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Opposition RPP calls for axing of Mutati for misleading Zambians over debt

Economy Opposition RPP calls for axing of Mutati for misleading Zambians over debt

Minister of Finance Felix Mutati.
Minister of Finance Felix Mutati.

Republican Progressive Party (RPP) vice president Lesley Chikuse has called for the dismissal of Finance Minister Felix Mutati for misleading the nation on the extent of Zambia’s external debt.

Mutati told parliament that Zambia’s external debt was now standing at 17 billion United States Dollars but the figures were changed by his officers in the Ministry of Finance who said the country’s external debt is 7.2 billion United States Dollars.

This forced Mutati two days ago to go back to parliament and tell the nation that Zambia’s external debt was 7.2 billion.

When reached for a comment, Chikuse said Mutati deserves to be replaced for misleading the nation.

Chikuse said there is no reason Mutati can make such a blunder because the Minister of Finance does not speak things from his head but he is guided by the statement worked out by officers in his ministry.

Chikuse said it will now be hard to believe that Zambia’s external debt stands at 7.2 billion.

“Finance Minister Felix Mutati should be dismissed for misleading the nation on the extent of Zambia’s external debt” Chikuse said

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  1. Ok, assuming he misled us, why rush to advocate for an outright expulsion?
    At least ask him to apologise first then other steps can follow.

    You sound bitter and practicing politics of hatred. When Mutati does good you are mute.

    • Why should he be asked to apologise, Mutati should have the guts to apologise without being asked to do so.
      BTW, when Mutati does good, I always say it. And in this case, I blasted him for such a blunder, which is least expected from a Finance Minister. He should know the numbers. 17b Vs 7.2b, that is huge.

    • We’ve always advised Mutati to carry written speeches. He might be trying to show he can memorize stuff but in the end it shows lacking seriousness & laziness.

  2. I said it before and I’ll say it again, but in a different way. Mutati is not loyal to PF government. He is undermining the government in a very subtle way. He’s waiting for the right time to strike. He will join PF and stand against ECL at the Convention and win. Edith Nawakwi warned the PF. Check your records. She said that one day, this MMD you’re embracing will take over your party. PF never listened. But it’ll happen. Mutati doesn’t want to be Minister. He’s a President of a Party. He wants to be President of the country. If you can’t see it, then you are blind.

  3. ……….very fanny, 17.2 billion it is…………. thats why he cant apologise coz he would be lying. Its the same printed amount- 17.2 Bn that has been borrowed & squandered & those are the records at ministry of finance. Mutati should just account for it and all those involved in the looting should be earmarked for prison, time for reckoning will eventually come soon.

  4. @Lombe (MA)- You are right. Mutati has never been loyal in his political career. He does his own things. Just check any of his speeches of he ever uses the govt of Edgar Lungu (even if it doesn’t exist ) like others do.

    Lastly,maybe the person whose supposed to fire him is the one who told him to inflate figures so that bebilepo

  5. Mutati needs to clearly explain the IDC and Madison investment in Inter-Market Bank as this clearly smells of corruption. Lawrence Sikutwa is or was until recently on the Board of IDC, therefore how did the Hon Minister of Finance arrive at the decision of IDC and Madison becoming shareholders in Inter-market bank (conflict of interest). The IDC has SOEs such as Times, Daily Mail, NCZ, Indeni, Zambia Railways and Mulungushi Textiles among others. Honestly, why burden it with a poorly performing bank when the private sector can step in. More details need to be provided on this transaction by the Minister, otherwise this is a prima facie case of corruption and it will definitely come back to haunt him, watch the space….

  6. Wat Are We Going To Believe?
    Isn’t US$7.2 Billion The Money For IMF And The Total External Debt Including Euro Bonds And Other Loans Totalling To $17billion?
    Let This Chap Exculpate This Matter Properly. Theres Nothing Like Asking Him To Appologise, He Is Old Enough To Do That Before The Nation

  7. We’ll clearly, blundering is regrettable when you carry the responsibility for informing correctly. But…is the real figure not good news? It seems the actual debt is smaller! It’s quite smart because now no one is tearing their hair out for 17B because it has trivialised the smaller 7B.

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