Full Time Highlights – Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe



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    Kikiki. I told you all that Zambia under pf will never win a single tournament

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    They should actually damp the [email protected] of having to knew down to pray, when they do not do so in their own homes, always busy driking chibuku and smoking ibange!

    Too much hypocricy in Zambia, starting from the confused Chagwa to the footballer on the field. You are not winning because you are mocking the Almighty that you are prayer warriors when in actual fact you are [email protected], [email protected] smokers and always dirking when not playing fooitball-you can not mock God you hypocrites together with you PF [email protected]!

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    Prayer warriors or not, the football pitch is no place for them to be doing this. So you believe in God while your opponents may believe in Allah or some demi-gods or spiritualism or witchcraft. Why do you cry foul when they perform their rites on the football pitch. That is hypocrisy. Keep all such off the football pitch and just play the game. Pray before you get on the pitch, in the locker room. In fact, even Christ condemned such public prayer!!

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    WADA has demonstrated that he is way much a failure in coaching senior national teach through personal fights on Fwayo Tembo at the expense of the national team. . As a coach/leaders he needed to put perosnal diffrences away from the national team selection. Selection of the national team players should be based on quality and not relationships,tribe etc.We tax payers THEREFORE, demand the removal of WADA as chipolopolo coach.

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      What happened between the coach and that player?

      However I wish to tell you that the relationship between the coach and player affect the selection. An example is Diego Costa at Chelsea and David Beckham when leaving ManU for R. Madrid

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