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Politicians Urged to Stop Ridiculing Institutions of Governance

General News Politicians Urged to Stop Ridiculing Institutions of Governance

Rapheal Nakacinda-
Rapheal Nakacinda-

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has advised fellow politicians to be factual and stop ridiculing institutions of governance for political expedience.

Mr Nakacinda who was responding to a question relating to the statement issued by FDD Deputy National Secretary Antonio Mwanza who said MPs were stealing from Zambians with their emoluments when he featured on Pan African radio, the MMD CEO explained that it was important to be factual so as not to bring institutions of governance to ridicule.

He said there is need to balance politics with facts.

“When we are dealing with matters that have to do with our institutions of governance such as the judiciary, parliament and even the executive you need to be factual because you do not want to bring these institutions into ridicule just for political expedience as it will undermine the integrity of these institutions.

“I think Antonio Mwanza was a little bit overzealous when he played to the gallery and started throwing out figures that he had not verified. I think that he over stretched the norminal figures. He needs to balance his politicking with facts,” he said.

He lamented the lack of seriousness by Zambians when discussing national issues saying it has become a cancer that needs to be amputated.

“We need as Zambians to be more serious on how we debate these issues. I think this is becoming a cancer across the board, as politicians we are invited to radio for example, we start to pop out whatever views some of which are misplaced, some of it is total misinformation.

“People are saying things they have not researched, worse still when you open the phone line some people will call without even listening to what we are discussing just because they want to hear themselves speak on radio,” he said.


  1. I thought this guy would say government institutions should not put themselves into redicule by being professional and not behaving like party cadres.Why are we not calling a spade a spade as Kambwili would put it? Poverty is indeed a curse because some lose their souls just to survive.

  2. Today it’s easy to destroy someone by simply posting lies on social media. KAUNDA called Kachepa when rumor mongering became the preoccupation for idle minds.

  3. I think Zambians are the stupidest people. Why allowing same people to continue misrule this country. MMD who ruined this country are back joining PF they attached and vowed that PF would never rule Zambia.
    Mutati calling PF Panga Family today Mutati is at the helm of treasure of the country.
    For he has no morals he is simply keep quite enjoying Sata’s sweat.
    Dora today with the help of Lungu secured an aquittal in the court of laws of looting.
    Forget about Zambia is under total darkness till you turn to God for liberation.

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