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Desperate UPND individuals are busy misleading Zambians with many lies-Kamba

Headlines Desperate UPND individuals are busy misleading Zambians with many...

PF Lusaka province chairman Kennedy Kamba captured on a mobile phone at C ity Library Polling centre in Lusaka
PF Lusaka province Youth chairman Kennedy

Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson has charged that the Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) is party with desperate individuals who are busy misleading Zambians with many lies.

Reacting to a story on Lusaka times quoting the UPND Zambezi East Member of Parliament Honourable Brian Kambita, Kamba said the story makes a sad reading.

Kamba said the allegations by the UPND parliamentarian suggesting that the Patriotic Front (PF) led Government is corrupt are not only unfounded but also malicious.

He added that UPND’s claims that Road contracts are awarded with the intention of the PF gaining through what they call kickbacks is baseless, affirming that knowing how desperate the UPND are to tarnish the image of the PF, Kamba wonders why UPND have not been able to produce solid evidence and at the very least report the matter to the relevant authorities.

Kamba further stated that it appears that the UPND’s definition of being an opposition party entails condemning everything the ruling party does without even offering any alternative solutions.

“So now, the PF are to be blamed for army worms? Wow! That is just cheap and desperate politicking”

“As opposed to going round media houses and issuing alarmist and non-factual accusations, the likes of Hon Kambita should be planning on how they will serve their constituents differently once they have served their suspension” Kamba said

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  1. I thought you’re Secretary General gave a list of people who can issue press statements on behalf of the Party?

    • He is not issuing on behalf of the party but on his own behalf. Any statement issued on behalf of the party will have name and position of the author at the bottom. Jamba is right. Upnd must grow if they have to be relevant to our political system. They behave like prefects at a high school with their head boy on suspension.

    • Which relevant authorities to report to? The same PFolice that ignore PF thugs hacking people at a cemetery but concentrate on stopping party meetings of UPND? There is no law and order in Zambia. Zambia is an utterly failed state.

  2. A consortium of persons associated with UPND includes: GBM, Sarah Longwe, Bishop John Mambo, Sylvia Masebo, Rev. Matale, Milupi, Fred Mmembe and his wife (Ms, Mazoka), Chief Mukuni of Livingstone, Mulongoti, Bishop Mususu, Mwaliteta, Mwenya Musenge, Bishop T. Mpundu, Nevers Mumba, Guy Scott,, Tayali, plus foreign recruits such as Irvin Jim & Mmusi Maimane (South Africa), General Obasanjo (Nigeria) and Raila Odinga (Kenya). This list speaks volumes on the morality of politics propagated by members of this group. This consortium chills our spines.

    • Very true, Mr. Kabinga. It is a clandestine, shadowy consortium with very dangerous motives that are hinged on regime change. RB and now ECL resisted their advances and a plan to discredit them has been put into motion. It is war by slander to fool and convince the gullible like the upnd supporters but the majority in Zambia are not convinced. Kenya goes to the polls soon and we shall see how that turns out.

  3. Kamba your image is tainted with blood, hacking people at grave sites is almost a point of no return in as far as misdeeds are concerned ,PF has this very wiered notion of thinking they have the created a heaven on earth with no room for criticism.Know that 90 percent of a common zambian 50 years after independence ware salaula including utwamukati basuba saladi elo ulukungu ngalwa sankana bwafya.Just eat while you can you will be made to pay for your atrocities with your chagwa.

  4. You may hate Kennedy Kamba(Luapula man) but he has a very valid point.
    Upnd is now a lost party with no direction.its leader’s way of thinking is weird.INDEED CURSED IS THE DAY UPND WAS FORMED IN 1998!!!THANK GOD THIS REGIONAL PARTY IS DYING A NATURAL DEATH WITH HH NOW BEHIND BARS!!
    Being in opposition does not mean opposing everything done by those in power because ordinary citizens are able to judge what is good or bad for mother Zambia!!SO BY OPPOSING EVERYTHING,UPND IRRITATE A LOT OF VOTERS!!

  5. @ 4 Njimbu, you are absolutely right about UPNDonkey party. It is indeed a dead party. In 2016 we gave them a chance to showcase what their party could do better for Zambia than their opponents and what does U5 do? He goes off tangent in Chililabombwe entering miners’ bedrooms and telling their wives to deny their husbands the very facility which binds them together. How would he feel if PF went to underfive’s wife and told her to deny him his facility? Next he promises to return Anglo american to reemploy ALL the retrenched miners at a time when everybody including grade 7 drop outs knew that Anglo was not spared the low price of copper. Then he promises to end load shedding by producing more electricity at Kariba from little or no water. And crowns it all by promising free…

  6. ……And crowns it all by promising free electricity, free mealie meal, free education to every citizen and even refugees when he U5 started the same rally by telling people tgat Zambia was broke and in deep debts! Come 16 August 2016 the poor chap U5 is surprised at his loss! That donkey kwena just remain in correction mwe!

  7. Then he goes on to launch and lose all manner of petitions and runs out of ideas. Clueless as to what to do for his UPNDonkey party and its donkey membership, the great U5 shocks all by enrolling himself in Mukobeko academy to hide his incomoetence and powerlessness. Then he crowns it by telling us that he is quite happy in Mukobeko and in fact does not miss Mutinta and the kids!

  8. Kamba’s reaction is typical of PF when borrowed money starts coming in and are now ready to loot it so that they start wining and dinning while millions of ZAMBIANS continue wallowing in abject poverty.Lungu’s PF Government is a mare circus. They are not governing the nation at all. They are simply LOOTERS.

  9. So after all these allegations,what is upnd doing about it,apart from opening your dirty mouths?you will never rule this country,shammmmmmmmee

    • the one to be lock up shod be you not him. he has said well and you want him locked for saying the truth no way.

  10. Pathetic Fools(PF) busy awarding themselves contracts when majority of Zambians are wallowing in Poverty. Their visionless drunkard in state house is busy building mansions for himself. Zambia is now carcass. Very soon they will be nothing left. PF vultures will have finished everything

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