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Friday, February 21, 2020

Lusaka City Market traders to be relocated to alternative trading places -Wina

Economy Lusaka City Market traders to be relocated to alternative trading places...

The Scene at Lusaka City Market
The Scene at Lusaka City Market

Vice President Inonge Wina has announced that the 4 000 marketeers that were operating at the gutted Lusaka City Market will be relocated to alternative trading places to pave way for the reconstruction of a new modern market.

Mrs. Wina said that the two alternative pieces of land that have been identified are Simon Mwewa Lane and Soweto market. The Vice President said that a combined team of defense force and engineers have already started working on the alternative trading sites and is expected to be complete in six weeks.

Mrs. Wina was speaking at a breakfast meeting in Lusaka to launch the fund for rehabilitation of markets in Zambia. She called on the corporate entities and individuals to assist in raising funds to help the affected families.

The Vice President however called on well-wishers to Channel all funds to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit -DMMU and the office of the Vice President to promote transparency and accountability.

Mrs. Wina explained that this will prevent unscrupulous people from taking advantage of the situation to defraud people. DMMU National Coordinator Patrick Kangwa has called on all stakeholders to contribute to the building of resilient markets in the country. During the launch of the fundraising event, various stakeholders pledged over K 12.5 million Kwacha.

Early this week, Government said that it will construct a modern structure at Lusaka City Market that will accommodate five times more marketeers than the current number.

Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale said that the new market will also have a much bigger bus station with modern facilities. Mr. Mwale said that the construction which will take at least one year will cost 20 million dollars. Mr. Mwale said during the construction period, marketeers will be moved to temporary site.

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  1. Yes defense forces should do the job. Especially ZNS, they may employ some of those notorious unemployed PF cadres.

  2. Here you have got it. The fire was a PF OP work to find an excuse to disperse the marketeers and build a better market as people would have resisted to the death. Not a bad idea to Builth a bigger market. But method used to torch the market by PF was not good.

  3. Didnt someone say that the market will be re-constructed within weeks? So they meant the makeshift market? This new ultra modern market will be inaccessible to the ordinary marketeer as it will be leased out most likely. They should consider this as an eviction. Ask the Kamwala marketeers what happened to their stores.

  4. Whoever burnt the city market and all the livelihood of the poor and innocent, may God, creator of the universe and whatsoever is there in, both visible and invisible, forgive you for you know not what you are doing. God bless you!

  5. U should ve told the marketeers thst u want to build a new market than torching it and start pointing fingers at innocent souls.God is seeing all this and one day he will reciprocate so harshly.Good evening mother zambia

  6. Let there be love between PF and UPND. We have only one beautiful country which we must guard jealously. Today it’s PF and tomorrow it will be UPND ruling and life continues. No need to destroy our country!

  7. So that market could hold 4 000 marketeers ..I would how much the council was getting month if at all they were seeing it!!

  8. However, it is like the plans to move and build a new bigger market was already in place and someone was just waiting for space. The pace at which these plans are being put in plans is unprecedented to say the least. Its like immediately after the fire, everything to build a bigger and better market starts falling into place. There seems to be no phase gates in this whole process of re-building the market.

  9. Hahahaha is that planned indeed if yes it’s very funny how can the government resort to destruction I stead of just telling the people the truth in first place????

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