FAZ has cautioned clubs against abrogating player transfer regulations as the local mid-season transfer window opens on July 1.

The transfer window will run from July 1-31.

In a circular to clubs, FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe said Football House will punish clubs breaching player transfer regulations.

“We refer to our many circulars and message concerning the registration and transfer of players in 2017 season. We would like to inform you all member clubs that the second registrations and transfer of players window will open on 1st July 2017,” Liwewe stated.

He said FAZ was aware that some clubs are registering non Zambian players as Zambian nationals and warned against the reported trend.

“It has come to our attention that some of our member clubs are registering non Zambian players as Zambian nationals avoiding to go through the required procedures.”

“These players are staying and playing in Zambia illegally and the law will take its course soon,” Liwewe added.

Over the years, foreigners especially Congolese have been playing in Zambia illegally after being registered as locals.

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  1. If a foreign player is very good you can give him citizenship. Americans, Europeans do this. You should have given Ante Buselic a Zambian citizenship


    • Not only football players a lot of Kenyan Marathon runners are given American citizenships. A lot of Brazilians have been given citizenship in Libya, Egypt and Algeria. Give the Congolese zambian citizenship.


  2. Even Koffi Olomide give him a citizenship for all the years entertaining Zambians at home and abroad



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