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Govt launches an airborne geological Survey in Mbala

Economy Govt launches an airborne geological Survey in Mbala

Government  has launched an airborne geological Survey in Mbala district in Northern province for possible mineral exploration in three selected districts in the region.

ZANIS reports that Northern province permanent secretary who flagged off the exercise today at Samora Macheal Airforce base said government in partnership with  China Geological  Department is in the hurry to actualize socio-economic development through mining in northern province.

Dr. Kalumba said the commencement of the geological Survey for possible mineral exploration in the three districts of northern province namely , Mbala, Mungwi, and Kasama  is a big achievement for the people of the region.

Republican  President Edgar Lungu has resolved to promote industrialization in all parts of the country as a way of ensuring  development  reach the people, he said.

Dr. Kalumba explained further that government has signed a number of agreements with the government of the  People’s Republic of China for mutual cooperation in mining and agricultural sectors among others.

He said the geological Survey for possible mineral exploration in the  said districts is a clear demonstration of the unwavering partnership Zambia has enjoyed from China.

Dr. Kalumba was happy to note that the China Geological Survey Department had developed  high-tech equipment which will be used in the survey for easy capturing of data and  analysis.

And Director of Geological Survey in the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development,  Chipilauka Mukofu stated  that  the exercise  will take a period of four months .

Mr. Mukofu further explained that once data is captured and analyzed experts will draw the maps indicating the specific areas with minerals .

He said Government will then consider giving license for possible exploration .


  1. Why can’t government consider venturing into mining? We’re tired of sustaining the government through high taxes. It’s high time government thought of generating it’s own revenue to lessen the tax burden on it’s citizens.

  2. Exactly spend £200m. Spend £10m on 20 small scale mines across zambia. In Canada these types of mines bring in around 10-30m per year easy. Some of these mineral in zambia are not that deep at all and can’t be dug out easily. Find a buyer to come to zambia every month to collect or better invest in a cargo plane that drop these off to buyer across the world. We need to start doing things for ourselves by ourselves so we can fully benefit from them ourselves. It’s time to set up another ZCCM with a 21st mindset it’s been too long since we have been proactive in this department. It should be look towards zambia before looking outside policy. Our population is predicted to be 50m by 2050 we need a head start how we going to look after our people moving forward as burrowing and depending…

  3. The problem with Chinese technology is that it’s not full proof, by the time you realize it’s fake the damage will already be done mwashalafye muli mwamoneni!

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