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HH’s wife Mutinta sued for libel and defamation

General News HH's wife Mutinta sued for libel and defamation

Mr Hichilema counsels his wife Mutinta in court this morning.
Mr Hichilema counsels his wife Mutinta in court

A MAN accused by United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema’s wife, Mutinta, of planning to kill the opposition leader has sued her demanding K5 billion as compensation for libel and slander.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court yesterday, Simon Bobo, a social and economic anthropologist, has told the court that on May 30 this year, at Lusaka Central Correctional Facility, Mrs Hichilema allegedly issued a fabricated story to the press accusing him of wanting to kill her incarcerated husband because he was clad in a Patriotic Front (PF) branded hat.

Mr Bobo has, however, submitted that he went to the correctional facility to visit his cousin, who is one of the inmates.

“The plaintiff was taken to the police headquarters for interrogation which later revealed that there was no evidence to the claims made by the defendant and he was made to pay K54.00 which was for the disturbances likely to cause breach of peace.

“During the stay of the plaintiff in cells, he was made to stay with other people and one of them got a picture of him purporting that it was a remembrance during his stay in the cells, but to his surprise, the same picture was cropped and was used to publish a statement on an online publication called Zambian Eagle,” he stated.

Mr Bobo says according to the publication in question, he was identified as one of the key men President Lungu had allegedly assigned to kill Hichilema.

He further submitted that the statement was also published in the Mast newspaper and online publication, Zambian Watchdog.

Mr Bobo said Mrs Hichilema has not retracted the statement despite being asked to do so, hence his decision to drag her to court.

He described her statement as malicious and injurious to his personal image which has also comprised the safety of his family and affected his standing in the country and across the world.

Mr Bobo is now claiming K5 billion being compensation for libel and slander and wants exemplary damages for harassment and emotional turmoil suffered as a result of the slanderous statements.

He is also claiming an order of injunction to restrain the defendant by herself or any other persons and authorised by her or in any way related or connected to the matter from writing or causing to be written or circulated.

Meanwhile, the Kabwe Magistrate’s Court has jailed Collister Progress Shimunzhila, a member of the United Party for National Development (UPND), for four months for defaming President Lungu.

Resident magistrate Sibaleya Chikuba sentenced Shimunzhila on Wednesday when the matter came before him for judgment.

On October 4, 2016, in Kabwe with intent to bring the name of the President into hatred, ridicule or contempt, Shimunzhila did publish defamatory remarks, but denied committing the offence when he appeared for plea.

“I conclude finally that the prosecution has proved its case beyond all doubt and I find the accused guilty of the offence of defamation of the President contrary to Section 69 of Penal Code, chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia, and I convict him accordingly,” Mr Chikuba said.

During trial, Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga, who was the key witness, testified that on October 4, 2016 around 11:13 hours, he received a message defaming the President from Shimunzhila via his mobile phone WhatsApp messaging application.


    • He will win the case.

      He is a too because he should have sued for K10bn.

      Look, let me get to what I’m trying to say – the end of the Hachilema name is right here.

      I see a lot of things that people wouldn’t be able to lay their eyes on.

      I know why – it’s because I have a PhD maybe ?



    • Have Zambians become so heartless ,that they decide to kick someone who is down? Mrs Hichilema can prove that her limbic system is working in overdrive due to her husbands incarceration and as such her perceptions are distorted and it’s very easy to form incorrect neuronal connections. It is therefore unconceivable for someone to take what she says in moments of distress as a basis for litigation. She didn’t publish anything,neither did she take any picture so she can not be sued. Leave her alone and go get a real job and feed your family.

    • Bobo was I quote “made to pay K54.00 which was for the disturbances likely to cause breach of peace” by the Police. Meaning, intentionally, Bobo could have done anything from a fight to murder. How come he is now suing after being charged and made to pay? You can only pay a fine if you are guilty.

      Free HH

    • PF has realized that they gonna fork out tax money to pay for wrongful detention of HH, now this pf nigg thinks he can get a piece too, you ain’t getting a penny you bobojanick screw head.

    • Take time to read his complaints filed at the High court.
      He says some people who got arrested with him took a picture in cells together with him as remembrance, since when did police begin allowing pictures in cells? Just that make this case so pf oolisly just like the rest of of the other trampled cases.

    • He should sue those who took his picture and those who charged him k54pin .
      Will HH sue Mumbi for calling police that HH wanted to cause accident in Mongu? That’s the defamation. Not ifibabena Bobo.

    • Mutinta talks too much on instruction from her loser husband. She’s not educated and has no mind of her own. This ought to teach her a lesson in respect. Prepare the cell next door to the Treason trio


    • This is the problem with you UPND, you think you are so special that people should dance to your tune…shame. According to you (UPND) you have a right to sue people but people cant sue you. What a bunch of dull people.

    • What got Hichilema jailed was hatred, F0OLISHNESS and pride.
      The same hatred has gotten to Mutinta and she’s about to face financial troubles for her FO0LISHNESS. Trust me, this case will conclude very quickly and the complainant will inherit Hichilema’s estate.

      HH will go back to Bwengwa and UPND will become UNIP.

  2. The country is gone to the dogs and should be closed. Ruling party hopeless, opposition parties hopeless. Please we have a solid and practical solution. Call back the British to rule us to stop this mediocrity. Do not say I did not warn you.

  3. How much does this man got in his account?
    Whats happening to our country people. Too much envy and hate of one another. How are we going to go forward as a nation.

  4. the UPND is like a man who sees a black hat in the night that doesn’t exist but finds it. They are like a stock movie speculator, Boiler Room. My worry is they accept anyone who sympathizes with them regardless but call names anyone who doesn’t. They are not objective people. I hope their president’s case comes to a close quickily. I wonder what this guy sold to white South Africans for them to send chola boy Musi Maimane. Probably freeland, tax rebates? UPND believe that a white man can cure Zambia.

  5. Owee, ba Mutinta. Mukose!!! Problem is those people who are advising your husband have got to you as well. Why would the government or the PF want to kill you?? Remember, it is your husband who lost elections not the other way round. It is him who has been misbehaving, he is not being persecuted.

  6. If HH and Mutinta can sue, let them also be sued…its 50-50. Well done one man Bobo. Let Mutinta dance as well.

    • Bobo will pay for the costs when this case is dismissed. Mark my words. Ain’t no business like court business.

  7. musatanyina..he’s an *****..bobo should think and not bring the name of the innocent woman into disrepute..

  8. Chochise, its you the Dog that has come to this country…intelligence, which innocent woman are you talking about. If really this bobo you are talking about was sent to kill you former president in HH could he surely come in the PF regalia ? Think first before you say thing on this fora…anyway, i do not blame you foo1s , i understand you very well..why cant you be thinking of selecting other leaders for your so called party to start preparations for 2021 defeat? HH will never and i repeat will never rule this country come wind, rain or sun shine… get to work and reorganize the party!!!

  9. very very very silly citizen he is..Mutinta doesn’t even know this compound man..useless cadre..go ahead and will see who wins..poverty yakukomboni atse tu pf

  10. Our perspwctive has to be wider than just to argue because you are PF or UPND. You are human first and hopefully a concerned Zambian, PF wont be in power forever or indeed EL wont be in power beyond 2026 if his even lucky at 2021, UPND wont always be the strongst opposition party and HH will be lucky to contest 2026 or indeed 2021. Ukulaponta ponta fye kungo tukanatukana is useless, have a bigger perspective for the nation, its dissapointing to see how educated people can stup so low. Any sober mind will agree that the political selfishness, the egos of the leaders and maliciousness of thier tactics is causing hate, tenssion and violence in country that is already economically struggling. These politicians have prioritised thier political interest over the welbeing of the struggling…

  11. The case lack merit. He is being used. The law on libel and defamation need a super lawyer to win the case. I know what am talking. Ask Bonaventure Mutale, senior counsel.
    The plaintiff will realise that he needs time for something more productive than this court appearance.
    The prison talked of the HH’s safety and it is from this concern that statements were made. If Mr Bobo assumes that he is the suspect, let him consult super lawyers( not PF lawyers) for the position of those statements whether they can be attributed to him or not.
    I don’t think the High Court Judges are dull to rule in his favor. Bobo is seeking attention or being used.

  12. Bamudala ba Bobo. I am a Bookkeeper. You can employ me to write your Cash Book. You will soon have a fat Bank Account.

  13. Go ahead Mr Bob sue the wh******re ! After giving Chilala serious blo***w J**bs she now wants to accuse anyone of trying to kill Kaili-1 !Let her take her madness elsewhere !

    • Galu iwe we, just because you know where your mother has been doesnt mean everyone should know

    • Hehehe. You can’t even come up with one sentence that makes sense. All you know it to insult. Anyway, it’s not your fault. If only your father could see the !d!ot you’d become he would have worn 3 condoms that night.

    • Hehehe. You can’t even come up with one sentence that makes sense. All you know is to insult. Anyway, it’s not your fault. If only your father could see the !d!ot you’d become he would have worn 3 condoms that night.

  14. Mr.BOBOBOBOBO,should not interpret or vent his economic hardships on HH’s wife.Whilist i agree with his right to sue her for whatever cases,the man has over-valued himself.In-fact he reminded me of the Biblical story of a master who forgave his debtor and later the forgiven person could not extend the gesture to a friend who also owed him.BoBoBo was charged K54, then he dreams of K5billion compensation on fictitious cases.His action is utter rubbish.Let him find other good ways of making money.

  15. In the first place you need to have good character for you to be defamed. This is like claiming to lose dignity when you didn’t have any to begin with. I doubt anyone named Mr. Bobo can have a good personal image. And what standing do you have across the world? I have only heard of you today!

  16. @25 mr tembo, the worth of Mr Bobo and how much damage he can be awarded with be determined by the court. For now we are all reading K5 billion.

    Now this K5billion is it K5trillion in old currency? Or Trump dollar 500,000,000. Crazy ain’t it? But started by U5 donkey himself..so if it’s crazy then everything started by hh U5 Kaili-1 is crazy, and for an underfive UPNDonkey that is entirely possible.

    By the way has U5 managed to get back to five star Mukobeko?

  17. If you as an opposition party do not know how to fight with respect and organize people and convince them as to why they should elect you, your party will become irrelevant! And that is what is happening. A party of toxic supporters can’t be trusted.

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