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Swedish company could provide Zambians with Cheap Internet Access-Mukwita

Economy Swedish company could provide Zambians with Cheap Internet Access-Mukwita

Anthony Mukwita

ZAMBIA’S charge d’affaires in Sweden Anthony Mukwita says Zambia stands to be among the first southern African countries that will access efficient and cheap internet that will spur economic growth, reduce poverty and create jobs if the Swedish technology is embraced.

Mr Mukwita said in a statement yesterday that the current cost of mobile internet of about K2,000 per month for an estimated 30GB would be slashed to as low as K9 per month or US$1 for ordinary end-users if Swedish technology comes in.

“The Swedish company that makes the technology which drastically brings down the cost of mobile internet is called Radio Innovation Sweden. It is rolling out similar technology in neighbouring Botswana and I understand the technology has been received well,” he said.

Mr Mukwita said the internet company has already taken the first official step to meet Minister of Transport and Communication Brian Mushimba to discuss the technical details of the matter in Lusaka soon.

He said Radio Innovation Sweden, if allowed to operate in Zambia, would provide affordable internet everywhere for almost everyone with a mobile phone in Zambia cheaply and efficiently.

Mr Mukwita said the services will also improve coverage of mobile internet services by 10 to 15 times larger in terms of area covered, and also enhance the capacity of internet mobile service 30 times better than it is now.

“The beneficiaries would be ordinary Zambians that every day struggle to stay online as the world goes tech and digital, including farmers, schools in rural areas, and rural health centres,” he said.


  1. Mr Mukwita please convince those people to come as soon as possible. Let our beloved and working president HE Mr Edgar C Lungu meet these people as soon as possible. However Upnd supporters will find themselves in difficulties to campaign against HE Mr. Edgar C. Lungu has since brought development everywhere including Dundumwezi.

    • Mukwita is insulting Edgar, the country is doing serious things of State of Emergency, and he come Mukwita with his childish Internet cafes. This week is about serious issues kachiikala.
      Internet cafes at Lusaka City Market? Fire Mukwita.

    • Mukwita doesn’t know how Zambia operates. With the $billions coming from the IMF, the government was going to entertain your ideas if you said the company will provide internet at K6000/ 30 gigs per month so that K4000/ month ends up in the pockets of PF cadres. That’s how things work here bwana.

    • @Senior Citizen Well said! You are maturing to what you are supposed to be – a seasoned social commentator! Keep it up!

    • Mukwita, suck my d****!, am in Sweden myself, internet is not even that cheap, how come that Swedish company will sell internet at one dollar…. Sickening lies

    • ANothony has lost his priorities and do not be fooled, he is in for himself here.

      He would have been promised something from this company.

      Stick to the knitting Anthony

      Sweden is a relative stable country but not anything more richer than France, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and or even Austria.

      He in it for himself who ever it is, please do not entertain this.



  2. Mukwita, we appreciate your zeal and push. I advise that you take interest in input of experts to guide your elevatator pitch. You risk proving another clueless but overzealous vuvuzela should you overlook this free suggestion. There is more to the eco-system driven economic benefits than meets your eye. Do you really understand where the cost is coming from in internet service chain? FYI, cheap is not always cheap. What you are pitching may be too good to be true when put before subject matter experts and good PMs. The issue of dashing to ministers must actually stop. It is not how you enter the market.

    • Don’t overlook the issue of tariffs, public policy on permissible solutions, QoS, speed, provider competition, ARPU tied to subscriber base-usage stats business vs. homes and purchasing power of users. These are critical beside goals of the last mile. Tell us their source of the internet.

    • Hehehe

      ba senior citizen

      Don’t you think those words you are saying best be left to the potential investor to find out ????

    • @Spaka like lilo,

      Context matters. Mukwita’s context doing is an elevator pitch for the company. As such, we are cautioning him to appreciate these factors than just saying the new service provider will provide the cheapest bundle ever in Zambia. When attracting investors be it as as consultant or pitchman, professionalism demands that the pitch is done with details. This over sale could turn into a total disappointment to both investors and consumers. Other than that, i have no issues with Mukwita’s push. He deserves encouragement and support of professionals.

  3. Let them come and will discover why Internet in Zambia is expensive . The reason is YOU government and your ZICTA, some some na fuel. stop cheating people for once

  4. To hell this is a way to further keep tab on what we are viewing under this dictatorship. We have been told that the Internet usage of state house has increased incredibly owing to Lungu been addicted to blue movies

  5. Bring them here we need a lot of competitor’s coz internate is damaged expensive here for nothing.

    • You go to corrupt ZICTA and ask them why its expensive…they wont know as they get free talk time!!

  6. Big welcoming Swedish internet
    This is what we want because internet in Zambia is very expensive more especially this time it’s just becoming worsen than ever.
    Let them come and invest in Zambia please and ZICTA these are the company to allow in Zambia please

  7. ” Swedish company to provide cheap internet” . Wow , and Mukwita is so happy to continue the “white savior” narrative ?

    When is Zambia gonna be saved by Zambians?

    • Nevermind him..he thinks internet is like selling cement, ignorantly barking about slashing prices not knowing why the rates are so high in the first place. When they have money these clowns rush to CHINA to corruptly buy cheap towers they are currently installing at a ridiculous cost. He thinks Botwana is as corrupt as the PF govt..the Twanas go out advertise tenders and get the best deal for their consumers not single source Chinese copies.

  8. I wonder why people take this cadre Anthony Mukwita and his colleague in RSA embassy Mwamba seriously these crooks are not civil servants but middlemen. Its easy to sit there an cheer without even knowing how mobile internet works in Zambia…you think the current govt with its cheaply procured substandard Chinese communication towers will simply let another company come and take over with a better product. This little crook is just excited about his cut …simply look at this company’s website.

    • The other middle man crook in S.A. , mwamba promised Zambians free WiFi in Lusaka.. …..not knowing he was only after a photo shoot and air time in the news….

  9. How can people invest in a country where the president says there is no tension then the next week decleares a state of emergency…..you are waisting your time. No one will come.. .

  10. It is very disappointing that you should be looking to investors in this day and era instead of being self reliant. Zamtel is providing internet service to the people already. Why not recapitalize Zamtel so that it can afford to provide cheap internet to the people using the technology that the Swedish company is using?

  11. Huh? 30GB on MTN cost K690 and for K1890 you get 100GB at Vodafone. Still expensive compared to Europe/US and Asia but not as much as this guy seems to think.

  12. Comment:
    Internet service is very, very cheap just across the border, in Tanzania. No need for clever jargon. Just cross to Tunduma and experience the difference. Mukwita is right.

  13. Comment:
    You get HIGH SPEED UNLIMITED data for FIVE KWACHA equivalent, for twenty four hours. In Tanzania. Talk of cheap internet service!

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