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Just make your money because you will need it in prison, Kambwili warns a PF Minister

Headlines Just make your money because you will need it in prison, Kambwili...

Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
FILE: Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house

Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has laughed a scathing attack at unnamed Minister serving in the PF government accusing the Minister of grand corruption.

And PF insiders have indicated that the Minister that Mr Kambwili is referring to is Infrastructure and Housing Minister Ronald Chitotela.

Mr Kambwili has accused the Minister of buying property worth K2.5m cash and soliciting for bribes from contractors whilst he is in town or wherever he goes.

He also alleged that the same Minister bought a brand new Mercedes Benz within one week of being appointed Minister and that he is getting 5% of all contracts awarded in his ministry.

Mr Kambwili said advised the Minister to concentrate on cleaning the prisons because his final destination is jail.

Below is Mr Kambwili’s statement posted on his Facebook page

Tales of jealousy and envy.

A certain minister alleged that I paid women to cheer for me and hail my name outside pick and pay.

What this Minister should know is that I have worked hard in my constituency and in my town as a whole, I am a people’s person and that is the reason why I am loved by the common person, I cannot stoop so low to pay people to cheer my name because that would be deceiving myself, I have earned the right to be celebrated in my constituency because of my sincere dedication to serving the masses.

As a politician if you are not celebrated in your own back yard then you are as good as dead, but then again why should people cheering me become a problem to a certain minister. T

he fact is I speak for the poor and it means that they are more inclined to cheer me on because I am their voice.

Now let me warn this Minister, whilst he is asking contractors to contribute money towards his bill for hiring choppers to go to his constituency , buying property worth K2.5m cash, asking contractors to prepare money whilst he is in town or wherever he goes, buying a brand new Mercedes Benz within 1 week of being appointed Minister, getting 5% of all contracts awarded in his ministry, this Minister must also concentrate on cleaning the prisons because whilst you enjoy corruption money, you must clean your destination which is jail.

Ukusabaila tekusuma. Just work hard and make a name, don’t be jealous of others it doesn’t take you anywhere, get off your high horse.

By the way 2021 presidency is not my preoccupation at the moment, and in actual fact it such people who are going around using taxpayers money to campaign whilst trying to paint others black.

Just make your money because you will need it in prison.


  1. The case of a pot calling the kettle black!

    They are all bandits in PF~corrupt criminals who have stolen from Zambians.

    Shame to all corrupt PF banditry elements.

    How much is mealie meal today?

    The Skeleton Key

    • The pot~Kambwili~calling others black kettles are infact fellow PF bandits.

      Can Ronald Chitotela & Charles Mushota from the infrastructure ministry explain why Kambwili is referring to them as corrupt elements who need to make their own money & not tax payers?

      KZ & Dora Siliti should also tell the nation why NRDC is now a private property under Avic International.

      What about the blue Nile lodge in Chawama or Luntex? The country needs answers.
      By the way, how much is mealie meal today?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Notice how the country has now accepted HH being in prison. No sympathy whispers anymore.



    • Ba Kamwili, there is also a problem on your part. Your statement is full of “I”. In short, there is an ego problem. You are no different from your perceived”enemy”.

    • ‘I am loved by my people.’
      Reminds me of Idi Amin. Hey, come to think of it, they kinda look alike!
      Sorry CK, kikikikiki.

    • These people are lucky they are in country of docile people where you can steal as a minister and simply say you had no authority and ACC is too ill equipped and compromised connect the dots.
      BUFFOON CK knows how its done how they squeeze contractors at the expense of development…this why the build substandard infrastructure.

    • I have no sympathy for Kambwili. He accumulated a lot of enemies when he was Minister of MisInformation where he alienated certain tribes in Zambia and promoted tribalism. He is just getting a taste of his own medicine. More dosage for him please.

    • @Jay Jay
      “they are in country of docile people”

      I agree with you here. In fact this is Zambia’s greatest problem. Sheep like people are just happy to watch helplessly while lungu and his criminal gang loot the country.

    • @Mushota. The article has nothing to do with HH. When we call you Dr.Erection this is what we mean. You talk like a carder. Please keep make objective and sensible comments. The arresting officer for all charges against HH was caught lying and made to apologize in court plus the motorcade case was dropped so why keep the innocent man in jail?

    • Kambwili is hot on the heels of Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the rest of the PF assassins such as Kaizar Zulu. He is not talking about the Minister having to prepare for jail, he is actually talking about the King of Corruption RB, the Apprentice Lungu (Meno meno, as I understand it) and their little boys. Kambwili is coming to get you come 2021, and rightfully so. Edgar Thinks he will be in State House forever but my! he will in for a rude shock especially when all the trappings of power and all those who worship him will scamper and flee in all directions.

  2. Chishimba, I have no respect for you my friend. You are all thieves. Dull people the whole lot. Stealing from your own people and abusing office is not smart. You are the vessels that the devil uses. You are weak my friend.

    But please keep on exposing yourselves as time will come when you will have to account for your ill gotten wealth.

    The wages of sin is death.

    You think you are on cloud nine now? Enjoy yourselves.

    • In local folklore, they say ‘when a fish rots, it starts from the head’. No need to elaborate.

    • No time will come …the worst that happen is loss of money through legal fees to blood sucking lawyers!!

  3. This is the same Chitotela who was fired for abusing the constituency development fund. In PF, there are some decent men and women who can make great ministers. It’s a pity that EL gave us the likes of
    Kampyongo, Lusambo, Sichalwe and that guy in water and sanitation ministry. Very low calibre

  4. It’s no doubt that Kabwili is loved in his own constituency and generally the whole country. He is fat but works hard. Kabwili never campaigned in his constituency in the past elections because he has worked. AKANTU (NOT IFINTU) KULI UYO!

    • Kambwili should be the last person to accuse anyone of corruption, he was the one instructing the procurement at the mines whenever he wanted a company added to the system. He used to get kickbacks from contractors on the Copperbelt hence knowing what Chitotela is doing, he also belongs to the bunch of thieves. Shame on you.

  5. @ brown envelope: where has CK worked hard than stealing? where do you actually stay? roan constituency is my home and it does not look good in any way.These ministers are all thieves.

  6. Bakolwe basekana ifipato.A thief accusing a thief.This problem will continue in pf if Lungu is not firm and strong to change the behaviour of his ministers .Kaunda was very tough with his minister Sometimes leaders have to be authoritative or else your subordinates will reach an extetent of pulling your …

    • Kiiki your comment was deleted because you were abusing our rights of reading decent comnents. You see your rights to expressing stops where ones rights begins. There is no such a thing as absolute right. HH equally overstepped his rights and ended in prison. You are even lucky you are still seeing your wife everyday in your cabin while your mentor is busy satisfying himself with the left hand.

  7. “A certain minister alleged that I paid women to cheer for me and hail my name outside pick and pay.”

    Why should such a comment hurt or bother Mbwili. Is this an issue sure. This man is just full of hatred for others. If I were him I could just say thank you to the mentioned Minister. Nothing to be annoyed with here. He misinterpreted the Minister. Thats what happens when you put hate before thinking.
    “Just make your money because you will need it in prison.”

    I didnt know this theory! Where does one buy whatever he needs in prison. This man is full of hate. But why?

  8. These government officials of nowadays are very smart in the way they conduct deals. No one will be found wanting after they leave office.Kambwili those are double standards you are applying. Pay back the salaries and allowances you illegally obtained after dissolution of parliament last year, then we will know that you are truly an upright man.

  9. There is mass looting and plunder under PF with their kaponya supporters cheering them on.

    The country will need a commission of enquiry and constitute a restoration of plundered funds committe.

    There is massive looting and plunder country men and women.

    • Can’t agree more. The head of state needs to take a dictatorial stance on his subordinates and not the common man else we are doomed.

    • Timbwe

      That is the problem. The head of state seems to be in the forefront of corruption.
      He has too many skeletons under his bed.

      It will take a different GRZ, not PF to start the process of reversing this massive plunder and looting free for all..

  10. @9 NEZ, you say welcome to upnd? I thought that Kambwili is one of the ministers that you loathed and called him a thief? So now you are reaffirming what we have always stated that UPNDonkeys is a party where big time thieves, tenderpreneurs, the corrupt, the swindlers, you name all the bad elements including the treasonous, that is where they regroup. We gave you GBM and now you want Kambwili too? Well the good news is that you can have him in full.

  11. Kambwili always talks louder…even when he has no facts….if the claims are real why not report to ACC or indeed mention that minister by name so that he is publicly shamed…am sure Edgar wouldn’t want to be associated with corrupt minister….who has been exposed as Kambwili was exposed himself…

    All you politicians are greedy and corrupt…thats why you are in politics..you cant make genuine money from doing the “normal” business but you get into politics to steal and become rich beyond your capacity….today Kambwili has the audacity to point at other thieves without shame….

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ati “…..am sure Edgar wouldn’t want to be associated with corrupt minister…”

      Lungu has been accused by chishimba of corruptly obtaining properties…….do you think he will comment on this to ease public anxieties ??

    • Spaka! I have not heard or read anywhere were Kambwili has accused Lungu of corruption….am learning this from you today….however, if you are right….its a shame….like i said above politicians are greedy and that includes anyone in politics….no one is up there to serve but to be served….

      its a shame….but I know Kambwili is corrupt and he at-least uses he corruptly obtained resources to to a little for Roan….He has so much property such that it defies logic….

  12. Never trust a wicked man even if he talks sense at one point. He still has not repented or said sorry for his heavy utterances against the southerners. Remember what CK said ” If Jesus was to stand with HH in Southern Province , the southerners would vote for HH.” The statement was blasphemy of the highest order.
    In muslim countries, a fatwa could have declared against Chishimba Kambwili. Never mention or compare Prophet Muhammed with any politician in any election. Salman Rushdie has lived under fatwa issued Ayatollah of Iran. Former Jarkata Governor was persecuted for using a verse in Quran and it was blasphemous to the Muslim. Ask ECL he know a lot about ISLAM though he is Pentecostal according by Emmanuel Chilekwa.
    Today , Muslims can deride the name of JESUS but they are…

    • Who is Jesus and what is his relation to you as an African? Where is he buried? Your real ancestors left you their bones and buildings as evidence but you talk of this fictitous white blue eyed man.
      Wake up from your docility!!

  13. Today , Muslims can deride the name of JESUS but they are very free. Hear Suzyo Zimba, President of Islam Council of Zambia speak. A Christian cannot speak against Muhammad and live a day in Zambia.
    Let CK say what he said to southerners to Muslim community in Eastern Province. He knows that he wont be alive the next day….

  14. Surely Kambwili should have informed us on this when he was minister? Why wait until you’re ousted? That makes you an accomplice to crime.


  16. Someone said he can bribe GOD into way to heaven as he ascended to the throne. Can he said that to the ALLAH of the Moslems and live a day after?
    Examine yourself Zambians and see of all your leaders who truly fears GOD.
    The GOD of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob is the same GOD of Moses . He gave the LAWS to Moses and led the Israelites to Canaan.
    The promise of the Savior was fulfilled in the land of the Israel and therefore the GOD to worship is the same GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob Moses, Elijah. Jesus is GOD to be worshipped and to make HIM with Muhammed or HH or ECL is evil and wickedness.
    No man can bribe GOD or demean heaven as if heaven is worse than State house.
    Zambians , let us love GOD and reverence HIS laws and precept. this is not the first time evil men has risen. they…

  17. Zambians , let us love GOD and reverence HIS laws and precept. this is not the first time evil men has risen. they have existed from the time of Cain to up to now. let us not adore them. Evil men die without hope.
    Awake to GOD’s righteousness and depart from evil.

  18. Well, well, well! The other day Saviour Chishimba came up with a “fleet” of buildings claiming to be ECL’s. A couple of months ago we saw flats belonging to Kambwili. In Ndola there is a scramble for plots and the so called provincial minister in the middle of it! Now Kambwili says there is another minister getting kick backs from desperate contractors. You are just a selfish bunch of politicians, your end is indeed very near. This is the time we need a strong opposition party to see these corrupt elements out of the door. Indeed the head is rotten!

  19. I really feel sorrry for the Masses! Many people are merely struggling instead of the these leaders concentrating of making our enonomy strong they are busy stealing. It iseems like there very few so called rich people who are genuinely rich…somehow there is corruption involved it’s no wonder no one fights it because it is a cancer that has spread everywhere including the church! Shame!

  20. Imwe ba Kambwili naimwe, what makes your hands so clean?

    This game of playing Holier than Thou is a total fallacy.

    Atase… fikabolala!!!!

  21. Just wondering who is going to get kick backs from the Ndola Airport project! You make people feel so hopeless and give up voting because you politicians behave like you come from one big spoiled and selfish family that only thinks it’s ego! Your days are numbered. Thank God your immaturity is our light keep on exposing yourselves.

  22. We told you BEMBAS are thieves you protested aggressively, there you are. Thieves naming each other from the Bemba stock.

  23. Don’t think PF will be voted out of power in 2021. 2016 will repeat itself. Mark my words. Ba Kambwili we have respect for you. Don’t dispising others in the media. Big man the direction you have taken to attack your Of colleagues is pathetic because one day you may need them since you want to become the president of Pf. This time you should keep quite and see your polical future.

  24. PF is made out of thieves, he knows what’s he is talking about. Chiluba thought he was clever, but what happend?

  25. I’m beginning to like you, Mr Kambwili. PF government is pathetically corrupt including E Lungu sadly. It’s about time we changed leadership and adopt a more participatory and inclusive governance approach. Poverty has reached unprecedented levels in Zambia and yet some people in leadership steal public funds with impunity.

  26. If i was CK i would just keep a l;w profile and watch from afar. IMBILA YAMUMUSHI TABAYASUKILA. What is wrong with this GUY? Is he so hate vthat he was fired such that now he is just behaving like a stray dog? This guy is a jealous chap from the look of things, he thought he will forever be a minister……shame on you bwana KWATI NI MBWA YAKA LYELYE…please we are tired of you and the best you can do is shut up and eat what you stole yourself, after all your case with ACC is still very active,,,please keep your wide mouth shut. It does not mean that when people see you and they come for you then you are a common and loved man NOOO!! Some come to you out of curiosity, not that they are happy with you. By the way, who can not recognize an ELEPHANT in the bush? Its too BIG not to be…

  27. Kambwili ulula! You can’t con a conner. You can only come up with such details through experience. Please do elaborate more… Talk man, talk.

  28. This sounds like Mr. Kambwili needs company to inhabit intoa newly found wilderness. We can learn a lot of lessons from the behavior of wildlife species such as the Baboons. Insinuations by Hon. Kambwili is a case of – “BA KOLWE BASEKENE IFIPATO” according to the Bemba adage. Let Mr. Kambwili help cleanse-up this country of the deadly variant of CANCER called CORRUPTION by providing credible data to the ACC and DEC.

  29. The only politician who I can remember resigning over principle was GBM. Whether he was right or wrong doesn’t matter, he is the only who willing walked away.

    All these politicians who have had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment after they are ousted are just bitter. Don’t tell me he just had a revelation of the truth after they made him irrelevant.

  30. We are still curious to learn the history of the Ndola-Luanshya rail line. Who ripped off the rail steel tracks from Ndola to Luanshya? Students of History at Unza, CBU, Open University or University of Lusaka can get the Master of Arts (MA) degree in the History of this rail line.

  31. “I am Loved by the MASSES” ba Doctor Kambwili , that term to refer to the common man is derogatory please stop using it. I know we are not Englishmen but we have learnt it and we should use it properly.

  32. You don’t need money in prison. The tax payer pays for your lousy meal and your liceinfested blanket

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