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Mumbi Phiri advises PF youths to stay away from the burial of UPND blogger and activist Clance Zulu.

Headlines Mumbi Phiri advises PF youths to stay away from the burial of...

Ms. Clance Zulu
Ms. Clance Zulu

Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary General (DSG) Mumbi Phiri has advised her members especially the youth to stay away from the burial of the UPND blogger and activist Clance Nalosah Zulu.

In an advisory message to members, Mrs. Mumbi Phiri stated that she feared the presence of Patriotic Front youth members at the burial might spark violence, trouble or confusion.

She also disclosed that the party will send a delegation to the funeral home to go and express condolences and mourn with the family.

Clance was a prominent feature at UPND rallies and activities and was also an avid blogger promoting UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema, on social media.

Clance died at home after attending the treason case of Mr Hichilema. According to unconfirmed reports,when she got home on the day she died, she went straight into her room and her sister only realized that she had died when she went to wake her up for her evening meal. Reports further suggest that, at some point she was involved in an accident, admitted and discharged and that she might have had not fully recovered when she went to the court session.

PF Deputy Secretary General Mrs Mumbi Phiri flanked by PF Director for Media Sunday Chanda addressing the media after Labour Day Celebrations at Government Complex today, 1st May 2017. Photo Courtesy of PF Media Department.

Good Moring family”

I know that all of us would to like to mourn our late young sister clance Zulu Nalosa the UPND member who passed away recently” “My advice to all members would be to urge them to stay away

Some people may ask why? Having followed what is being debated from both camps it is advisable that we stay away to avoid trouble”

Let us make allow Nancy Nalosa to be put to rest in a dignified manner and to allow her soul to rest in eternal peace

We will send a delegation that I am personally willing to accompany, to the funeral home to go and mourn with the family. Kindly let me know when we can visit the funeral house after burial.

And United Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba said that he was extremely shocked to receive the sad news on the passing on of the UPND committed and courageous Youth, Ms. Clance Zulu.

The UPND Vice President said what was more shocking because a few hours earlier at court he shared a conversation with her and she revealed that she was feeling weak and he did not know that it was serious and that was the last time he would meet her.

Mwamba stated that he could not believe the news hours later that she was gone and it is with deep sorrow and great grief receiving the sad news.

He noted that the commitment that the dearly departed exhibited towards UPND was unquestionable and her impeccable loyalty, adding that despite her health she still attended court to give solidarity to the party President Hakainde Hichilema and the colleagues who are incarcerated with him.

Mwamba stated that her name shall always be part of the UPND because she was a true democrat, patriot and a freedom fighter.

“On behalf of my wife, Chama, family, the party and indeed my own behalf I send our deepest condolences to her family especially her young son” Mwamba said

 Ms. Clance Zulu with UPND defence lawyer keith mweemba
Ms. Clance Zulu with UPND defence lawyer keith mweemba

Ms. Clance Zulu in black jacket in a Group photo on the day she died
Ms. Clance Zulu in black jacket in a Group photo on the day she died

Ms. Clance Zulu with HH himself before the treason charge.

Ms. Clance Zulu
Ms. Clance Zulu


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  1. Great warning.

    She is right isn’t she.

    That is what hard working looks like people.

    Stay away UPND !



    • What level of evil is this now in Zambia, from PF? Nechimbuya no longer exist? So when Mumbi Phiri dies next week, the UPND won’t attend? Even HH can attend Mumbi funeral.
      Less no malyotola, PF get ready.

    • @Nostradamus,
      Iwe Nostradamus, you talking about mumbi Phiri, you, yourself clance Zulu is /was your mbuya, are you coming to the funeral???,,, I have already brought fire wood on behalf of ba kachema… this is your funeral, this time I want to see real chimbuya not insults

    • This girl celebrated the death of Sata! At one point she even challenged Sata to a night of endless passion in her little kaboba. Talk of karma. May her soul rest in peace.

    • Who invited you Mumbi. Funerals you just attend and it ends there. Why this level of dullness with Mumbi.

    • Iliko suspicious. Could it be she was competing for HH’s attention with Mutinta? RIP sister.

    • @Ndobo, I am tired of pursuding Mumbi to come to funeral, or at least send Fr. Bwalya to come and give some prayers.
      But I am coming, with or without PF.

    • Her boss told us there is absolutely no tension in Zambia why the hell is she issuing such warnings she must be living on Mars. The great “humble” leader issued a decree….it’s all imaginary this tension we are all living in harmony Hehehehe Ba PF what a party

    • Another tragedy has befallen us. It is absolutely sad to lose such a brilliant young woman who has fought Lungu til to the bitterest end. She was a true freedom fighter and a revolutionary of rare breed. Please, rest in peace the true hero from the Eastern Province who saw no tribal divisions in her pursuit of emancipation of mankind in Zambia. Ms. Clance Zulu, your legacy shall prevail and we will triumph over the current tyranny. Unfortunately, we cannot and shall never find a person who can replace your unique courage and the desire to think. We can only urge the untaught brothers and sisters to emulate you and subsequently welcome them to join our UPND structures which accommodate divergent views and expressions. Rest in peace. Viva HH, viva UPND.

    • What else was she apart from being number 1 cadre? She is gone just like many other cadres. nothing special lets move on. Freedom fighter? no ways.

    • PF is an EVIL party.

      Our African culture teaches us not to hold evil grudges on death of even our worst enemies.

      You spread false claims HH is a sata.nist, but your evil actions are worse than that of shetani himself.

      Is this where our politicks has taken us? But truth be told. UPND supporters are extremely dangerous.
      All the same MHSRIP young lady.

  2. I can hardly comment anything about the young girl since I had little knowledge about her.Nevertheless,youths from ruling and opposition respectively should be empowered so that they contribute to national building effectively.Youths are going through hard times.They are merely surviving at the expense of frugality in the parties they are supporting.Parties should allocate some of their resources in their budgets towards youth empowerment.Youths are the ones who are sacrificing for these leaders to be in power.Some of these youths have even sacrificed their lives for the sake of these stingy politicians.Political parties can do better by investing in programmes that will benefit the youths.

  3. If it was Edgar Lungu posing with this girl you have heard the UPND Anus-peiece, ZWD saying shes the ‘Presidential Side-kick’, now that she posed with Kaili1, its normal. Could it be that the kama virus was shared between the two ?

  4. She wasted her energy and time in a party that cant form govt. No different from being in a marriage that cant produce a child. Most of upnd die hards will follow suit. We need your contribution to national development not singing praises for hh even when its clear that his presidential ambition has come to an end. Leader for the party is clocking 3months and no one is talking about replacement. If ecl was incapacitated for 3 months in office the constitution demands that he should step down. Our friends in upnd are scared of hh the dictator. That’s why been a upnd supporter one needs tribal connection before anything else. If 80% in upnd were non tribal a potencial successor would’ve been known.

    • Pathetic biological excuse of a human being. Who on earth told you Marriage is a failure without children?

      Your mother should have smothered you.

      I forgive you. You filthy little toad. DO NEVER insinuate if I dont have a child, I would have failed my Marriage

      We have been trying for a baby these last 3 months and I hate people that say that

      Apologies NOW



  5. Z.Clance exposed the real smile out of HH as evidenced in the picture, Called on the other side, MHSRIP.

  6. Condolences to the family of this cadre…….such is life. The secrets of death. God alone knows.

  7. Full of hatred: Jesus said love even your enemy Read Mathew 7:All verses these will help you to live a loving life:

  8. @ Mushota, trying to have a baby for a period of 3 months? That’s a very short period of time. Some couples have stayed for more than 5 years, faithfully believing in God and He has granted them their request. It’s just a matter of time. Everything comes to those who wait. Condolences to the bereaved family, the UPND fraternity and the world at large for the loss of their loved one, Clance Zulu.

  9. I took time to go through her facebook page. It was comforting to know that she knew God and in one of her posts she testified how one should not exalt man and have enemies. We thank God that he does not treat us as our sins deserve and once we confess our sins to God he REMEMBERS them no more. Hebrews 10:17 ” As far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgression from us. Psalm 103:12

  10. To Kudos, Nez and all the rest that enjoy hate speeches, time is not in your hands. When God calls you wou will give an account of the insults you pour out to his children that are born in his image

  11. Fellow Zambians, this is a moment when humanism must feature prominently in our communities. Let’s set politics aside to mourn the departed Lady in peace. Every human soul, whatever political belief one holds, is attached to a dear family. In this regard, we convey condolences to the bereaved Family for the untimely passing away of Madam Clance Zulu. These are dark days to the Family such that the communities close to the Funeral House should rekindle our old-days caring humanistic gestures to the family. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

  12. ha hi you are a ruthless Satanist.A blood thirsty dragon nalelo walya.may our God free Zambia from this heartless MASONIST.Why a sudden Death after posing with an innocent young Lady? Ukacimona MAMBALA !!!

  13. Goodbye Clance Zulu
    Though I never knew you at all
    You had the grace to hold yourself
    While those around you crawled
    They crawled out of the woodwork
    And they whispered into your brain
    They set you on the trademill
    And they made you change yout name

    And it seems to me you lived you life
    Like a candle in the Wind
    Never knowing who to cling to
    When the rain set in
    And I would have loved to have known you
    Your candles burned out long before
    You legend ever did
    ~ Candle in the Wind

  14. Mushota,
    You are trying to have a child with a weakling of an old tired and finished old man characterized by erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, and above all premature ejaculation. why don’t you get some advise from Evelyn Mutubila? Or better still why not come back to AFRICA and get the actual thing. There is no need for trying it here because we have solutions for people like you. We don’t play here. like you do there. Tulapopeka mpaka wanya. Ukulaumfwila pa mutoto mwaice Mushota mpaka wasuka wanya mukuowa. Kabili ninshi nalingila. Time is money Mushota even twins we can give you. In fact a boy and a girl at the same time. Its up to you.

  15. Mushota… Secret ku bed kaili… Pa public sure ati ding dong at home no genetics.. Yaba

    Umwaice mushota too much of green leaves… How do you come up with such a story pa chililoo..

  16. My deepest condolences to the family of our dear departed Ms Zulu. Country men and women specially UPND member we have again lost another courageous soldier. Will miss you and your contribution to our great party our dear lady. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

  17. Let’s not just worry about death. Ask yourself ”Where will I go to spend eternity after death, Heaven or Hell?”

  18. People is this the direction we are going to take now as Zambians. Shunning away from funerals.Mumbi phiri you intentions are very bad .How can you advise PF youths not to attend the funeral of a fellow Zambian your fellow woman for that matter. Best you could have done is promote peace and send police officers to make sure that there is order at the funeral house and the burial site. You are not helping this country mama but destroying us. I think violence exists in you mind that is why you are always suspecting it.
    In moments like these we need to put our differences aside and mourn together. Let us be human bane.


  20. Please I warn you bloggers not to take Nana Qwame Donzy’s advice to join Illuminat.i to get money. Read the MAST NEWSPAPER of 15-17/06/17. Illuminat.i is a satanic cult. I was once a Satanist myself but I barely escaped death when I saw a Pastor and I gave my dear life to Jesus Christ. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and yet lose his own soul? (Mark 8: 36). Satan cannot give you anything for free. The thief (devil) comes to kill, to steal and to destroy (John 10:10). You will pay your dear soul. The end of all Satanists has always been a disaster.

  21. Poor soul misguided by donkeys. And she has departed misguidedly thinking that U5 had a heart for her, I wonder how she felt when UPNDonkeys were insulting easterners? Probably she overheard donkeys insulting ngonis, and the truth shocked her to death. What a wasted life!

  22. A warning to you all criticising Lungu’s dictatorial tendencies. This lady may have been poisoned. A coroner’s postmortem examination is required (without any interference from PF) to determine the cause of death before putting her to rest.

  23. These are the Criminal Advisers to Visionless Dictator Lungu: RB,Kaizer Zulu,Mumbi Phiri,Kampyongo,Sunday Chanda,Amos Chanda etc. No wonder Zambia is in such a Mess and a Crisis. These are uneducated thugs advising a fellow thug. With this lot Zambia is doomed.

  24. Lets hope Mumbi Phiri will not send PF thugs to go and interfere with Ms Clance Zulu Funeral Procession under the guise that the Family and UPND have No Funeral Permit. ZPS and PF thugs should not disrupt this Funeral of a gallant UPND staunch supporter. May Clance Zulu’s Soul Rest in Peace.

  25. Deepest condolences to the whole family and may your journey well, dear sister in Christ!
    It a matter of when and not if for all of us, and what a shame to read some of the comments on this forum.

  26. Mumbi she is the one who sent pf cadres to come and attack us at memorial park,no doubt about it,only a fools can have doubt about it,this woman she is evil am telling you,how can she say that if she has no clue about stacking us?God is watching you mama.

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