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ZRA exceeds target

Economy ZRA exceeds target


Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Senior Corporate Communications Officer Oliver Nzala has revealed that the authority exceeded its 2017 operational target for the first five months by K480 million, representing 3.3 % above target.

Mr.Nzala said in the 2017 national budget, Parliament approved a revenue target of K37.622 billion subject to the legislation of specific tax measures among which was the tax on copper concentrates and border crossing fees.

He however said Parliament did not legislate some of the proposed tax measures resulting in a revision of the 2017 operational target for ZRA to K36.774 billion.

And Mr.Nzala noted that it is against the 2017 operational target, ZRA is K480 million or 3.3 % above target for the first five months.

He said the Authority is very confident of meeting its revenue collection target by the end of the year because of measures and initiatives it has implemented such as collecting Value Added Tax (VAT) at source of which K1.454 billion has been collected from 1st January, 2017 to 31stMay, 2017.

Mr.Nzala further noted that the Authority will also introduce fiscalization in order to have an improved level of domestic VAT collections through monitoring of sales at the point of sale.

And Mr. Nzala said ZRA will soon conduct forensic audits on large mining companies in order to appreciate the various complex financial processes they go through when generating incomes that are used for tax purposes and this will be done by an independent auditor.

“Apart from the decentralization of anti-smuggling operations, the Authority has also recruited 45 tax inspectors in order to enhance revenue compliance and enforcement especially in the retail sector”

“In April, 2017 ZRA also introduced the tax amnesty in order to provide relieve to taxpayers on interest and penalties while collecting the principal tax. The Authority has also adopted zero tolerance to smuggling and tax evasion” Nzala said


  1. Drawing water using a leaking tin.

    These gains will be eroded as soon as the revenue goes into the government swamp.

    I hate funding corruption using tax money.

    • These are PF short legged pathological lies!

      How much is mealie meal today?

      Why are doctors, nurses & students not being paid their salaries?

      Where are the 500,000 jobs Edgar was yapping to create?

      How far is Enoch Kavindele’s north western rail line project in employing his perpetuated 13,000 jobs & 3,000 permanent ones?

      Where is the fuel of K5/ltr from Saudi Arabia?

      PF bandits are addicted to lies.

      The Skeleton Key

    • Actually the funny thing is ZRA has concentrated on collection and forgot about refunds to the business community. In the end, they will owe billions in refunds. Work done zero because all they are doing is pleasing their bosses while forgetting their responsibility.

  2. ZRA is not explicit in the amount it has collected for the five months.
    My question is has ZRA collected (K36.774 billion /12 months =K3,0645 billion per month x 5 months=K15.3225 billions +( 3.3% of K15.3225 billions=0.5056 billions)
    The ZRA is not truthful in that 3.3% of the five months revenue collected must be K 505.6millions not K480 million.
    K480 millions of the five month revenue (K15.3225 billions ) is 3.13% not 3.3%.
    Commisioner General , check your calculations please. or prove me wrong

  3. Really laughable…where have been these same five month updates in the past? I bet you dig deeper you find its all cooked.
    You simply can not trust them!

  4. I believe its common knowledge that ZRA has never made a loss coz they overcharge us taxpayers as it is right from the word go! Already the PAYE is too high for us workers including the many taxes they collect on anything one purchases. What really hurts me most is the customs duty we pay on imported Japanese used cars which is also too high!! Does it mean the PF wants to discourage us from buying these vehicles so that they can be enjoying driving nice cars alone? Its very sad coz Lesa ni Lesa wabonse uwufwaya bonse tulechita enjoy life!!!!

  5. So who is to be believed, ZRA media statement or the Minister of Finance Statement on the parliament floor?

    They are two conflicting statements.

    The PF spin of information is in high gear.

    Dununa Liveshi hahaha

  6. Only $4bn dollars is our target and a budget of $6b? Shameful cuz regional giants Angola have a budget of $50b ,TZ has a budget of $14bn and Kenya has a budget of $25bn .

  7. Just look at IMF has told us to do to get the loan and then you will undestand why annoucements like this from zra will keep coming until august when IMF convenes to give us the loan.
    Dora announced bumoer harvest, ZRA increased revenue. MUTATI says externsl debt rose by onlt $1BILLION,(he forgot chinese loans of $10 billion) which department will be next to announce increased revenue (tax)
    Toll gates will be next.

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