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Allegations that President Lungu bribed an IMF official to get bailout deal are outrageous-IMF

Headlines Allegations that President Lungu bribed an IMF official to get bailout deal...

IMF Communications Gerry Rice
IMF Communications Gerry Rice

The International Monetary Fund has described as outrageous allegations that President Edgar Lungu bribed IMF’s Mission Team Leader to Zambia Tsidi Tsikata as a way of improving Zambia’s chances of getting an IMF bailout.

And the IMF has clarified that Zambia’s external debt stands at $7.2 billion and not U.S. $17.2 billion.

Mr Tsikata was in the country recently as part of the Fund’s negotiations with the Zambian government for a bail out believed to be in the region of US$1.3 billion.

The Executive Board of the IMF is this August expected to make a decision on whether Zambia will get the bail out which is seen by many as a financial life line for the cash strapped PF government.

An IMF bailout facility will also be viewed as an endorsement of President Lungu’s administration by the international community.

Some online media outlets have reported that President Lungu has given Mr Tsikana an undisclosed amount of money as a bribe to get his to ensure that he makes a strong recommendation to the Board that Zambia gets the IMF deal.

But IMF Communications Director Gerry Rice told a press briefing in Washington on Thursday that such allegations are outrageous and rubbish.

“There’s one other thing I want to say on Zambia, and it’s not a question. But I’ve seen some news reports over the last 24 hours that have an outrageous allegation relating to a bribe being taken by an IMF staff member. It’s an outrageous allegation, as I say. It’s utterly false. It’s rubbish, actually,” Mr Rice said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rice has clarified that Zambia’s external debt stands at $7.2 billion and not U.S. $17.2 billion.

He said the U.S. $17.2 billion was a shocking statistics.

“There’s one question on Zambia, where it’s reported that Finance Minister Felix Mutati disclosed the shocking statistics in Parliament on Wednesday when he said Zambia’s external debt alone is U.S. $17.2 billion.”

“What’s the IMF comment on the debt reports and prospects, and steps for the program? I would just — number one, on Zambia, I’d like to clarify that number because it’s not correct.

Mr Rice said, “I think, the actual statement delivered by the minister in terms of the external debt stock at the end of May 20, 2017 is $7.2 billion, not $17.2. That’s an important clarification.”

He added, “We did issue a press release recently on Zambia, so I won’t get into the whole description of prospects and so on, but what I would just say is that implementation of the remaining actions in the next few weeks will enable us to present the authority’s request for an Extended Credit Facility arrangement to the Board, and we expect that to be in August of this year.”

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  1. My fiancé and I are trying for our first child and this has depressed me.

    Here is the thing: this is an outrages lie presiding Lungu is better than that.

    Ignore this. Fake news



    • The Pres is a lawyer – a qualified one at that.

      There is no reason for him to bribe any official whatsoever.

      He is a God fearing man who has intelligence and integrity in him.

      To suggest he would make a deal under a table is wishful thinking on what I suspect is UPND led.

      Why do people lie ? Why do they do this ?

      This has stressed me now

      I hold a PhD and therefore my comments should have more credence than your average person here



    • How can you have a child without the necessary organs or having same organs ? In the laws of nature it doesn’t work just adopt like your friends do. But unfortunately for you psychological evaluation is required before any adoption where u are….and we all know the result is highly to be unfavourable for u. As for the IMF why are they even responding? I wasn’t even aware such a story even existed

    • Maybe you should try to spend LESS time on the internet and and put more effort and time in the child bearing issue. This advice, advising to you invest more time in the other department is free so take it or leave it, the choice is all yours.

    • The IMF should not join China in encouraging bad governance because as far as Zambia goes, that’s exactly what they will be financing in its current status. The desperation by some of these institutions to be relevant is not helping the suppressed …we have not even seen serious austerity measures by the PF the continue to over spend with impunity

    • #1.1 Your Lungu stole from a client whilst practising as a lawyer. I only wish he was God loving and not just fearing because God is a loving God and does not want anyone to be scared but instead to call upon him during our winters and summers of our lives.
      Please don’t fear God but love God.

    • Gerry Rice must be a beneficiary trying hard to do damage control caused by Mutati, the ill-intentioned MMD implant/mole in PF.

      Gerry Rice wants to make off with quick easy quids b4 he is retired considering he is in his employment twilight. At yo age of 60yr ur still a mere Communications Director when will u be MD? No wonder our own Chibanba Kanyama is not ascending fast enough. Please quit & make room for energetic & vibrant Chibanba Kanyama.

      I thought Chibanba Kanyama is IMF Communications Director? Alas there is still an old school Gerry Rice. Pliz Gerry Rice obey natural physics – Law Of Displacement in psychology & life simply states u can’t have 2things in same space at same time – u replace one to displace the other
      Quit 4Chibamba 2replace u 2balance the equation – We…

    • Quit for Chibamba to replace and displace you to balance the equation – According to Archimedes we call it bouyancy remember ‘Eureka, Eureka’. Chibamba cannot move up unless such dimwits like u are excluded.

    • We have a DULL Finance Minister who doesn’t know the country’s external debt, internal debt or that ZRA exceeded their collection targets.

      The stories that he failed ACCA 3 times must be true.

      So even if he borrows 17.2 Billion, he wouldn’t care.

    • IMF should STOP being irresponsible by sponsoring DICTATORSHIP.

      PF are an irresponsible regime who have no intention of repaying those loans. Zambia has no capacity to repay those loans, we’ve down this road before & the end was painful for poor zambians. We stayed for years with shortages of coca-cola, soap, clean cooking oil, apples, mealie-meal.

      Their only motivation is to steal through kick-backs. Ask any chinese contractor in Zambia.

    • Mushota, you are absolutely RIGHT!

      Ati “this is an outrages lie presiding Lungu…” Lungu is really an OUTRAGEOUS LYING PRESIDENT!

      Mozambique hid away an enormus debt of borrowed money that they said was for “tuna fishing boats” and when the IMF came to check, there was nothing there!!!

      Lungu and his PF are learning from the Mozambicans!

    • Mutati and team your level of incompetence is spreading to global level. For sure our debt is global, pf taking Zambia new lows path economically.

    • My advice to you Mushota is ‘ stop wasting your time with that old white man who has passed his use by date’. I’m sure you are better than that.

  2. It’s equally outrageous for IMF to lend money to a country with bad governance and no respect for human rights and above all, a PF government with a 17 billion debt incurred within 5 months.

    Free HH

    • Ulichikopo, even after crystal clear clarifications, facts can hardly sink in your head. Read that article again and make your comment again.

    • @ nono that’s the whole point you surely mean to tell me the current leadership enriching themselves love this country truly? Let’s not pretend at the end of the five years we shall all be crying together and doing our usual silly postmortems of what went wrong. Let us be serious ECL accelerated from assets of 2.3 million to 24 million in one year I shudder to think how much he and his minions have accrued by now. There is even an obsession of range rover’s among his minions when some clinics dont even have blood pressure measuring tools. Be serious please these people need someone to keep them in the uncomfortable zone at all times

    • @ Steve: I conquer with you, Mushota how can you try having a child when you are not even married? stop sinning, God will judge you over fornication.

    • Docile Zambians do you not see anything wrong with this picture? An IMF Communications Director Gerry Rice clarifying issues about Zambia…where is the utterly lazy Bum Edgar…the work shy i.d.oit has been in govt as a President for 3 years and has only issued one Press Conference. He thinks standing on the airport tarmac delaying commercial flight schedules and talking to a select group of Daily Mail reporters is a press conference.

  3. UPND propaganda machinery has been proved to be out dated. I advise UPND to prescribe latest political strategies that will enable them win an election. They are very busy fighting a battle that do not exist. Be equal to reality because we neither have a Dictator in State House nor Colonial Masters.

    • The Dictator in State House is Lungu and the new Colonial Masters are Bembas and easterners.

    • Spot on, AKANYONGA. These donkeys have no plan/strategy. How can you expect the masses to vote for you when you are disgracing them in the international community??? 2021, twala fi DUNUNA futi!!!

  4. Fakest news. There was no such press briefing by the IMF and since when do they follow news on Zambian watchdog

    • You may be on something as I too have searched nothing coming up…LT please give us the source of your story. When was this bi weekly press briefing?

    • I gave a thumbs down because the story is sitting there on the IMF website. But as usual we Zambians don’t do proper checks and reading, as we would rather blame the messenger.

      I searched for the story and I found it, it is legit and it’s on the IMF website (remove underscores ‘_’, and search for Zambia in the article): h_t_t_p_:_//_w_w_w_._imf_._org_/_en/_News/Articles/2017/06/22/tr062217-transcript-of-imf-press-briefing

    • By the way there is also a video embedded within the verbatim transcript and if you scroll forward (aka fast forward), Zambia is covered from approx. 25:55 to 27:56 minute mark.

      What is surprising though is why the IMF is defending or rather contradicting the Zambian government public released official debt figures? Who is lying? Could it be the Zambian govt told IMF lies to make their debt look small, when in fact it is that colossal amount? Did they hide some debts from other countries like China, Russia, Middle East, etc. and only presented Western aligned debt (if there is such a thing)?

      This should prompt the Zambian govt to clarify such a huge discrepancy in official statements.

    • @alternative…
      This was not there in morning or 5 hrs before you did your search…LT this your job!!

  5. UPND propaganda seems to know no limits! Hope they realize quickly that their national destabilization strategy is not working!!!!!

  6. Yes it’s outrageous and rubbish! Just like the rest of the so called international media trying so hard to paint Zambia as a dictatorship.

  7. PF were asked if all the Chinese loans incurred fall under the $7 billion decleared.

    No one in PF seems to know , even mutati does not know about the other loans which it seems were being signed by anyone from statehouse.

  8. You can be assured that there are many many more hidden loans, like the $167 million loan for defense equipment lungu tried to hide just when he assumed office and was exposed by the post.

    Lungu has a history of being behind judge unnecessary borrowing…..like when he was minister of home affairs and sanctioned a $230 million cctv project for Lusaka. Only a citizens out cry after the plot was exposed by the post stopped the deal.

  9. Can someone enlighten us on which news source IMF is responding to. It might be helpful to start reading what they read on Zambia.

  10. Kikikikikiki….but ba UPNDonkeys…..please go to the dip tanks, it works well for your more intelligent cousins the cattle. And while there please use the chemical to rinse your foul mouths too, seeing that colgate does not seem to work in donkeys. And after that dont forget to chant for your underfive,


  11. The IMF lends to failing economies. its in IMFs interests that they lend to Zambia. when Zambia defaults some years later then they will come and bail it again. in that way the IMF is seen to be working. otherwise without failing economies, what will the IMF be doing. what will their big boards be deliberating on. IMF needs countries like Zambia to keep them in the public eye. their assistance for Zambia is more for their own publicity than to improve the economy of the country. an economy ruled by a dictator cant improve. the dictator is focussing his mental attention and state resources to secure his survival and not survival of the economy. thats a fact.

    • The IMF are not helping Zimbabwe because they have evenFAILED TO PAY the INTEREST on the money they have already borrowed!

      A condition of IMF assistance is that a counrties repayments on kaloba is that at the very least must keep up on paying the interest. If Zambia defaults just once on the Euro Bonds they will immediately stop lending.

      Mugabe has spent everything on his foreign trips and his wife Graces shopping in Hong Kong, there is not even enough for that!

    • Spaka like lilo “Why are IMF not helping Mugabe??”

      Zimbabwe is under economic sanctions, which specifically mention the IMF.
      Google: zimbabwe democracy economic recovery govtrack


      In this Act:

      (1) INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS- The term ‘international financial institutions’ means the multilateral development banks and the International Monetary Fund.


      (c) MULTILATERAL FINANCING RESTRICTION- … the Secretary of the Treasury shall instruct the United States executive director to each international financial institution to oppose and vote against–

      (1) any extension by the respective institution of any loan, credit, or guarantee to the Government of Zimbabwe; or

      (2) any…

  12. Mr Rice don’t worry yourself responding to UPND propaganda. They’re hurting after failing to win the elections 2016

    • Malicious gutter journalism reared its ugly head when Kaponya (HH) rose to power in the opposition in 2006.

      Mr Rice you have just made your worst mistake in that by responding to BULLSHlT allegations, you are giving credence to trash, sewage, fake news reporting propagated by Hakainde Hichilema’s nephew Lloyd at Zambian Witch Doctor (ZWD)

      Imagine the trash, garbage reporting our humble President Lungu has to ignore everyday.

      Imagine the trash, sewage, gabbage smell (HH) sniffs everyday he wakes up in Mukobeko.

  13. Kudos why are you pleading for IMF to ignore if Mr. Rice has openly made the statement…too much pleadiding puts a case for the opposite….. Maybe instead of Kudos you should post under RIchard Cranium ….think about it

  14. Don’t involve the UPND it’s the finance minister himself who made that mistake when speaking in parliament

  15. Zambia’s external debt has recently doubled and quadrupled. This has particularly been the case since PF came to power. We all know how tough IMF can be, when you owe them money. And now we are seeing how pleasant they turn out to be when they want to loan you money. The fact is, IMF know how to get their money back when they want it. The problem is that politicians in any country, not just Zambia, will always call for more money, and more and more – if they can have it. And why not? Long after those politicians have retired though, the debt matures; and nobody knows where to find the money to pay. Merely servicing the debt, i.e., just paying the interest due on the debt, becomes an impossibility. It’s then that IMF changes colour, becoming a bully, because they want their money…

  16. Just googled IMF press release from Mr. Gary Rice IMF on thursday 22 june 2017 and there is nothing.
    Can Mr. Kudos, sorry Kudos post exact details of press release so I can read in detail

    • I searched for the story and I found it, it is legit and it’s on the IMF website (remove underscores ‘_’, and search for Zambia in the article): h_t_t_p_:_//_w_w_w_._imf_._org_/_en/_News/Articles/2017/06/22/tr062217-transcript-of-imf-press-briefing

    • @Alternative – its easier to respond after 5 hours that you have found the story…when you were sleeping when the story was not there at 8.00am and you posted this comment 13:00.
      What do you think others were searching for at 8:00 when your smart self sleeping?

  17. Such politics won’t win UPND any election except erections. You need support from institutions such as IMF and the Zambian people. You do not only irritate us but you have gone further to irritate even the international community. You seem to have animal brains whose reasoning is that of an animal.

  18. BUT I heard the recoding where Mr. Mutati stated that we owed US$17b. If he is wrong, then Lungu should fire him for misrepresenting facts, and for not doing his work to his best ability…He does not know the facts with his fingertips!

  19. “There’s one question on Zambia, where it’s reported that Finance Minister Felix Mutati disclosed the shocking statistics in Parliament on Wednesday when he said Zambia’s external debt alone is U.S. $17.2 billion”

    This is scary, the Finance Minister who is supposed to know the numbers is providing FAKE numbers to his fellow PFs. And they were all quietly clapping and praising him. They swallow in whatever someone vomits. If there were opposition MPs this would not have happened.
    Come on Mutati, you can do better than this.

    • Those are PF MPs just happy to given a job by lungu. They don’t care about Zambia.


  21. Meanwhile our lazy President see no need for a Press Conference at State House to clarify issues….its business as usual!!

  22. Why would IMF’s Spokesman correct Minister of Finance, Mutati’s debt figures? The Minister of Finance is the Custodian of Zambia’s Debt Stock and not IMF. Minister Mutati clearly said the Debt Stock is $17.2 billion.The Minister should issue another Statement clarifying the figure.Let the Minister give a public Statement giving a breakdown of the $7.2 billion and see if the $10 billion Chinese debt is included. Why didnt Ministry of Finance Officials correct the debt figure b4 it was announced? Surely the Minister of Finance Speech is proof read by officials b4 the Minister reads the Speech to Parliament. The Ministry of Finance Officials have been concealing the Debt figure to IMF until now. There is No way Mr Rice could dismiss a Bribery by the IMF Official b4 investigations. Its a…

    • Do you honestly think a country the size of Zambia can waste $10billion in a space of 5 months? PF govt does not see the need to clarify to you as stakeholders as you are not worthy to them, they are your bosses – you are only important to them during campaigns when they knee in front you for votes.

  23. This Statement allegedly from Mr Gerry Rice of IMF is false. If it is true LT should publish that Statement on IMF Letter Heads. IMF doesn’t keep debt Statistics for Member Countries. They are given to them by the respective Ministries of Finance. Mutati has announced a Debt Stock figure of $17.2 billion and $7.2 billion debt is from the West while $10 billion Is from China. Minister Mutati should give a Breakdown of the $17.2 billion and if the figure was wrong he will explain. Period.

    • People the story is true. I searched for the story and I found it, it is legit and it’s on the IMF website (remove underscores ‘_’, and search for Zambia in the article): h_t_t_p_:_//_w_w_w_._imf_._org_/_en/_News/Articles/2017/06/22/tr062217-transcript-of-imf-press-briefing

    • Okay, thank you very much. I’m going to move on from Greece and take a few questions online. There’s one question on Zambia, where it’s reported that Finance Minister Felix Mutati disclosed the shocking statistics in Parliament on Wednesday when he said Zambia’s external debt alone is U.S. $17.2 billion. What’s the IMF comment on the debt reports and prospects, and steps for the program? I would just — number one, on Zambia, I’d like to clarify that number because it’s not correct. I think, the actual statement delivered by the minister in terms of the external debt stock at the end of May 20, 2017 is $7.2 billion, not $17.2. That’s an important clarification. We did issue a press release recently on Zambia, so I won’t get into the whole description of prospects and so on, but…

  24. IMF is not in better position to clarify about the figures even Kandeta, but Mutati himself.

  25. People should not shoot the Messenger. Mutati was sent to reveal the correct Debt Stock figure which is $17.2 billion. Until now Zambia was concealing its Total Debt which includes the Chinese Debt of $10 billion. These debts were contracted b4 Mutati was appointed Minister of Finance. Those who are angry should direct their anger to Alex Chikwanda the former Minister of Finance from 2011 to 2016.

  26. It is true he was bribed. The World Bank and IMF with all it’s conditionalities for giving out loans can never give money to a dictatorial regime like the PF government unless they were bribed. He is just trying to do damage control. May be he is a beneficiary too. Look at him; He has even become the spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance by making clarifications or corrections to the figures stated by Mutati.

  27. Anything to get to State House will do for upnd. Even publishing fake election figures is normal.And there is no where Mutati mentioned the figure 17 billion. I listened to the news which showed him giving the speech. Next time you’ll Edgar has bribed Trump.

    • So if he did not mention why the correction by the Finance Ministry spokesperson. Read before you comment

    • @Tinta I don’t worry about people like you because you’re rigid in your agenda. I’ve witnessed your kind insulting bembas not knowing that I am bemba because I speak one of “your languages “. I didn’t but I listened to Radio Icengelo and the figure mentioned was jumping from 6b + 7b+.

  28. What a shameless human being Mushota that you are.How can you proudly announce of the baby who will be conceived outside wedlock.No wander that kind of thinking you have. All you say is utter nonsense. You love your white fiancé because he loves useless things. We black Zambian men have principles and integrity unlike your choice of men. I will advice you to stop commenting on Politics instead concentrate on who knows whether you will carry a monster or not.

  29. With such lies (and venom) do you really think UPND can rule Zambia with integrity? My word!

  30. Has the IMF become the spoke person for the Ministry of Finance? Whom should we trust: the IMF, Felix Mutati, Chileshe Kandeta and Parliament?
    I wonder where in the world has creditor validated the exactness of your debt with other people? Simply put, when you go to Barclays for a loan , will Barclays speak with clarity and truthfulness what you owe others? Instead The bank will do a proper due diligence on you and adverse report on you , it will raise your risk profile.
    Above all debts are not good as it is an evidence of lack of faith after having a day of national prayers.

    • This story is not reliable at all…LT please stop being lazy and verify your sources…ZWD, Zambia Reports etc are facebook pages who can publish claptrap and get away with it you on the other hand need to verify sources before you copy and paste.

    • Jay Jay, take it easy mate, stop being lazy yourself and learn how to search… I searched for the story and I found it, it is legit and it’s on the IMF website (remove underscores ‘_’, and search for Zambia in the article): h_t_t_p_:_//_w_w_w_._imf_._org_/_en/_News/Articles/2017/06/22/tr062217-transcript-of-imf-press-briefing

    • Also there is a video embedded within the verbatim transcript that you can watch and if you fast forward, Zambia is being discussed from approx. 25:55 to 27:56 minute mark.

  31. The petitions continue.

    Until the IMF and world bank clarify that democratic principles and rights have not broken down in Zambia, we will not stop spamming them with petitions.

    When they agree that all is well in Zambia we will ask why they are giving lungu money and not Mugabe. Is it because of white dispossessed farmers while only blacks are being democratically marginalised in Zambia and they don’t care for black man’s rights ???

    Mugabe started off like same route like lungu.

  32. After exhausting everything, Upnd will finally accuse Lungu of bribing God
    The only source of solace will be Satan.

  33. In the quest to embarass Edgar Lungu, this HH a.k.a Kaili1, is harming the nation as a whole ! Even if you are a UPNDonkey, in one way or another, you will suffer as a result of such irresponsible yapping from UPND and its anus-piece the Zambian Watchdog. We all know HH erred by trying to compare his tiny shrivelled nut witha seating Governments’ !

  34. Giving the pf led government more funds would be tantamount to sponsoring a terrorist group, because if anything, to what use have they put the other funds given to them before now. We are told Zambia Railways alone was given $120 000 000, but can anyone at ZRL or government account for that huge amount? How much went to roads, health, education, etc and then take a look at the auditor general’s report. Please IMF stop institutionalizing poverty and stop sponsoring terrorism in Zambia.

  35. Zambians must be true to each other . We must look beyond IMF and work harder . I don’t like debts. I believe we can create wealth by our local wisdom and resource without IMF. Debts are evil.

    • Getting debts and using it for consumption is evil…if you do not know how to use debt then I understand why you dislike it!!

    • Some people’s claim to be educated is indeed questionable……debt incurred by countries like UK, USA even to some extent Nigeria, is sustainable debt , they are manufacturing power houses.

      Zambia can not even manufacture a spoon , the only source of funds to maintain that debt is copper and taxing citizens relentlessly until they dance dunnuna in straight lines.

  36. The IMF knows, and so does the World Bank, that the bulky of the money they loan to Zambia, finds its way out of Zambia into some off-shore accounts, somewhere. This is what is creating the yawning artificial demand for more, and more money. Politicians are ferocious lovers of free money. The PF government seems to have broken the record. Soon it will be the same IMF and World Bank on the receiving end – having to write-off huge sums of non-serviceable loans.

  37. We are in this situation because Edigar Chakolwa Lungu went into the pants of Annie Mwelwa Sitali of the Concourt (Mwelwa Bemba). Bembas can steal anything including votes

  38. The IMF is not a Spokesman for Lungu so they cannot issue such a Statement. Its all Propaganda. Lungu the Briber of the IMF Official should issue such a Statement. Besides Bribing an Official is not a Guarantee that the IMF Board will approve the Loan. Given current political instability in Zambia the IMF is unlikely to approve the Loan. To do so will be like IMF giving Money to Lungu to continue persecuting HH. They wont approve the Loan becoz Lungu’s current record on Human Rights, Governance,Rule of Law etc are Poor. The continued incarceration of HH and the doubts raised on Zambia’s Total Debt Stock are Deal Breakers. So Mutati and Lungu should just forget about IMF Money until Political Stability returns to Zambia.

  39. Fellow ma Zambians One Zambia One Nation and One Leader and That Leader—-ECL. Surely a Debt of US$17.2 Billion is a HUGE some of money to borrowed within Six months. I tell if this is true we could have seen civil servants building another Chalala in Lusaka and the dead would have woke up to claim their pensions and other dues. Let us be factual in reporting. Ba Felie could have just made a slip of the tongue.May Mr. Chileshe Kandenta give a clear statement on this matter. I think even HH despite his current situation would dispute this figure. The Ministers should learn to be more sober when making public statements. Its not just a question of walkie talkie, its matter going through the written statements many times before making pronouncements.

  40. The Minister of Finance Mr Felix Mutati when reading out his statement to Parliament on the debt outstanding he said it was $17billion which off course was a slip of the tongue…but the MPs should have sought for a clarification from him and surprisingly no one did on the material day but someone today rose on a point of order and the Minister was advised to clarify later…Mr Mutati the Minister of Finance should be very careful when reading his speeches because most of the times he likes just mentioning a figure and yet it is supposed to be an amount…The Minister should be spending more time in the office than attending meetings all over the show as if he’s a Supervisor of other Ministers…


  41. Who is supposed to be clarifying our debt? Our Minister of Finance or IMF? Black governments! Always incompetent

  42. Minister Mutati should clarify whether the Debt Stock figure is $17.2 billion or $7.2 billion. If it was a mistake the Minister should issue a Statement correcting the Error and apologise to the Nation for the misleading Statement if indeed it is misleading. Due to Client Confidentiality clause there is no way Mr Gerry Rice could have issued such a Statement on behalf of the IMF. If indeed Mr Rice issued such a Statement then LT should reproduce that Statement which is seemingly false.

  43. @13.1 Spaka like lilo, “why hasnt IMF bailed out Mugabe?”
    So are you suggesting that Mugabe does not have enough money to bribe IMF officials?
    UPNDonkeys…..obviously you have accepted that you will never form a government. It shows from the insults that the so called “political party” has showered on the international community, starting from insulting them for declaring the 2016 elections as free and fair and recognising President Lungu as the clear winner, to now insulting the international community’s respected bank the IMF. Now you want to add racism to your tribalism by suggesting that Tsikata can be bribed because he is black? For UPNDonkeys to sink so low there must be a lot of graft and dirt in the top leadership of the so called “party” of donkeys, I mean U5 and…

  44. …… For UPNDonkeys to sink so low there must be a lot of graft and dirt in the top leadership of the so called “party” of donkeys, I mean tenderpreneurs U5 and his fat running mate and other donkeys.

  45. The way I know UPND fanatics, they will now accuse IMF Communications Gerry Rice of having taken a bribe from ECL!

  46. How can an outsider such as an imf come in to do some damage controls in Zambia for the pfools?
    No wonder they are suspected to have been bribed. This is clearly shown by the so called G. Rice. This man should have concentrated on denying the bribe allegations than trying to correct what was said by the local pf finance minister. This behavior vindicates the IMF accusers. They have justified their accusers. How dare is this rice to correct the statement that was agreed by the pf mps?
    This Rice needs recooking pantu fibishi. Mr. Rice has scored an own goal.
    Very dull man.

  47. Mr. Rice just give the money and stay away from local politics, how can you be a spokesman for the pf funds minister?
    Bring money and it ends there.
    Ba ZANACO will finish civil servants’ pays lips as shinda paper. Pays lips meant for loans it’s like end up in ZANACO toilets as shinda paper because they have nothing to pay loan applicants. Years and years have passed no applicant has ever received the money.
    I appeal to Mr Rice to give Zambia the loan, may be civil servants applying for loans can be given.
    Mulamu achula pafula. We all need a share.

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Chambishi Metals shuts down, over 200 miners jobless

About 229 workers are expected to lose their jobs following the decision by Chambeshi Metals decision to place the nine on care maintenance beginning...

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