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PF doubts HH’s call for dialogue after his Dialogue Statement is pulled down from his Facebook page

Headlines PF doubts HH's call for dialogue after his Dialogue Statement is...

Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has said that he has noted media reports linking incarcerated United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema to calls for unconditional dialogue.

This is according to the statement released to the media by the PF media team

Mr. Mwila has observed that while the alleged statement on dialogue was pulled down from Mr. Hichilema’s Facebook page moments after it was posted, the ruling Party would give it a benefit of doubt.

“It is not within our powers to determine whether he did issue the said statement or not although it had been posted to his page and later pulled down. Considering it was later pulled down, Zambians may wish to ask whether that action on its own confirms the flip-flopping the Opposition is accustomed to”, Mr. Mwila observed.

The Patriotic Front Secretary General who reaffirmed that the ruling Party has remained committed to dialogue with all stakeholders, including the Church, Opposition Political Parties, Business and Civil Society, including the Co-operating partners stated that there can never be any fruitful dialogue without known agenda items.

“Our position as the Patriotic Front is that there can never be any meaningful dialogue without clear agenda items. In other words, there is always going to be one non-negotiable precondition to any dialogue – the agenda. Let our colleagues inform us and the public the specific agenda items otherwise it is not in anyone’s interest to have a talk-show guised as dialogue. This is also because a day after the said statement was posted, UPND Vice President for Administration GBM issued conditions and we seek to know if indeed the agenda item to be discussed is Mr. Hichilema’s release because when it comes to that, the President’s hands are tied as the matter is before the Courts of Law. So, once we have received the proposed agenda items, we can then state our position”, he has observed.

According to Mr Mwila, the statement departed from what has been UPND’s message to the international community about Zambia’s statement of affairs.

“In the same statement Mr. Hichilema is reported to have denied Zambia ever being a failed State. This is contrary to what his Party’s social media platforms have been reporting. It was widely reported prior to the August 2016 elections that one of UPND’s reason for announcing their unpreparedness to accept defeat was part of their strategy to create a destabilised atmosphere to justify a Government of National Unity (GNU), a strategy the PF Administration said was a misplaced call and an exercise in futility, ” concluded the statement.


  1. As a ruling party, I find it senseless for you to ask for an agenda when you should provide leadership. If you want the agenda to come from UPND, then you are not ready to agree to meet. Liars!!!

  2. HH is not the victim here

    For him to claim that he wants to dialogue, suggest he is BROKEN

    We have him people

    I have a PhD



    • Davis mwila, ‘drink’ your everlasting medicine quietly, look at your facial skin like a crocodile,,,,, and keep that head shaved,, your. Days are numbered

    • I was also surprised to read that Zambia is not a failed state by hh when all along he has led a campaign to discredit Zambia. I doubted if indeed hh authored that article.
      Anyway he is in our armpits for now.

    • We are not finished with him yet. Give us a just a few more years we will release him to his family. He is OURS for now.

    • The PF are cerebrating just like Babylon was cerebrating at the time the enemies invaded them with the gates open since gurds were also drunk.Those ears I warn you for the last time.They have taken HH to Mukobeko again,enough is enough all they need is war and we are saying you will have.The end of PF and Lungu is near.Be ready those small men in police uniform will not help when the real VUNDU starts.WINA A ZANIA OILO.We are left with no alternative but to fight.Amen brothers and sisters.

    • @Operation save true Zambians

      Speak for yourself. What VUNDU are you referring to. Teti mupose na ikofi ati VUNDU. Start that VUNDU bakakulepula umusula.

    • Dialogue with THUGS is a waste of time. The only language they understand is violence & war.

      Surely how can the educated Malawian MOSLEM DICTATOR appoint a THUG like KAIZER ZULU as an advisor?

      How can the Govt have THUGS like Max Chongo, kaizer Zulu, Kapyongo, Kennedy Kamba, Mumbi Phiri, Davies mwila walking in the corridors of power & guarding our treasury?

      That’s why they don’t care whether the country has a debt of $17.5Bn or $7.5Bn. There’s no difference as for them, it’s a self enrichment looting exercise. This quagmire will go on until the head of the snake is cut off.

  3. Let’s give them the benefit of doubt because they have not stated what they want to dialogue about. until that is done then the talks can take place. Jele ibaba bane.

  4. By the way, what is the agenda for dialogue? Is it to form government of National Unity or what? I thought Zambians voted for President Edgar Lungu and their voice is loud and clear.

  5. They stole European-bondage money and are really scared of prison.
    There days are numbered, God is a vindicator. Just wait and see.

  6. Umwana kasembe wafwa kakukoma wakobeka(loosely translated-a child is like an axe you go with in the woods and it hackes you,you still hang it on your shoulder and come back with it)oooh sorry I forgot we are dealing with a country of laws and not men as proclaimed by Levy P Mwanawasa Mhsrip.

  7. UPND if ever you negociated with the lungu regime the demand MUST include full democratic rights of the opposition……rights to assembly….rights to travel in any part of Zambia.. …right to freely hold peacfull rallies…rights to hold press conferences and rights to meet and inter react with the public……the regime is being slowly isolated.

    We have many proactive citizens sending petitions on line to highlight lungus abuses.

    These petitions are working…..and they were hoping for a broken UPND and HH by now….

    Again We salute the UPND MPs who have stood by HH and GBM……and the many online keyboard activists who care for a free prospuros democratic Zambia for all.

    • Rights to this, rights to that – continue with your online petitions meanwhile the Kwacha is picking up steam and we are busy working on the Dundumwezi road.

    • It sounds like your advocacy for a better Zambia only stops at UPND and not the whole country. Your hallucination of a better Zambia under UPND I’m afraid, is a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that happen during sleep ba Spaka. A better Zambia should unfold irregardless of who is in government. By all means ba Spaka, NEZ and some of your thick compeers on his blog strive to sanitize your partisan politics and periodical caderism. Zambia is for everybody, HH, GBM, Lungu, Wina, you and me. Finally, I fear your support for UPND it is more like a talent, a skill so to speak.

    • Yes you can continue denying that there is democratic erosion under lungu……let the rest of the world make their own minds up….we don’t lie in our petitions…all incidences are verifiable, we are only telling the truth.
      and if the world can do nothing when they learn the truth, so be it.

      If we are wasting our time with on line petitions so be it, that is our time to waist…….

  8. Secretary General of the Party, Grey Zulu (UNIP), Secretary General of the Party, Newstead Zimba (MMD).

    Learn from the Secretary Generals of the past ruling Party’s. Read everything they have written and see whether they ever wrote anything that was meant to devide the people.

  9. LUNGU your days are numbered.Why take HH back to mukobeko.You are heartless and we shall treat you worse than GADAFI of Libya.Wanya mambala to baka pokola wont help you.

  10. those wisdom should accept the olive branch from HH for the sake of Zambia.That does not mean cowdice.

  11. @8 Cannabis, if it is true that underfive ( I mean the little donkey you call hh) has been transferred back to Mukobeko it is as it should be. He should stayed there in the first place. He must stay there because it is the wish of the majority 50%+1….kikikikikiki…mwalalila ba Donkey.

    • waba kunda banyoko, mukongo banyoko, malepe abanyoko, macende a wuso. no basokwe bamicila mulya mazi

    • one of the main PF green flies, Terrible, has appeared like the green fly that he is after smelling faeces…

  12. @6 Spaka, did you say “negotiate”? Your vocabulary must be very poor UPNDonkeys. The correct word is “plead”, what can underfive “negotiate” from a correction position?
    Underfive wants out because what I, Terrible, predicted and advised him is now happening. He has all but lost control of his business empire and the lawyers bills have now been presented. He will not plead for you donkeys but for his personal self after realising that none of his donkeys is advising him appropriately.

    • PF green sh.it fly mr terrible….

      there is no pleading….you were hoping for GBM to have abandoned HH by now,…. I don’t think so..
      you were hoping UPND will have disintegrated by now….I don’t think so

      And the main hope, you were hoping to have broken HH by now, very sorry, but the man is still wrong footing lungu…..

    • The behaviour of Chakolwa Lungu confirms and is a testimony that he rigged the elections. This is what he has been learning from Mugabe and Museveni.

  13. Underfive pulled down his Facebook post as soon as I corrected him on GBM and his battered wife Chama ‘s business backgrounds. And also I pointed out his mention of GBM and Chama and not his own wife was strange. Someone also advised him that he is not in a position to demand anything, he can only plead, and crawl.

  14. Underfive’s only option is to plead for mercy. He can say for example “banene ndaleka bu donkey”.

    • green sh.it fly Mr terrible

      we know HH gives you PF flies sleepless nights even from prison………amazing, the man is just amazing.

  15. PF are busy burning markets and other institutions in order to terrorise innocent citizens. You have dirty minds.

  16. Don’t listen to delusional forces bent to destroy this beautiful nation! Even its supporters on the blog are delusional!

    • why don’t you think no one has been arrested ? how come lungu and PF knew about a fire 1 week before hand ??

  17. Let’s pray, this is not a simple war it needs people who are prayerful. We can comment good and bad to hh but remember God is watching at any step being taken against the innocent hh. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  18. HH being innocent after all what he has done and said? this is the problem with upnd every thing that they do is good to them not even a single day have they agreed that one of theirs has done wrong.

  19. While am tempted to agree with Dr Mwelwa, i have one question, Edgar Lungu will address HH as leader of the main opposition(which is collect and right), now my question is, how will HH address Edgar Lungu, or in what capacity will he be meeting with Edgar Lungu?
    that question brings complexity because

    1. if HH still insist he doesn’t recognize ECL, then he cant seek dialogue with him, otherwise he might as well ask to dialogue with me because to HH ECL is just a mere citizen like myself.

    2. if HH recognises the government in place, then i would ask who is the leader according to him of the the same government so that he can dialogue unconditionally with.

    Doctors and Professors of our great nation, kindly educate me to understand how this HH unconditional dialogue will happen…

  20. It seems like Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu is seeking to consolidate his power. Just last week, he seized on the fact that an arsonist had torched the capital Lusaka’s main market, to declare a state of threatened emergency. The declaration, among other things, allows police to ban public meetings and impose travel restrictions, actions that suppress dissent. The parliament voted to approve these emergency powers. But in June, the parliament suspended 48 members of parliament from the opposition United Party for National Development for a month without pay for refusing to attend an address by Lungu. These members had no chance to vote on the emergency powers. That month, opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema – who narrowly lost both the 2015 by-election and 2016 presidential election to…

  21. cont/… The Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council condemned Hichilema’s arrest on “trumped-up charges,” calling it “a recipe to heighten tension in an already volatile economic and political environment.” Harsher criticism came from the traditionally coy Conference of Catholic Bishops and other church leaders, who stated that under Lungu, “Zambia eminently qualifies to be branded a dictatorship.”
    Around that time, we were part of a Human Rights Watch team that visited Zambia. Many of the people we met worried about the dark clouds of political intolerance. They feared it could threaten the country’s multi-party politics, introduced in 1991 after nearly three decades of dictatorship, and its legacy of peaceful elections and transitions of power. Because the government is…

  22. Around that time, we were part of a Human Rights Watch team that visited Zambia. Many of the people we met worried about the dark clouds of political intolerance. They feared it could threaten the country’s multi-party politics, introduced in 1991 after nearly three decades of dictatorship, and its legacy of peaceful elections and transitions of power.

    Because the government is considering leaving the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Lungu called for popular consultations to decide if the country should make this move. An overwhelming 93.3 percent of people who participated in the consultations said they supported remaining with the ICC. We were there to see that the government officially reported and committed to abiding by the consultation results. We were heartened…

  23. You can only use prison to undermine and teach the opposition if you are mugabe but if you are president whose time in office expires 5 or ten years if you are two term president know that you ass is going straight jail when your time expires
    So mr lungu thinks he teaching HH a lesson but he is just depositing in the piggy bank of revenge ,He better get financial dealings straight because if ever the opposition win he is going straight to prison they will make sure he gets the taste of his own medicine ,He should never forget that only one policy every incumbent president fulfills within the firs t of office is incurcerating His predecessor,so gwan mr lungu we will see

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