mpaka ufente iwe !



  28. Robmwale stop exposing your foolishness in public….today is today you don’t know that hh is a sa.tanist it is in black and white…why did he withdraw the case from the courts of law

  29. Please I warn you regarding Nana Qwame Donzy’s advice to join Illuminat.i to get money. Read the MAST NEWSPAPER of 15-17/06/17. Illuminat.i is a satanic cult. I was once a Satanist myself but I barely escaped death when I saw a Pastor and I gave my dear life to Jesus Christ. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and yet lose his own soul? (Mark 8: 36). Satan cannot give you anything for free. The thief (devil) comes to kill, to steal and to destroy (John 10:10). You will pay your dear soul. The end of all Satanists has always been disastrous.

  30. UPND prayed that we should not have enough rains, the opposit happened. We have no load shedding. We have enough food , the price of copper is rising, the exchange rate is improving, HH is in prison

  31. First UPNDonkeys cried “…the (dead) petition must ne heard, now they are crying “HEAR THE TREASON”

  32. Nice to be back where he belongs…Chimbokaila must be a better mansion than Mukobeko. UPND are finished goods. You have just made yourselves irrelevant in Zambian politics.

  33. QUOTE FROM: Senior Citizen October 11, 2016 at 9:23 pm
    Cheat yourselves with all narratives of hallucination found in hate and mansory societies, HH and GBV are pending candidates of Mukobeko if not Chilubi Island cages. This will be in a blink of an eye. Their ticket is inflated ego of believing they can call for insurrection, be subversive, insult the Presidency and freely discharge their sacrilegious plans in a constitutional democracy. Watch this space, Chilubi Islands cages, get ready. President Lungu may be tolerant, the law and national interest may be closing the door on dissidence.

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MIles Sampa Asks: How can I Implement the realisation of finances for LCC if I can’t visit Factories, Restaurants and Barbershops?

By Miles Bwalya Sampa,   CEREMONIAL VS. ELECTED MAYORS I generally refer to the Mayors prior to 2016 as the Chikwelete Mayors....

AFCONS Infrastructure Limited to plant 2211 trees along all the roads under their project

AFCONS Infrastructure Limited, a company contracted by the Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Local Government for the construction and...

Operation Young Vote Says Expulsion of KBF from PF is ill-timed and Suicidal

Operation Young Vote has said that the expulsion of Presidential Aspirant Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) from the Patriotic Front (PF) by the Central Committee...

Micho Open To Mbesuma Return

Chipolopolo coach Micho has announced that veteran striker Collins Mbesuma is in contention for national team selection. Mbesuma, who currently plays for South African second...

FAZ Hopes To Restart League in July

Football House is expecting the halted 2019/20 season to resume by latest mid July. FAZ vice President Rix Mweemba said the association is about to...

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