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I’ll not rush into firing ministers and making changes to the Zambia Police Service-Lungu

General News I'll not rush into firing ministers and making changes to the...

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo chats with President Lungu at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe in Ndola on Wednesday evening
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo chats with President Lungu at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe in Ndola on Wednesday evening

PRESIDENT Lungu says he will not rush into firing his ministers and making changes to the Zambia Police Service command on the basis of baseless claims.

The President said he still has faith in all his ministers and other serving appointees, and that he will not be swayed into firing people based on falsehoods by some members of the public who claim that they have failed to execute their duties.

The head of State ruled out any possibility of sacking Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo following calls by some senior party members that he is divisive.

President Lungu was speaking at State House during a press conference yesterday.

“You cannot stampede me into firing people. My strategy is not to fire people on the basis of calls from the public. It is not an easy decision to fire people. Bowman will serve at my pleasure,” President Lungu said.
He said he will never base his decisions on falsehoods but will thoroughly investigate matters brought before his table before taking any decision.

President Lungu urged all his appointees to continue executing their duties diligently for the benefit of the Zambian people.

Mr Lungu called for patriotism and a sense of pride from all Zambians in resolving matters of national interest.

“Zambia is one of the most accomplished democracies in Africa,” President Lungu said.

He also assured the international community that government institutions have continued operating normally and that those that want to invest in Zambia are free to do so.

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  1. Kaizer Zulu fought in front of you Ring Stage and you took no action.
    This is selective justice so just keep your compromised Den of Thieves.
    One day,the hour will come.

    • I feel bad for our leader. He’s advisors are holding him hostage just because they helped him to be President. He has good intentions and want to do the right thing but he cannot do it because the people behind him are telling him to do otherwise. When he does what they say, and that action causes a negative reaction, they live to him alone to clean up the mess. He’s advisors are too Political. Everything to them is about settling Political scores. But they forget the ECL is a President for the whole country not just a Party. They’re causing him to have a lot of stress. That’s not good. They don’t care about him and his legacy. It’s very sad. He’s in a difficult situation.

    • Our country is now all, except in designation, a dictatorship and if it is not yet, then we are not far from it. Our political leaders in the ruling party often issue intimidating statements that frighten people and make us fear for the immediate and future. Catholic Bishops 23 April! How prophetic!

    • Lungs should just shut up in a normal country that stupid IG should have been fired 1 year ago…Lungu treats the IG like his Vice President our traffic got by stopped by the traffic police so that the IGs motorcade can pass by which was on the other side of the road, I will let you guys judge the situation this country is over…

    • For me my only issue is if we are in a democracy why are the opposition denied freedom of assembly by the government through the Police. Before and after elections the opposition have never been allowed to assemble no matter how many times they have followed the right procedure in terms of intent to peacefully assemble. That’s the only question I have as a non partisan citizen of Zambia

    • He is indecisive and weak yhats why any midiocracy of a kaponya will serve at his pleasure as long as he is singing praises for chagwa.

    • I do think that Kaizer and Chanda are amongst the danger to Lungu’s legacy, nothing against them as individuals but I think they are not humble and tactical enough to hold the positions they hold in Government.

  2. Your excellency the security people lamentably failed you in Mongu in spite of so many of them deployed there

  3. The President must listen to the people – and I don’t mean the limited sense of “people” as used here where it simply means people close to PF leadership.

    • i agree with ambassador of peace ECL promised us that he will fire some ministers but what has change is because CK momented on it shame on you my PRESIDENT i have lost trust in you and u have lost my vote

  4. I miss the days of Kaunda to some extent. The man was really in charge. Kampyongo should not be the minister of home affairs. He is not yet mature going by his utterances and he talks too much. The truth is he has failed lamentably to execute his duties as home affairs minister. It is time to find him something he can handle like being a district commissioner or just create some position for him within the party. This ministry needs a very mature person who should be equal to the task.

  5. The President has a moral obligation to bring back Order in the Country. It is true the Rule of Law has broken down irretrievably in Zambia and he needs to look outside the box to bring back morality to the country. He ought to start dealing with Saboteurs in his Government and remove them. He should not off course forget the one in the Judiciary,mthe Law Association of Zambia,mw hose lawyers have shamefully sabotaged others in abuse if their Practising Licences and abuse of the court process, his bailiffs, and off course his Police Service. I mean it is shameful for the country as a whole to see an alleged saboteur representing the Opposition President in such a sensitive case. Both Hakainde and The President ought to account for how such alleged saboteur illicitly stole a Jeep Grand…

  6. I agree with No.6. Kampyongo has shown his imaturity in handling highly serious issues as a consequence even his IG has also failed lamentably in this area.This perhaps has frustrated young ,intelligent officers whose training is far superior. Your excellency, look outside the box, there are people that are willing to help you but the likes of Kampyongo acepa kuli iyi jobo., shouting slogans yes I agree with you but now there is a problem. do that. The IG and his minister should be given other responsibilities…”PROJECTS”. I believe that sooner than later you will act to cleanse the police service and minitry of home affairs in general. Many fires have been reported no ikatapo nangu umo?ask GOOGLE to help you, or Israel to use their survellance satellite(s).Angapezeke wameno acita so.

  7. Lungu is worthless and I am not even a UNDP bootlicker. He is scared of his minions that helped him rig the elections.

  8. Proverbs 3:30-33New International Version (NIV)

    30 Do not accuse anyone for no reason—
    when they have done you no harm.
    31 Do not envy the violent
    or choose any of their ways.
    32 For the Lord detests the perverse
    but takes the upright into his confidence.
    33 The Lord’s curse is on the house of the wicked,
    but he blesses the home of the righteous.

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