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Czechs are returning to Zambia

General News Czechs are returning to Zambia

President Edgar Lungu congratulates Czech Republic Ambassador desegnet to Zambia Radek Rubes when he presented his credential at State House
President Edgar Lungu congratulates Czech Republic Ambassador desegnet to Zambia Radek Rubes when he presented his credential at State House

A regular Czech embassy will soon open in Lusaka to follow Czech Ambassador Radek Rubes, who recently handed his credentials to President Edgar Lungu.

The Czechoslovak Embassy was seated in Lusaka until 1992.

“Right now, I am still alone here, but soon my fellow workers are to join me. At first, they have to move the agenda from the neighbouring Zimbabwe,” Ambassador Rubes said.

He said he could see many opportunities along the Zambezi River, described by Czech explorer Emil Holub (1847-1902).

“In Zambia, there is a large demand for electricity supplies. The latest projects focus on the Zambezi River,” he added.

“This is a potential that could be exploited by small and medium-sized companies from the Czech Republic,” Rubes said.

In late April, Agriculture Minister Marian Jurecka and representatives of eight Czech companies visited the Chisamba Agritech exhibition of agricultural products.

“All the exhibited Czech equipment was sold. There is a financially strong group of farmers ready to pay for the goods in cash,” Ambassador Rubes said.

Czech Zetor tractors also sell in Zambia and that they have a good reputation for being very reliable.
In Zambia, the Czech diplomacy also has another vital task. It is to control the development aid right from the place.

As of next year, Zambia is to be another priority country to which Czech money will be flowing along with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Moldova, Georgia and Cambodia.

Until 2020, the Czech Republic wants to spend 90 million crowns in Zambia.

It also wants to send a diplomat who will be in charge of its projects to the country.

“It is desirable to send such a worker to Zambia within the enhancement of our presence there,” Michal Kaplan, director of the Czech Development Agency (CRA), is quoted as saying.

This is not much compared with Western countries, but Czech previous projects have proven that the Czech trace in Zambia has certainly not been lost, LN writes.

For the third year in a row, Caritas the Czech Republic along with Tomas Bata University have been developing postnatal care for mothers and their children in several districts in Zambia.

The Njovu group, headed by Czech activist Vendula Tembo, looks after socially threatened youths, organising vocational training in the fields of baker, tailor and electrician for them, LN writes.

In Zambia, there is also the Czech Brethren Evangelical Church Diaconia (CCE), implementing two gender projects. The first focuses on the teaching of reading and writing for adult women, providing information on women’s human rights and violence on them, it adds.

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  1. These people are not actually coming to give us money, they are coming for our wealth. Why don’t we just be open and say that the Czechs have brought us money in return we are giving them wealth. CSO should also valuate these things and tell us the value of the benefit on either side. Let’s be frank ‘No one just gives these days, especially in the middlemen are politicians’. Lungu alya again!

  2. isn’t that what trading is? How do you suggest bilateral arrangements work? Of course our parties need to draw contracts that maximise the country’s benefit. why do you think the DA sent Maimane? To visit HH? There in lays some hypocrisy. Ati analyser!

  3. Nice gesture by the Czech government. The country split into Czech Republic and Slovakia after the end of the Cold War. Great country and used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I have been to Prague a couple of times. Their economy is very much German influenced. Zambia should also pursue educational and training opportunities in that country.

  4. “This is a potential that could be exploited by small and medium-sized companies from the Czech Republic,” Rubes said. Always be wary of western countries coming into your country in Africa. The problem is as Africans we never learn anything from history. If you think that a western country will come into your country solely to benefit you, then you must be extremely naive and stup1d. They almost always have a hidden agenda, and that agenda is, first and foremost, to benefit their own countries. It has been like that since colonial days to this day. Until African countries begin to look to themselves to solve their own problems, we will forever remain children who cannot do anything without these western countries. What a shame.

    • Until African countries stop barking like you and start getting engaged in utilising those hidden agendas, there will never be progress. If you genuinely talk to the western countries, you will understand. There are so many examples, where western countries have tried to invest in Africa, put Africans in charge, what happened? Investments came down. There is too much “kudyelapo”, corruption, irresponsibility, Lack of trust, the list goes on. Everyone wants to be rich yesterday.
      Obviously, the Czechs or any other western country come to Zambia for “BUSINESS”, and they are not coming here for charity. If you understand what business is, then you have no reason to complain. Period. Take this as an opportunity instead, and stop barking.

  5. Sharon when was the last time you visited Zambia? Let me just update you. The peace and tranquillity we used to enjoy even taking it for granted is no longer there. I have to Lusaka, Kitwe and Ndola the situation is tense. There total mistrust and uneasiness to speak to each as friends or brothers and sisters. The lines are drawn between political affiliations and ideology. The suspicion and mistrust are now the order of the day. I have visited Zambia many times and never i felt so bad. Your neighbour, brother, sister , tribal sentiments more pronounced.
    We went a pub, we met two officers who later introduced themselves as from OP. They showed us their IDs. They said for the 19 and 21 they have served they have never witmessed the intolerance, power angry and hatred among the…

    • hahahah mudala was English an option at school? your grammar is very terrible. “We went a pub”, “witmessed”. Use word next time and take advantage of spell check. You are welcome.

    • The Czech Republic is actually Central Europe. Prague is 4 hours by train from Berlin. If you read your history, you will learn that in 68 the Red Army marched in and controlled these people against their will. I advise you to travel a bit instead of just typing what comes to mind. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its nicknamed: “The City of a Thousand Spires”. Prague is in a region called Bohemia, rich in culture and Gothic architecture

  6. We are so desperate for attention and money to even speak highly of these Eastern European riffraffs.
    We have all it takes to prosper, we don’t need other peoples money and brains.

  7. They need to put Zambians to work, not only hiring people from their country. Zambia has qualified, educated and intelligent people, so please my people need jobs.

  8. These people are just recognized in Africa, not in Europe, they are poor but they want to come and steal our resources. Watch them closely . they shouldn’t bring their wives either , Zambia has beautiful women already. I will come and find the ambassador when I come to Zambia next year and show him around Lusaka. Lol

  9. The operative word in that statement is EXPLOIT . SMEs from czechoslavakia can come and EXPLOIT zambia and we are greeting them like the docile lambs that we are.

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