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Forget about the way you voted, let’s look to the future, President Lungu tells Dundumwezi

Headlines Forget about the way you voted, let's look to the future, President...

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in Dundumwezi
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in Dundumwezi

President Lungu yesterday told the People of Dundumwezi to forget about the past and look to the future with hope.

In 2016 General Elections, Dundumwezi constituency in Kalomo District, with a voter turn out of 79% gave President Lungu 252 votes and his main rival, Hakainde Hichilema, 30 810 votes.

Speaking when he toured Chief Chikantas area in Dundumwezi , the Head of State made it abundantly clear that he did not have any ill feelings towards the people of the area and promised them unprecedented development.

” A lot of things have been said about this area, a lot of things have been said about me. But when we meet like this, we begin appreciating each other more. ”

“Forget about your voting pattern, forget about the way you voted. Let’s look to the future because we are one Zambia one Nation. ”

“Am here so that I can see you, I can hear you and you can see me. So that I can appreciate you and you can appreciate me.” He said.

He Stated that the Presidents that had led the nation before him had all preached “One Zambia One Nation”

He said for that reason, his predecessor President Michael Chilufya Sata had visited the area in 2013 to concretise that point.

He also stated that it was for that reason he had appointed The Provincial Minister Hon. Edify Hamukale to join him in government.

Dundumwezi produces more maize than the entire Southern province. The Republican President assured their Royal Highnesses of government’s commitment to delivering development to their chiefdoms.

“We are aware that agriculture and livestock drive the economy in Kalomo district and Dundumwezi and our people can be assured of government’s assistance. The construction of Kalomo-Dundumwezi- Itezhi tezhi road will ease the movement of goods. We are grateful for the hospitality. I can tell that we are welcome,” said the head of state.

“Campaigns are long gone. Our only interest is the agenda to better the lives of our people. Once it is campaign time, the mood will speak for itself. This is time to work and we will deliver development even here,” he added.

President Lungu who is in Southern province on a Two day working visit is the second seating head of state and government to visit the agriculture rich and politically charged Dundumwezi constituency after the late founding leader of the Patriotic Front Mr Michael Chilufya Sata.

Speaking on behalf of other Southern province traditional leaders who met the Republican President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu on arrival in Dundumwezi, Senior Chief Chikanta of the Tonga speaking people thanked the Head of State for working to unite the nation.

“We have been looking forward to your coming to Dundumwezi your Excellency. Your people have gathered in the arena awaiting to see you. We are very excited to have you here, you are welcome. As head of state, every part of Zambia is yours. You have brought us together as a people,” stated Senior Chief Chikanta.

The traditional leaders who encouraged President Lungu not to be swayed or distracted by those working against progress further assured him of their support in uplifting the living standards of ordinary citizens in their chiefdoms.

Chief Chikanta expressed gratitude to President Lungu for being the second President to have ever visited the area in his over 20 years as traditional leader.

He explained to the President that the reason his subjects had voted as they had in the last elections was because the area was grossly under developed and now that development to the area under President Lungus government was guaranteed, he foresaw a situation were there would be a change of mindset among his people .

Among the traditional leaders who received the Republican President include Chiefteness Mweenda of Mazabuka district, senior chief Sinazongwe of Sinazongwe distinct, Chiefteness Sikute of Kazungula district, Chief Simwatachela and chief Cooma of Choma district.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in Dundumwezi
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in Dundumwezi

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (centre) accompanied by Southern Province Minisrer Dr. Edify Hamukale takes a walk in Dundumwezi on Tuesday,July 11,2017. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2017
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (centre) accompanied by Southern Province Minisrer Dr. Edify Hamukale takes a walk in Dundumwezi on Tuesday,July 11,2017. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2017


  1. What a mature way of looking at things by the GRREATEST president we have ever had.

    Let’s move on. He is jail be it.

    He is broken and wants to now talk does HH – no mr HH kneel down before the president first.

    I have a PhD



    • We’re one, let’s build our nation with love. Tongas means a lot to Zambia and so is every tribe. No is better than the other. Hh is our brother and so is ECL.

    • Zambia is bigger than any tribal course. Henceforth, may the people redeem themselves from the implanted delusions. Let demons of anarch burry themselves leaving us united and living side by side as brothers and sisters. Always Zambians win and haters lose big. We rally around a national interest against a vile spirit of hatred, insults, division and tribalism.

    • Im one of the heavy critics to President Lungu, and rightly so. On this one, however, I give him lots of marks, maybe 80%. My advise to the President is to never mention “voting pattern” and “future” and “one Zambia one nation” in the same message. Also, he did well not to criticize HH because that was gonna make his visit worthless.

      I commend the President for making effort to visit the area, it means a lot to the people of that community.

      I also think the President will do much better if he releases HH from prison. Then I will believe him when he talks of and peace unity.

    • @ intelligent your comments are appreciated but please in the case HH let’s allow the law to take it’s course. I think it will be unwise for ecl to release hh for now.

    • What sort of dressing is that Mr President? Dress in the attire to suite the local populace. Wearing Jeans with maybe a checked shirt or any casual dressing could have done the tricks.

    • Now I see why they voted as they did – no roads and no civilisation in sight. These guys break their backs to till the land so that the nation can produce Chimanga Changa to feed the whole nation and then you deny them development? Am I missing something here? Who punishes the hardworking people? What kind of a curse is that when you reward thuggery and theft whilst hard work is punished? Who does that? Give these people all the rewards they deserve for their hard work. Give them loans to keep more animals, build good schools, roads, power stations, communication masts, clinics and hospitals for them so that they are in good health for they are the food engine of the country. Do you know why good schools were built in Southern Province by the colonialists? Well, they found these people…

    • …continued…………. Well, they found these people were already advanced in animal husbandry and agriculture. It was easy to add on to what they already knew and learn from them. Therefore, my advice to government of the day is that do not kill a bread basket province and make it a basket case for political gains. The damage would take decades to make right or would be forever irreparable. Well done Mr President for burying the hatchet and addressing the grievances raised via the ballot paper. Humility is always better than blowing your own horn and actions speaker louder than words. You are now walking the talk and dotting the i’s whilst crossing the t’s. One Zambia One Nation – who that doesn’t want to be One Zambia One Nation – mwana wandoshi and is free to leave our beautiful…


    • That the man I know and support … the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise always make the right call when it matters.

      They chose the best man for the job and he is doing exactly what he needs to do. Last week he visited his loudest critics ~ the Catholics, this week he’s visiting his least voting precinct ~ Dundumwezi.

      The real mark of leadership is seen when dealing with your supposed adversaries and how you interact among them. ECL is very comfortable in his skin and no other Zambian leader except KK had that kind of confidence.

      Once this chapter of history is written, we may well end up with the real Zambian Lincoln … UNZA needs an ECL School of Political Science built soon.

      Long Live Zambia, One Zambia … One Nation

    • “Forget about the way you voted, let’s look to the future, President Lungu tells Dundumwezi”.Not really ECL; Zambia should first move away from not towards dictatorship.ECL is, arguably, the most incompetent “leader” to have ever emerged from Zambia, and which Southern Africa or Africa has offered the world. God help Zambia.

    • Pictures give more information on the status therefore other than what is supposed to have been through this report there is nothing to convince me about the enthusiasm in Dundumwezi of this visit. ECL would have done better making big pronouncements in line to reasoning @ Status Quo but he missed the opportunity! That the president was warmly welcomed is as courtesy should be all around the country for every citizen visiting anywhere but with presidential privilege words should be laced with physical actionable grants!

    • Ichalo: I think that dressing is because he just came out from officiating at the conference so maybe he was running out of time. But that is true. You dress according to the assignment and area visiting. You do not out class yourself. That is why some companies do not employee people who are termed “over qualified”. They fear confusion.

  2. The fotos of the malawian moslem dictator being welcomed by a group of small kids in dundumwezi have gone viral.

    They don’t like you becoz you don’t have leadership qualities.

    You imprison HH on fake treason charges & sat lets unite. What a HYPOCRITE. You irritate me.

    • If upnd will continue with vulgarity against ecl and the more you call on elc to release hh the longer he will stay in prison. 3 solid months of wanking and piping his fellow inmates is not a joke.

    • “Spaka like lilo” whatever this means YOU DO NOT CARE FOR HH PERIOD! You more interested in his suffering than really blogging

    • Mbala mafia

      Are you denying lungu is a fraud convict ???

      You can go on about not caring for HH all you like but HH is in jail on trumped up charges because he is not giving up the petition and opposes lungu.

      Lungu is a fraud whom who hides behind a bible and can not tolerate opposition

  3. Am proud of these people they have one voice and if we Zambians can be like them. Our country can develop. I say this because they have made the government to work and Mr president thats the way to go .

  4. iwe lungu you want to forget the election because you lost. My friend I hope nature takes its course and lighteninstrikes you.

    • @ NEZ, God’s ways are not Man’s ways…You may die early before the person you’re wishing death…Look how many of your likes in your Party who were wishing the President death and now they’re dead including your former Mps…So just mind your own business because you have no control even on your own life as God can withdraw it anytime hence the need to strengthen your faith in God and not Man…Grow up and seek God’s grace and wisdom…

  5. Free HH and let UPND be free to work stop talking about voting patterns, no one is interested except the compromised chiefs.

  6. Expecting to derive acceptance after a rigged election is a quintessential Chagwanic PF comfort classic.” To all upright men and women of Zambia, we have every right to deride it for the monstrosity and an abominable affront to our society that it truly is! By the way, I honestly think Mushota’s ERECTION has made her bonkus, what sense can anyone make if her posting above? Ni mashabe eka eka sure!

  7. Boma ni boma!!!
    Everyone wants to control the boma.
    But there can only b one boma at a time.
    So we are at president no. 6
    Let’s get moving – if God allows we will go beyond no. 100+
    So one boma at a time, let’s work

  8. Look at all that poverty and stoneage backwardness that the PF has presided over.Rupiah Banda presided over the same poverty …but at least he had brighter hopes with 6.5% growth.

  9. I heard the President last evening on ZNBC TV bragging saying “am the one in charge”. Who doesn’t know that he’s the one in charge? He does not have to keep reminding the nation that he’s in charge because we all know he’s in charge. No wonder a lot of people keep questioning the legitimacy of his Presidency. If someone knows that he won the elections genuinely why does he have to keep reminding the nation that he’s in charge? I’m just an independent person who does not even vote

  10. This is the problem we have in Zambia: bad governance and bad leadership. He wants the opposition to forget how they voted, but encourages his party to always remember how they voted, and probably rigged the elections? Voting is a right in Zambia. People must vote the way they think fit. There is nothing like wrong voting and right voting. It is an obligation of any leader in Government to allocate resources where they are needed most, regardless of their voting pattern. Zambia is for all Zambians!

  11. Lungu wants the people of SP to move on, how can they move on when you are prosecuting a party many of them belong to…….they have a right to join and support any party they chose…..but lungu has banned all UPND activities such as fund raising, peace rallies or any meetings.

    He is intimidating anyone who differs with him……

    Instead of concentrating on providing jobs lungu is preoccupied with HH….

  12. Donkeys always twisting the President’s words. Just live with it he is the President as of now, God willing he might go as far as 2026.

  13. The Lazy sausage is campaigning whilst there is state of emergence showing his little fist everywhere.

  14. Wise words from President Lungu; Keeping up with your hard-work and continue uniting Zambia; One Zambia One Nation. God bless Zambia! Psalm 33:12

  15. The Minister has got it wrong by wearing an ECL chitenge whilst ECL is in a suit. ECL is there as President of Zambia and not the Party, but minister is posing as a cadre. This was a govt trip not a campaign trip.

    • He also looked awkward in Livingstone when the President was opening that Conference on Mining, Clad in Campaign stuff when others are in suits!!! Ebu bootlicker bulya. but mistimed!!

    • Well noted. Maybe the guy wants to “disassociate ‘ himself from what happened. This is how bootlickers behave.

  16. @Mushota , I don’t take you serious because of how you end your blogs. Remove that (which you know), may be, just may be I will take you serious!!

  17. I disagree with LUNGU’s politics but thumbs to this one. However, the rule of law should be demonstrated. You cannot say one thing in a positive manner and do the opposite viciously. Stop this habit of contradicting yourself Lungu!

  18. I can tell you that 879 people were killed in southern province since Lungu came in as a president of Zambia…….I know that some of you, do not understand why he is coming here again… The issue is for him to kill once more during state of emergency time….

  19. @Mabumba, please it’s better to keep quiet when you have nothing sensible to say. You say things which even yourself can’t believe.

  20. Is it posible that lungu can also go to chipata and tell them that they should forget the way they voted.then he is a man of substance.

  21. Is it the normal nature of a decent human being zat a person knows very well that he is not wanted.but he goes ahead to make the life of the one who is wantd miserable. Campaign violence,tribal division stealig votes is used as a person’s strategy to achieve a desired result. Not realy the convincing of the voters to vote 4 u, no.at the end of the day when a person assess his achievements, Is it realy fulfilling.being where one is by cheating and illegal means. Its a pity how we waste our lives.

  22. The President should have been in a proper attire, moving into an area which is poverty stricken with black shinning shoes and a tight suit, look awful to say the least. Look at the pictures, honestly, is that the way you can show people how cool you are and expect them to hear your message. One good thing about our people in rural areas, they can tell whether you are sincere or not. Thev may be uneducated but they have wisdom.

  23. Waitaya Lungu, HH is very popular in that area, if you had released him and then go with a message of peace, yes, it could have worked. Rural dwellers are smart don’t under estimate their knowledge of things. HH is their son mind you??

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