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Reports that I am not working with PF are untrue-Kasolo

General News Reports that I am not working with PF are untrue-Kasolo

EASTERN Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, gives his address during the National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation held at David Kaunda Stadium in Chipata.
EASTERN Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, gives his address during the National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation held at David Kaunda Stadium in Chipata.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo has dismissed allegations from some PF members that his administration is not working supporting the party in the province.

Mr. Kasolo said that he will not be intimidated by cadres because he is a civil servant and not a politician.

He reacting to the PF provincial leadership in the province which has called for his removal from office.

Mr. Kasolo also said that PF cadres do not have an absolute right to government contracts.

He explained that the provincial tender board committee is the one that awards contracts based on merit whether the company bidding for the contract is owned by someone from the ruling party or opposition political party.

Mr. Kasolo explained that the provincial tender board committee is guided by the Zambia Public Procurement Authority guidelines when awarding contracts.

He said as a public officer, he has an obligation to work for Zambians and not politicians asking him to give them contracts and jobs to their relatives.

He also denied ever assisting UPND sympathisers owning construction companies to get contracts and push for their quick payment.

This week, the PF leadership in Eastern Province held a press briefing at its Provincial Secretary Joseph Kolosa demanded that Mr. Kasolo, deputy Permanent Secretary Patrick Mwanawasa and Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu to be dismissed for failing to work with the PF and assisting to enrich UPND members through awarding them contracts.

Mr. Kolosa said the trio have continued to occupy offices when they have not been working and supporting the ruling party.

Mr. Kolosa also accused the three senior government officers in the province of frustrating the party by working with contractors who are not in good terms with government.

He says prior to last year’s general elections, Mr. Kasolo was advised to desist from giving contracts to a Moses Moyo and a Sam Thole because the party had reliable information that the duo was working with the UPND.

Mr. Kalosa alleged that Mr. Kasolo has continued to financially equip the duo by giving them contracts and ensuring that they are paid in good time.

He says Mr. Kasolo ignored the advice and continued working with the two contractors, who stood on the UPND ticket in Chadiza and Luangeni Constituencies during the last general elections.

He says the party had attempted to have a mutual dialogue with the PS, his Deputy and the DC but they have not been cooperative.

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    • We are trying for our first child and this man is my uncle. This is stressful at this time for me.

      This has left me depressed and my suspicious is, UPND are orchestrating this.



    • A distinction between civil service and political partisanship is cardinal. Well-done Kasolo and cohort

    • That is pf was of understanding governance, being awarded interacts through corruption. PF is corrupt to the core. The Cabinet Secretary has failed to protect the integrity of civil service. Look at Mwamba, SA embassy, issuing political statements for Pf and a Secretary to Cabinet quiet. Cadres now see civil servants as cadres like K.Zulu.

  1. So ‘which political party the bidding contractor supports’ is one of the requirements. This is my own interpretation, among others, from the Kaloso camp complaints. Whats yours?

  2. Its Kolosa And Kasolo Ba LT Naimwe.
    Haa This Pf Leadership Wants Government To Be Giving Their Cadres Contracts Of Which They’ll Even Fail To Do The Jobs. These Contracts Are Awarded On Merit Not According To Political Affiliations Of Contractors.
    Well Done Mr Kasolo. U Are Not A Politician Bt A Civil Servant. Dont Allow Politicians To Contaminate Everything With Politics.

    • Implementation of technology where all transactions are monitored closely, advanced ways to authorize transactions are implemented by 3 authorized people so all can be held accountable.
      Citizens should get a clear report of revenue available and expenditures and All money wired out/in of the country should be monitored
      Better pay for civil service should be implemented.The element of fear should be instilled by putting in place irreversible laws where if its proven beyond doubt that a public servant is corrupt, he should refund the money and exit public office or face execution. Even being barred from doing business with institutions affected for a given period (5 years).

  3. Comment: a provincial ps is a politician and not a technocrat, if he was a technocrat, he was going to be given a specified ministry. carder wakulela, elo umulele.
    why is that easterners are not given such critical positions in their own land?

  4. only when these positions are given through interviews will the occupants be truly free to operate without fearing politicians. thumbs up to PS for standing up against corruption

  5. Mushota clarify, …….we are trying to have a child and this man is my uncle……WHAT the man you are trying to have a child with. Thats different. Whatever rocks your socks

  6. Its a pity that the Eastern Province PF leadership feel that its them and their cadres who have the absolute right to get GRZ contracts. That is very wrong, we may belong to different political parties yes but at the end of the day we are Zambians, living next to each other and experiencing then same hunger or happiness. This type of thinking or doing things is very wrong and primitive. Dr. Chanda Kasolo and team keep on delivering to mother Zambia. Those distracting you from doing the right service to mother Zambia are just misguided elements who should be ignored.

  7. Kasolo is a good PS. These cadres wanted to protest against their Provincial chairman Andrew Lubusha who is out in China but grew cold feet at the last minute thereby mentioning people who have never even gotten any contract in the last one year.

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