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Submerge Partisan Preferences in favour of Zambia’s Development- President Akufo-Addo

Headlines Submerge Partisan Preferences in favour of Zambia’s Development- President Akufo-Addo

President Lungu with his Ghanian Counterpart Akufo-Addo at Inter Continental Hotel when he arrived for a three day State visit

The President of the Republic Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has urged all political actors in Zambia to submerge their individual and partisan preferences for the common good in the development of the country.

According to President Akufo-Addo, developments in Zambia, and the political tension that characterized the last election, where the margin of victory for the winner was some 100,000 votes, have left many worried, because Zambia is one of democracy’s success stories on the continent.

His visit to Zambia, however, the President stated, is “not come here to pass judgement, neither have I come here to find out who is right or who is wrong.”

President Akufo-Addo indicated that “I have come here to say that, as political actors, whether in government or in opposition, we should prove to the world that we respect the rule of law and are willing and able to submerge our individual and partisan preferences for the common good in the development of our countries.”

He continued, “We should demonstrate that it is not the ambitions of Mr. A or Mr. B, neither is it the fortunes of party X or party Y, which we seek to advance. The stability and progress of Zambia, and, indeed, of all our countries, and the enhancement of our democracies should be the paramount consideration that must guide every action of Zambians and all of us Africans in our respective countries.”

President Akufo-Addo was speaking at a State Banquet held in his honour by the President of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency Edgar Lungu, on Tuesday, June 27, 2017, when he made this known.

Pensions for retired Ghanaian teachers in Zambia

Whilst thanking the people and successive governments of Zambia for the hospitality extended to Ghanaians resident in Zambia over the years, President Akufo-Addo raised for the consideration of the relevant authorities a matter which has been outstanding for some time.

“This involves the longstanding issue of the non-payment of pension monies due a group of retired Ghanaian teachers, who have contributed towards educating a large segment of the Zambian society.

It is time that this issue was satisfactorily resolved, and my information is that, happily, positive efforts are now being made towards that end. Let the end come soon”, he added.

Strong partnership between Zambia and Ghana

It was the hope of President Akufo-Addo that Ghana and Zambia continually search for ways to co-operate during his and the tenure of office of President Edgar Lungu.

“I have no doubt that, together, we can forge a new, strong partnership for cooperation between our two nations for the mutual benefit of our two peoples,” he added.

President Akufo-Addo reiterated his persuasion that Africa is breeding a new generation of leaders “who are committed to governing their peoples according to the rule of law, respect for individual liberties and human rights, and the principles of democratic accountability.”

These leaders, he stressed, “are looking past commodities to position their countries in the global marketplace at the high end of the value chain; leaders who are determined to free their peoples from a mindset of dependence, aid, charity and hand-outs; leaders who are bent on mobilizing Africa’s own immeasurable resources to resolve Africa’s problems; leaders who recognise the connectedness of their peoples and economies to those of their neighbours.”

This generation of African leaders, according to President Akufo-Addo, must not fail the longsuffering African masses, noting that “they must help bring dignity and prosperity to our continent and its peoples.”

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  1. Vodiga Rungu should lead the way by banning the position of District Commissioner. These are partisan elements on civil service payroll and conditions.

    Until then, we can not listen to advise that makes the playing field uneven and renders our country a defacto one party state.

    • This is the president who plagiarised the US president speeches ?

      My point is, I suspect he is there to learn from
      President Lungu, on how stays calm, collected and content even when everyone ignorant of the law is pointing at you.

      I never trust a man who is bald. Just don’t

      That’s right I have a PhD.



    • President Addob is undoubtedly a voice of reason; one that exemplifies mature leadership and political style that all African leaders would be right to follow. How lucky the Ghananian people are to have such a person as President. I hope Lungu will heed his advice. ” . . . Africa is breeding a new generation of leaders “who are committed to governing their peoples according to the rule of law, respect for individual liberties and human rights, and the principles of democratic accountability.”

    • Oh, and PF members of parliament who continued drawing salaries after parliament was dissolved in the run-up to the 2016 elections should pay back.

    • I hope you have heard!
      Sone of you are stained with political illusions.
      Your ears hear politics;
      Your eyes see politics;
      Whatever you hear or see is decoded as political;
      Whatever you do or plan to do has to be political;
      What happens when you are eating?
      Do you usually think that the meals are political?

    • This visit was all about securing delayed pensions for former Ghanaian teachers who taught in Zambia sometime back. Nothing in common between the two.

    • Totally nothing in common.We are used to hearing about treason,pleas for recognition,useless infrastrucural development,who is to be arrested or visited by the law daily threats not to forget who is standing in 2021etc.What were the PF Presidential advisers thinking in inviting such a luminary.Please try to stick to the likes of Gnanssibe as this particular president’s words seriously injure our great leader’s reputation.

    • So it takes Akufo-Addo to come and tell our politicians how they should conduct themselves.
      There were some PF supporters who proudly saying Akufo-Addo will not be able to comment on the current political situation. You must be disappointed now.
      In simple terms, what Akufo-Addo is saying is that there are confusion and tension in Zambia, and the international community is watching. Make no mistake to think that the world has accepted ECL. The world is silent but watching with concern.
      Read in between the lines, Akufo-Addo is giving you a hint.

    • Leadership calls for maturity int the one who is a leader. Edgar Lungu does not seem to have that which is called “maturity.” The Mongu – Lumulunga road fracas was his own creation, just so he could embarrass HH. And now, HH is in prison for treason. Shame on you Edgar Lungu. You are simply a child grown tall. Get a lesson from this visiting elderly statesman.

  2. The first visiting President to provide frank and objective advice about the deterioration in demcracy in Zambia.The President need to change course and replace the hot head,irrational and inexperienced aides as advisors with mature people.

    • This sensible advice fell on deaf ears. Lungu just wants to be worshiped and abhors dissenting voices in a democracy. Lungu is the worst thing to have happened to Zambia. He is happy to lead Zambia into a failed state.

    • President Lungu iam sure he not pleased to hear words like rule of law,Transparency and accountability.These words are key to social and economic development.Lungu believes in borrowing,begging and rooting as a way of becoming rich quickly to cover all his time he wasted drinking Jemasoni and his time left before he full blown ???so bwana you advicing a wrong person.The Guy only understands violence kabili ba fumine ku komboni ukwa lubuli no kumayadi.So Zambia you should leave with pig you chose,a pig likes swimming in dirt water.

  3. Very wise words from President Akufo… now wait & see some comments from some uneducated party cadres. .

  4. @1 UPNDonkey cadre, you need deworming. Please go see the Vet. And for the ticks go jump in the dip tank.

  5. You are talking to fellows who can’t change. The current political leaders in zambia are a bunch of egocentric fellows seeking personal glory and not real service for people. Foreign sponsorship for their business/political agenda is taking centre stage. Like Fred Mmembe said, zambia needs true revolutionaries nationalists not the likes of Edgar Lungu or Hikainde Hichilema.

  6. Akuffo Addo has given some wise counsel to U5, to commit himself to tge goid of Zambia and not his ego from losing by 100,000 votes. Painful loss that was indeed but is the 50%+1 that we all settled for as Zambians and many other countries. But which has become a thorn in the ego of one Zambian underfive donkey.

  7. Well spoken. This is a President who understands where the world is at the moment and where it is supposed to be heading. This is having the right vision for Africa.

  8. it is a shame that Ghana is coming to give Zambia a lecture on good governance because of Lungu; shame on PF; shame on those who have been denying tension in the country;Lungu listen to good advise; release HH;

  9. This is not the time to seat on a fence. Its either you tell us who is wrong Mr president of Ghana.

    I know HH is wrong and that is the reason he is staying in Jail.

    Next time u come, please know who is in control.

  10. Lungu will rig again in 2021.

    If he does not want to prove he won he will steal the elections again.

  11. What is there to learn from this chap who has a government of 101 ministers, like a Pack of 101 Dalmatians. Bet he watched too much of this movie.

  12. Only Lungu and his PF foraging baboons cannot see the national crisis we are in when people as far away as Accra can clearly see it. I mean, this is blindness in the PK Chishala extreme! Lungu is behaving like a silly hyena sleeping and snoring joyously on the Savanna only to wake up locked in Kaingo the Lion’s jaws!

  13. That’s what you call a Head of State…not these greedy comedians we have in Zambia both in govt and opposition. Everyone knows there is tension in Zambia only Lazy Lungu thinks all is fine.
    Lastly pay those Ghanaian retired teachers…I am fortunate to have been taught by very good Biology and Chemistry teachers, mere Grade 12 MPs in Zambia are drawing more than K100,000 in salary and allowances yet failing to pay pension to these teachers who show more dedication than their Zambian colleagues..imagine a President of another country coming to push for the welfare of his teachers that’s leadership: plus he did not come to Zambia for merely touring like Lazy he had an agenda.

    • rubbish contribution from you always jay jay . Tapaba mature analysis lyonse ma lazy bum and criticizing lungu without making suggestions.

    • What suggestions do you want…you continue making suggestions let’s see if they will listen to you…they are too preoccupied with stealing. Here is the first decent President to visit and he has made a suggestion right there.

  14. And to sink the message into your thick skins, President Akuffo-Addo like all other world leaders knows who is the President of Zambia, his host Chagwa Lungu. As you can see he is visiting Zambia at the invitation of President Lungu and not presidenT hh or underfive.

    • Lazy Lungu is President …why does he act like one. Presidency is not about flying in sky and showing your small fist everywhere you go…look at the President of Ghana looking out for the welfare of his retireees can you imagine this Lazy Sausage Edgar going to another country doing that? To pre empt what your response will be …UPND has no strategy and I dont support it or HH.

    • Does Lungu have to extort recognition from HH in order to be recognized as president? Why can’t he go about the business of being president despite HH’s failure to recognize him as such?

  15. The Ghanaian statesman has spoken a lot of sense.

    Our misleaders need to see the big picture. We are a collective and should put the interest of the collective first.That is true leadership.

    It is shameful for GRZ to fail to pay the dues of the Ghanaian teachers. Its a bigger shame that a lot of Zambians continue to sacrifice for this nation only to die waiting for their pensions. Very immoral. May those who delay paying pensioners begin to rot while they are still alive. May there children’s children suffer the same curse.

  16. The little respect Zambia enjoyed even when it was ruled by one of the world’s most vicious dictators KK, has simply been shredded and vanished under the evil influence of the drunkard president.

  17. Never trust these politicians . They are good orators. They are best speech makers. They love praises. They live most luxurious lives and show pretentious love for the people and rule of law.
    Alas. it is always their game to be hypocrites. Egocentrism is the hallmark of their being.
    My simple advice is that never be duped by them. Lean on GOD, fight your battle and stay away from their wicked ways. Live a peaceful and quiet life and mind your business. Never adore these politicians…..

  18. Akufo Ado, a President truly loved by the Majority of Ghanaians… Wisdom in the making! I wish I could say the same about my country…

    Well said but we wait for a hearing ear…

  19. ……..The President of the Republic Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has urged all political actors in Zambia to submerge their individual and partisan preferences for the common good in the development of the country.
    That statement is directed both to the government and the opposition so there is no need to demonise HH or Lungu than urging both of them to listen and act from the counsel given by the Ghanaian President.
    It is time African leaders started to solve their own problems than always waiting for the colonial masters to help find solutions to their own created problems due to mainly ego.
    I hope our leaders will find it in their hearts to listen to the wise counsel given for the good of mother Zambia. Viva Africa!

  20. Well said President Akufo Addo but will Dictator and Sadist Lungu Listen to this wise advice. With die-hard Criminal Advisers like Kaizer Zulu ,RB, Mumbi Phiri etc deaf Lungu will not listen. As a Vote Thief and Law Breaker Lungu will not take heed. Until the Petition is heard,determined and disposed off there wont be peace in Zambia. We hope President Addo privately told Lungu to free HH from Jail unconditionally and begin Dialogue with him. Lungu needs a solution around the Petition and illegitimacy. Lungu will continue to dig deeper until he can no longer get out of the ditch. The imploding Zambian Economy will consume Lungu and his Dictatorship.

  21. I think it is a shame not to have paid those Ghanaian teachers! A laborer deserves his wages! Even our own retires have to sweat to get their benefits! Failed system! It has to take the president of another country to come and ask the government to pay for the services rendered to the country by its citizens. What do people do in those offices? Pocket whatever money comes along while the number of retirees keeps going up? Save us from this disgrace.

  22. Any kind who chooses to pick-up quarrels with his subjects is a fly-by-night impostor. He is not a king. Edgar Lungu is a not a president.

    • CORRECTION: Any king who chooses to pick-up quarrels with his subjects is a fly-by-night impostor. He is not a king. Edgar Lungu is a not a president – MBUMU KA WA KATONDO NA MUBIKA.

  23. Bakateka besu nabo language nishani. Can u unite the party instead of tearing the party apart.We still love you but Kambwili muntu wesu.Lusambo in Kopala teti akontolole.He has failed.

    Please Mr.President you need to sermon the minister of transport and investigate of what’s happening at RTSA .The system being used for issuing Road Tax licenses is too slow and people can’t work due to the long queues in all Zampost outlets.What is happening in Zambia kanshi?why change the system when the old one is better than the new one?Do we have people who test these systems.RTSA management need to explain otherwise this is a good sign of corruption at RTSA.I have never seen such a system before in my life.I support PF but don’t support this nooooooooseeeeenseeeee in Zambia.Ba Lungu twapapataa…

  24. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo his names are just too many!!! This man is insulting us in our own back yard! The whole presido.talking about tuma pension twama primary school teachers? PF once you have worked or supplied your services forget about payment sir, cos. for us in PF its all about enjoy the services pay later if not NEVER PAY

    • Had Lungu been democratically elected, we would have blamed God for the curse. But since he did not win the election democratically, it is Satan who gifted him to us – a rare gift from one whose trade mark is to steal and to kill, and never to give.

  25. Once upon a time, there was a country called Zambia. Then along came Edgar Lungu, and it suddenly became Timbuktu.

  26. The statement by Ghana President has exposed bloggers on this site. He came up with a neutral view which well meaning Zambian should acknowledge and reflect upon.

    Cadre bloggers like Dr Erection have gone on to blow their trumpet as simply paid up fools with no analytic minds apart from praise of the hands which feed their mouths.

    The country has lagged behind in development and its time we had Leaders with developmental ambitions other than staying in office. Its does not matter who is ruling the country as long as development is at the fore front.

    Its the 21ts Century and we can not be proud of running a country without safe drinking water to the majority in the country side.

    Paid up blogger have been exposed , look out for them in party colours .

  27. U5 donkey went into correction voluntarily. And contrary to his childish underfive donkey judgement and expectations, he will deteriorate there and eventually there will be no UPNDonkey party. To me that is the only solution to this matter given that he will not engage in dialogue. And dialogue with who anyway? You can only dialogue with an authority and to him there is no authority, so let him rot there. I just feel pity for his children. The wife is obviously quite happy with the situation.

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