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Zambia’s economy is academic, failing to address people’s life style-Shimunza

Economy Zambia's economy is academic, failing to address people's life style-Shimunza

Street vending for survival in Lusaka

Movement for National Transformation (MNT) leader Daniel Mvula Shimunza has said the Zambia’s economy is statistical as it is being run as handbag economics for which the lives of many people is hand to mouth kind of scenario.

Speaking in an interview with Pan African Radio, Shimunza regretted that common people are passing through hard times because economic fundamental which are productivity, distribution and consumption are not working.

Shimunza said the production sector is not working because the country has no industry to manufacture goods and service for export adding that the consumption levels are higher than productivity.

He added that government embarked on the country wide marathon of making roads which is good for distribution but that these roads have come with a burden of debts which is not good for the economy.

“Our  economy is statistical as the country is running handbag economics which are hand to mouth kind of scenario” Shimunza said


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  2. The reason Zambia is still so poor while the rest of the world progresses is that we elect leaders without a vision for the future of Zambia, we elect leaders that have a future for filling their own pockets instead of feeding the mouths of the hungry and impoverished. In addition, a majority of our population is easily swayed by a “catchy campaign song” than hearing the plan’s of the person campaigning. We have a high literate rate, yet we are logically lacking, in a sense, DULL.
    If we are to avoid electing people of such under-classed caliber, we, as a nation should start to use our God given grey matter to analyse the situation.
    The current ruling party PF, did not do much during the reign of our late President Mr. Sata (RIP)…then came in President Lungu, who for one year since…

  3. Very true. Reality is that Zambia ‘s economy is in shambles. It’s very hard to survive in Zambia. People work extremely hard, but get very little in return for their hard work. Farming has been good this year. People have produced, but market is poor. Ministry of Agriculture is highly disorganized. They have no operating framework. Absolutely no policies to govern the sale of all farm crops. To give our faithful farmers very good floor prices for all our crops grown in our country. So Lungu has simply destroyed our country.

    • Thats good news to hear, that at least there is some industry surviving given the economic situation and poor leadership. While many people think we should move away from relying on agriculture and mining, I for one think we should focus on agriculture, and the reason is that food is one source that the world needs and will always need, given raising populations across the globe.
      Yes we need a framework, but more importantly, before they can be a framework, there must be competent people in charge to ensure its success.

  4. @Giovanni & @Truth: We are taught by spiritual counselors and motivational coaches that what you say you are, so shall you be. It is frightening that you call yourselves poor and expect the economy to magically pick you up and make you prosperous. I believe this economy will be better if we all, regardless of political affiliation, tribe, age, gender etc , put in extra work and shelf some luxuries-save and invest. Most of Asians who are opening factories are less educated than us so why can’t take charge of our country and open better factories???? Then stop complaining about politicians???

    • You have brought up a good point, there is power in words…however I think you fail to recognize that whether I choose to call Zambia poor or not, does not change the situation that it is, and the situation is that many are suffering, many do not have food to eat, many do not have access to good health care, take the hospitals for example, where many die because there isnt enough medicine. Are you going to tell me I must not say no, people are not dying and that people are choosing the leave this world for a better one because the world dying is a negative word??!!
      In addition, if you read our comments properly you will realize we are not merely “complaining about politics”.. we have made suggestions to improve the condition we are in.
      I suggest that instead of focusing on what words…

    • Even in USA, by their standards, some are considered poor. But the onus is not about highlighting the poor, the Americans instead focus on working harder for a better life. My domestic worker works only 6 hrs a week for me, and works for 4 other households in the week- He earns over k1,400 a month, because he has refused to be classified with the suffering. He evens wants to go further and start trading by opening a ntemba. So my, point, if you choose to suffer and want the world to feel sorry for you, then you shall. If you choose to uplift yourself and work extra hard, then a degree of success will follow.

  5. Dude, are you serious? First of all, how you can compare Zambia and the US…they’ve being classified as developed for a very long time. Your domestic worker works for 4 other households just so that he can make K1,400…are you telling you dont see the suffering, 4 jobs only yielding to $160(since you used US as a measurement). In fact, if we were to follow Zambian law, you should be paying your domestic worker the minimum wage which is K700, therefore you yourself are also perpetuating the suffering of the Zambian people because you under pay your domestic worker.
    So please, think, really think properly before you respond.

  6. You are also stuck in academics Mr. He shall never be president in Zambia and he cannot change academics! Maybe he will do well at Mukobeko! We are tired of lawlessness!

  7. Under Five Card Clinic can sell this country! He has no vision for it but owes his supporters and wants to sale! Thank God Zambia is protected from that greedy guy!

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