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Limulunga district in Western Province joins in commemorating Africa Public Service day

Rural News Limulunga district in Western Province joins in commemorating Africa Public Service day

Limulunga district in Western Province yesterday joined the rest of the continent in commemorating Africa Public Service day which is also designated as the United Nations Public Service day.

The annual event is commemorated in recognition of the value and virtue of public service to the community.

It is also aimed at recognizing and highlighting the innovative achievements and contributions of the public service in facilitating national development.

ZANIS reports Limulunga District Commissioner Litambo Ndombo to have said that he is happy that the people of Limulunga turned up in numbers to see what government departments and parastatal exhibited.

The members of the community have been given an opportunity to get firsthand information at the same location unlike them visiting one office to another which most of them are in different locations, he said.

He said event will also help government to get feedback from the general public in terms of service delivery.

Mr. Ndombo noted that even though no department awarded any officer, all departments did a recommendable job to see to it that the district commemorates the event.

This year’s Africa Public Service day was being commemorated under the theme : “Entrenching a citizen centered service delivery culture: partnering with the youth for Africa’s transformation”.

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