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The Church should speak with one voice to give clear direction to the nation-President Lungu

Headlines The Church should speak with one voice to give clear...

Republican President Edgar Lungu at the induction Church service of Reverend Westone Simwinga of Twapia United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Congregation.
Republican President Edgar Lungu at the induction Church service of Reverend Westone Simwinga of Twapia United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Congregation.

President Edgar Lungu has called on the Church to unite and speak with one voice in order to give clear direction to the nation.

President Lungu says conflicting statements from different Church groupings on various nation issues are dividing the nation.

The Republican President said this in Ndola today at the induction Church service of Reverend Westone Simwinga of Twapia United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Congregation.

The Head of State called on the Church to unite in order to give undivided counsel to government and politicians, in general.

And Ndola Presbytery Bishop, Chipasha Musaba, has commended government for the strides it has made to improve the livelihoods of ordinary citizens, countrywide.

Bishop Musaba observed that ongoing road projects and reforms in the health sector and programs to diversify the economy will transform the livelihoods of many ordinary people.

However, the clergyman regretted the unpatriotic behaviour of some quarters of society who he said are in the habit of discrediting Zambia to the international community.

Bishop Musaba has since called for oneness in the Church in order to accurately engage Goverment on national materials.

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  1. “And Ndola Presbytery Bishop, Chipasha Musaba, has commended government for the strides it has made to improve the livelihoods of ordinary citizens, countrywide”

    He’s a Bishop but doesn’t know that lying is a sin. How much is a bag of Mealie-meal?

    • The speech by the Bishop has left me wondering. It’s like the Bishop is very disconnected from the reality of his general membership.

    • He is expressing his facts unlike mpundu who paraded himself in front of cameras and vomited blue lies. If you are living in poverty my dear just do an introspection and come up with a solution. Dont blame politicians unless you were born yesterday.

    • The Catholic Bishop of Ndola, Alick Banda loves money more than Christ. He is a danger to the believers as all he sees is tribe and money…what a bishop?…I was traumatised to hear of the colosal amounts of money he collects from parishes on the Copperelt, with Kitwe’s Riverside Parish leading the figures…He even donates some for PF’s ECL in the run-up campaigns….So he can never be truthfull on the sad situation in Zambia…Only Mpundu can say it exactly the way it is.

    • @ Over head, your corruptly gained wealth will soon wither. Fact that you gained your status by political prostitution and political association does not make you smarter than the average Zambian.
      We heard statements like yours from FTJ’s bootlickers before, guess what happened to them all!
      Your days are numbered.

    • @Chipasha Musaba:
      He is one of the PF Ar.selickers Christians for Lungu. When he sees projects from borrowed funds (most of which is stolen) he thinks that is development! What a Bishop – did he even go school at all? Lungu’s crazy mindset is controlled by Museveni and Kagame type of dictatorial thinking and not belief in Christ!! How can a Christian believe in Museveni type of leadership?
      Whereto Zambia? Lungu must be killed – I hope the lord is listening to our cries!!

    • I’ve always told you lungu is a MALAWIAN CHAWA. Yesterday the MALAWIAN CHAWA was wearing MOSLEM clothing.

      Today the MALAWIAN CHAWA has removed his sheep’s clothing & giving advice to lungu-stians.

      Why has the MALAWIAN CHAWA has stopped attending Church after elections?

      Will the MALAWIAN CHAWA start going to church again towards 2021 elections?

      Let him stop pretending & go to mosques where he belongs. Trying to mock God will bring a bad generational curse on his dysfunctional family.

    • To see PICs of Edgar Lungu’s MANSIONS built using stolen money, please, visit SAVIOUR CHISHIMBA’s Facebook page.

    • “Divide And Rule” ECL is bent at diving the church for the sole purpose of power and selfishness to RULE and not to GOVERN.

    • The church lacks the moral fiber. It’s dead in trespasses, ready to sell its birthright for a morsel of bread and God for thirty pieces of silver.

    • UNZA a church with members raising pf symbols in church. It fully a Pf branch, sold for a penny to the highest bidder.

      God is with you. That’s real Progress; that’s Good advise otherwise the Church is terribly polarized.

      Just listen to him. So mature!


  2. They are speaking with one voice and criticising your dictatorship. But since the truth hurts you cannot accept it..that is why now all the churches are praying for your quick death.

    • You have seriously lost the plot…this why you people in UPND have no direction and strategy…you are too emotional, too immature why would you want to wish someone death?

    • Insults do not help. Let us debate maturely. What is the difference with the people you are condemning if you can’t hold your emotions? You used to be objective and constructive in your postings but i doubt you are the same person. Let us grow up and contribute positively. Anything we post has a potential to build or destroy so let us dwell on building.

  3. There is no leadership in Zambia today…what this Bum we call President is saying is the Church leaders should consult his crook that surround him the bishops and that useless ministry he created.

  4. Dictator,Muslim,Hypocrite and Sadist Lungu is busy dividing the Church on Tribal and Regional basis. Who doesn’t know that Lungu has been bribing Bishops to support his Dictatorship? The 3 Church Mother Bodies in their Pastoral Letter condemned Lungu for his rising Dictatorship and were unanimous in telling Lungu to release HH from Jail unconditionally. The three Mother Bodies Church all agree that HH has been jailed on Trumped Up Treason Charges. The Root cause of the Crisis in Zambia is the Disputed and Petitioned Election. Lungu connived with ECZ and Concourt to steal the 2016 Election. How can corrupt Lungu call for Churches to unite when he is busy dividing them behind the scene? Christians for Lungu should be ashamed of associating with a Muslim and Dictator of Zambia who has no…

    • Up to now Lazy Lungu has never responded to the issues raised by the those religious bodies INSTEAD he is dividing and rule with big bribes.

  5. “And Ndola Presbytery Bishop, Chipasha Musaba, has commended government for the strides it has made to improve the livelihoods of ordinary citizens, countrywide.”
    The only improvement this crook is talking about his bank balance and large bribes Lazy Lungu has been giving UCZ….these people have no absolutely shame!!

  6. I have always known and said here that Lungu is not presidential material, why is he relying on the Church to give direction.
    We are paying him to give direction to the nation but all he does is travel directionless.
    He needs to sit down for a while and reflect on he’s own actions, else we are doomed to failure.

    • This is what I tell people that Lazy Lungu can not lead…if he cant bribe you, he will get his Police to silence you…the bum has zero leadership skills. He does not know that the buck stops with him not the church…he has created more confusion by creating that useless ministry!!

  7. The true voice of the church is what Bishop Mpundu said, not what money hungry bishops are telling you to please you. That’s just meant to fool you the way RB and Chiluba were fooled. You can’t fight the Catholic church. Ask KK, Chiluba and RB who tried to fight this church.

  8. Church the President is actually challenging you. Be sincere don’t lick my butt. Be well Church, ukutemwa impiya bashimapepo.

    • Really laughable..surely do you need me to highlight sentences with colourful crayons in the article above of proof of poor leadership skills!!

  9. In a dictatorship rule people are afraid to say the truth and would prefer to say what pleases the dictator.

  10. Lungu is attending church again……he must have realised the dancing hungry unemployed must be needing a dose of national prayers soon…….what a crook. What a con artist…..

  11. This mother fcking chimp Lungu should NOT be blaming the Church for his short comings. The Church has already told him the very truth which he didn’t want to hear of course. Lungu chose to listen to the fake Bishops he controls who shower him with fake praises which he prefers to hear.
    The Church has already spoken but the mother fcker decides to listen to Museveni and Kagame. These are countries that have undergone Civil Wars, Millitary rule and even Genocide – so why is he taking Zambia to such type of mediocre leadership leaving out countries like Kenya, Tanzania and even South Africa which are similar to us? Lungu will end up badly and hope he leaves the country in good shape!!

  12. The church to give directions to the nation really Mr Lungu? Zambians voted for political leaders to take us out of poverty and not the church.

  13. 100% true, Mr. President. The church, not just Telesphore and his catholics, meaning the pentecostals, the SDA, the Baptists, every denomination should sit down first and come up with one voice.

  14. Compromised Church leaders! Materialistic Bishops! Sucking from the poor congregants! Shame to the Catholic Bishops who can’t even meet their fellow Bishop and iron out the said lone opinion and choose to go to the media! I would like to hear what the other bishops have to say. The church was always a guide in many ways but we have lost the gallant Bishop’s. The late Bishop Deninis de Jong who spoke his mind, stood for the poor people in MacKenzie village ….no other bishop rose to condemn the lone prophetic voice. Bishop Duffy spoke out….my point is that we have a different crop of bishops, one wonders what their priorities are: God or money?! Some of them have no moral authority to condemn corruption because it is what they flourish in! Like someone already said on Archbishop…

  15. Why do we always blame the president let’s help the head of state starting from ourselves imagine its you in that office its not easy people of God.my number is 0954184606 call me so that I shade more light concerning leadership.

  16. My friend was wishing the father to die so that he inherits the father’s wealth instead is the one who died early so for you who is wishing the head of state to die its in human for one to wish someone to die,give him chance to work your time will come its only God who noz the future maybe yours will come after this generation.

  17. This is laughable coming from a hypocrite like ECL. Lungu is a Master of Divide and Rule. He says the Church should speak with one voice but behind the scene Lungu is busy bribing some Bishops mostly from Eastern Province to distance themselves from the 3 Mother Bodies Pastoral Letter. Lungu has divided the Church along Tribal and Regional lines. He has bribed and created a Church Group called “Christians for Lungu”which owes its allgiance to ECL. Lungu’s Wako ni Wako and Umodzi Kumawa approach destroys Nation Building. Instead of Nation Building Lungu is busy dividing the Nation along Tribal and Regional lines. This destruction of our Motto: “One Zambia. One Nation” is unfortunate and retrogressive.

  18. God forgive Lungu and open his spiritual eyes so that he can see clearly. As it is he is spiritually blind, he needs prayers. That’s why he rejoices in punishing his opponents who are innocent. He can inflict pain on others without sympathy. Lungu has no conscience at all.

  19. The 3 Church Mother Bodies spoke with one voice when they read the Pastoral Letter. Becoz the Pastoral Letter was highly critical of Lungu’s govt, Lungu responded to the Letter by bribing some Bishops to distance themselves from the Letter. Lungu must listen to the voice of Reason from the Church and Release HH unconditionally from Jail and start Dialogue. For the Dialogue to be meaningful it must start with the 2016 Disputed and Petitioned Election. Lungu wants HH to recognize him as a Legitimate President but this can only happen if Lungu can prove in Court that indeed he genuinely won the 2016 Election. This means the Petition has to be heard,determined and the Winner declared duly elected President. HH and UPND will not recognize a Vote Thief and Law Breaker as a Legitimate…

  20. It’s not the amount of talk that makes one a good leader! A good leader listens to divergent views. How in your wildest dreams do you expect diverse denominations with different doctrines to speak with one voice when they can’t even share a pulpit? You are free to continue listening to those who say what you want to hear. As for me and my church, we have written you off! You don’t have what it takes to lead this country to peace and prosperity!

  21. Considering the way you Chimps have come out with your responses, it seems the President hit the nail on the head. The truth hates.

  22. Some bishops are just interested in money making it very difficult for the church to speak with one voice. Under these circumstances, the church is extremely unreliable as a source of advise. I pray that men of God will change and revere God more than the love of money. That’s how Isaiah and the other prophets operated and gave sound advise to the people and governing authorities. The center was the fear of God and not what donations they would receive from governing authorities.

  23. Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu cannot claim to stand on the truth if he cannot condemn lawlessness in the country but choose to support it. Even a little baby born today knows that blocking the Presidential motorcade is a serious offence, but alas the whole of the Archbishop doesn’t know! There seems to be some sinister union between Telesphore Mpundu and HH and soon our God will expose him. Nothing hidden under the sun dear.

    • sichoped ,what was 600 plus police officers doing in mongu,in your head that thinks like nsanya if indeed president HH did commit a crime ,you mean they had to wait for chisusu mumbi to give instruction that ,that if youre not going to sort him……….. kwati ni beba kubwendo ?????.

  24. Please pardon Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu, he is just mortal man bound to make mistakes. He is entitled to his opinion and you can choose to agree or disagree with him just like I have disagreed with him. He is not God.

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