The name Brizzo is not new to the music ear. The last two years have made him rise and grow as a widely recognized brand/artist both locally & internationally. With his 2016 wave ending on a positively good note with hits back to back. Brizzo is finally back with his first release of 2017.

The “How I Do That” single is his first release he gives us off his upcoming EP which is to be titled “On A Wave”. It’s clear to notice that Brizzo brings his fans to his original sound and makes sure that this is his introduction to his new fans and let’s them know how he does it. Swag, class, sauce and pure truth.

If you looking for a song that will have you feeling like you run the world. This is it! With the single produced by Mr.Champs and put together by ‘Its Got To Be Fumbani’, we can definitely see that Tha Boy is ready to give us new hits again. With summer in its opening, Brizzo states “The Summer Wave Is Ready”. That being said, “How I Do That” will definitely top your play list after you hit that play button.



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  1. This is good. Sounds really good. Zambian music is improving. But good luck Zambians don’t buy books and don’t buy music. They are too cheap.



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