PS Health Moyo dies in fatal road accident

Mr John Moyo being sworn in as Health Permanent in Charge of Administration
Mr John Moyo being sworn in as Health Permanent in Charge of Administration
Mr John Moyo being sworn in as Health Permanent in Charge of Administration
Mr John Moyo being sworn in as Health Permanent in Charge of Administration

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health in charge of administration John Moyo has died.

Mr Moyo died in tragic road traffic accident that occurred on Mumbwa road on Friday night.

Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya announced the development to journalists in a text message.

“With a heavy heart that l announce the death of PS John Moyo in a tragic traffic accident” Dr. Chitalu Chilufya announced.

Mr. Moyo was appointed as Permanent Secretary and sworn-in in December 2016.

He is the second Permanent Secretary after Dr. Jabbin Mulwanda who is Permanent Secretary in charge of Technical Services.


  1. Another loss due to pf substandard roads which are already cracking Just two years from building. There is poor regulation of road worthiness of cars. This man’s life is on the pf. How many people will pf kill before they accept that they are a failed illegal government. Rip.

  2. We were a polar to ministry of health sir rest in peace

  3. Rest in peace Mr.Moyo you are such a grant soldier you have run your race.I remember meeting you on two occasions at the barber shop and at a VIP meeting.

  4. NEZ, mind your hate. It will take you nowhere. Already 1 year has elapsed and you are still in court. We have only 3 years before another general election. Let us do what we should do. There are a lot of wrong things that PF is doing. There are a lot of wrong things that PF has failed to do. Let us capitalise on that and start campaigning now. We are wasting too much time and all the bad things that are happening are now being attributed to us UPND. We are surely losing votes. Whether we like it or not, ZAMBIANS HATE VILOENCE

    • It’s not genuine…If it were someone from another region they wouldn’t have commented…

  5. I just wonder why our leaders choose to travel in the night when they fully know that they are precious to the nation , I mean these individuals need to guard their lives jealously.
    I am really sorry for the family and the loss of a husband a father etc.

    • There is nothing sinister about travelling at night ONLY in Zambia for some certain reason(s)

  6. Batonga ba UPND you will repay for the loss of our son. Now you will know what tribalism is. We and our mbuyas will be tribalists too as you have taken our humility for granted. Let the ball roll, by the way we constitute over 70% (Bemba & Nyanja speaking people in Eastern, Muchinga, Luapula, Northern, Copperbert, parts of Central and Lusaka Provinces). Tuleminyesha and you shall never rule Zambia legally.

    • Iwe know call each nyol. Why do you bring UPND in this. For your own information I’m Bemba and one thing l have realised the Tongas you persecute are not as lazy as Bembas and the easterners, they are so hardworking Kolwe iwe. You are treading on a dangerous path with this tribal talk with your edgar chakolwa lungu, stop it before Zambia descends into ethnic cleansing.

    • National patriotism is a failing exercise for its definition is being weighted through ethnicity and political inclinations. It will take years to reverse this trending behavior which is on the upswing as @ kwatu kumawa

  7. God Bless and receive him into peaceful sleep, through Christ Redeemer Jesus. May his family be comforted and receive peace. So sorry.

  8. neighbors pa Nigeria hostel pa chiHone.always a quite guy.I used to shupa you pa ndeke house.

  9. The death of any human being is regretable.Moreso a head of the family.I personally didnt know him,but am sadden.

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