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Prisoners in Mongu to sit for Examinations under the Examination Council of Zambia

Rural News Prisoners in Mongu to sit for Examinations under the Examination Council...

OVER 30 inmates from the Mongu correctional centre will this year sit for examinations under the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ).

And Mongu correctional centre has received two more teachers to reinforce the education department.

Mongu correctional centre administrative officer assistant superintendent Rebecca Chellah said the centre has registered candidates for grades Seven, Nine and 12 GCE (General Certificate in Education) examinations.

Superintendent Chellah said the centre is looking forward to recording a high pass rate in the examinations following an impressive performance in 2016.

She said the centre recorded 100 percent pass rate at Grade Seven level, while the pass rate for Grade 12 stood at 65 percent.

“Our education sector within the facility has received overwhelming support from inmates who are eager to learn. The pass rate has equally been encouraging as seen from the results posted in 2016.”

Superintendent Chellah said this during a Public Service Day exhibition for Mongu district held at the community grounds.

On the reinforcement of teachers, Mrs Chellah said the tutors were posted early this year, bringing the number of teachers to three.

She said the three teachers are sometimes assisted by some inmates who are teachers by profession to bridge the gap between learners and teachers.

Meanwhile, Mrs Chellah said the literacy class has 12 learners with the oldest being 45 years.

She said the aim of the literacy class is to enable inmates who have never been in class to learn how to read and write.

“In as much as we want everyone to learn a trade or just learn how to read and write, a few inmates have refused to take up any of the two,” she said.


  1. This is good. Real reform. Can the Ministry of Education also work with Cabinet Office to develop a curriculum for Ministers and Civil Servants on corruption? If it’s possible for Councillors to get a Diploma, every Civil Servant should get a certificate in the negative effects of Corruption.

  2. I like the issue of Certificate in Negative Effects of Corruption. Unfortunately this issue borders on core values which are not acquired from institutions of learning but start when we are young. If your father was a thief as a civil servant you will most probably be a thief. If your father was a crooked MP and a selfish one for that matter, like most MPs from both ruling and opposition are, you will most probably be a selfish worker, MP or even a selfish president. What is even more disturbing is that some religious leaders are no longer the salt of the world. Up to now Arch Bishop Telesphore Mpundu, Bishop Mususu etc are being called all sorts of names by fellow men and women of the collar including Bishop-Apostle-Dr-Rev-Senior PAstor Danny Pule and cohort. It is very complicated.

  3. This can only happen in a dictatorship. In mates enjoy in zambian prisons even post on Facebook and Twitter and even comment on their cases. Only in a dictatorship nation. I like this.

  4. It’s good. Not all inmates are villains. Circumstances force many to follow the criminal path. I am sure equipping them will reduce the percentage of them returning to ways that sent them to prison.

  5. Very impressive, now those jails will have more inmate’s coz of free education. But then afterwards how many companies employ ex convicts?I know Boma doesn’t.

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