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Decision to scrap subsidies in the energy and agriculture sector is final-President Lungu

Headlines Decision to scrap subsidies in the energy and agriculture sector is...

PRESIDENT Lungu with government chief whip Richard Musukwa (right) and Kabwe Central member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube (centre) after a meeting with parliamentarians at Parliament Building yesterday. PICTURE: COLLINS PHIRI
PRESIDENT Lungu with government chief whip Richard Musukwa (right) and Kabwe Central member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube (centre) after a meeting with parliamentarians at Parliament Building yesterday. PICTURE: COLLINS PHIRI

President Lungu has said that that the decision to do away subsidies both in the energy and agriculture sector is final. Speaking when he met with all PF, MMD and Independent MPs at the National Assembly, President Lungu emphasized that the bold reforms he had initiated in the energy and agricultural sectors we’re here to stay, however painful in the short term because he was conceived they would yield positive results before 2021.

According to Presidential Spokesperson Amos Chanda, the four hours meeting, attended by Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili, covered a wide of issues such as constituency development, relationships between MPs and state house, MPs’ welfare and the need for them to visit their electorates to explain key government positions.

Mr Amos Chanda also told journalists that the 14 independent MPs made the assurance during President Lungu’s open dialogue with PF, MMD, FDD and independent lawmakers at Parliament.

“Some of the valuable contributions during the discussion came from the independent members who said they fully support the President and want to work closely with him and the PF in a much closer manner,” Mr Chanda said.

He said four independent MPs also spoke at length in commending President Lungu for measures Government is taking to maintain peace and security in the country.

And President Lungu, who was happy with the discussion, called for regular meetings and open conversations on all issues that matter.

“President Lungu interacted with the MPs and urged them to visit their constituencies to explain decisions taken by Parliament and government,” Mr Chanda said.

President Lungu also emphasised the need for MPs to understand the importance of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

“CDF is extremely important, you must utilise it properly and you must continue visiting your constituencies and interact closely with the electorate,” President Lungu said.

And government chief whip Richard Musukwa commended the opposition MPs for working with the PF during the just-ended parliamentary sitting.

Mr Musukwa said MMD, FDD and independent MPs worked hard to ensure that business of the House went on normally despite the absence of the UPND parliamentarians.

He also reaffirmed President Lungu’s commitment to working with all MPs from the opposition for the benefit of the country.

“We wish to also commend the independent members for pledging to support President Lungu and collaborate with the PF,” Mr Musukwa said.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has called a central committee meeting on July 22to discuss party to disuss PF matters. The President urged PF members not to use the what he describe as hostile mast media platform to voice issues.

“As one family avoid communicating to one another using hostile media platforms such as the Mast which has no problems telling blatant lies about us”, he said

“Let us discuss and present to one another the whole truth regarding the welfare of the party. I have called a central committee meeting on July 22 and I hope that those with burning issues can come along and make their presentations. Let us develop a culture of genuine dialogue where we speak to each other with respect and a spirit of oneness. That is how this party was founded and that is how we have been so successful.”


    • There was drama and tension yesterday when armed soldiers stormed roads in Kasama, Northern province yesterday walking the streets. Some residents went into panic as others spread rumours that there was a military take over in Zambia but according to Radio Mano, the soldiers were taking a ‘walk’.

      A police officer has told the Watchdog that the police station was jammed with callers informing them that soldiers had invaded the town while Intelligence officers were completely in the dark as to why there was a heavy presence of soldiers in a town that has no barrack, the only military establishment in Kasama is the dilapidated Zambai National Service – ZNS camp near Chishimba fal

    • Which removals these are subsidy reductions rather than removals …. can someone tell me which 100% subsidy removal has been effected????? No one even knows what the cost structure is of most of these

    • Lungu trying to sound as Presidential as Lubinda but it’s not working. He’s still as small as he has always been. Shame. Dumdumwezi did a donchi kubeba on him, this time he will not even get 229 votes from there. Chipubafye ababena.

    • Cutting costs on productivity but they don’t want to be part of the sacrificing.

      Removing electricity subsidies kills SMEs & commercial farmers.
      Removing electricity subsidies reduces spending power of working class
      Removing farming input subsidies kills subsistence farming, which is the largest employer in the country
      Removing fuel subsidies & putting toll-gates will disadvantage the traders & increase cost of goods

      All in all it’s a lose-lose situation & reduction on the GDP. I don’t think the Malawian Dictator even knows what GDP means.

      Cost saving should be inclusive of leaders:-
      – The Malawian Dictator’s globe-trotting costs as much as subsidies on farming
      – blotted civil service
      – MP’s allowances
      – Payments on interest resulting from reckless borrowing



    Zambians are too dull and cowardly to deserve freedom, they can only sweat and slave for theirs new master, now a full member of the DICTATORS CLUB!

  2. Zambia is a jungle and no longer a country. Without or with subsidies if no controls or proper governance and corruption all over there is nothing you can achieve

  3. The UPND last held a convention over 15years ago.
    Its annoying to hear them call Sata(RIP) and now Lungu a dictator.
    When did UPND become democratic?
    How democratic is insisting that the presidency be given to your tribe?
    You are the wrong pipo to preach democracy,human rights and the rule of law.
    Just imagine for a second.These chaps campaigned against a new bill of rights which which would enhance our rights….today ati fyoo fyoo fyoo

  4. Thats brave Mr. President and thats what we need a leadership that will change the Zambian mindset of enjoying trinkets today at the expense of a better tomorrow.

  5. President Lungu is far more democratic than Hikainde. Lungu allows discussions in his party, not Hikainde, what he says is final.

  6. Lets prepare ourselves for another 27 years of economic blunders by another Malawian Moslem Dictator, unless someone brave can cut off the head of the snake. the problem is that most zambian is made up of coward tribes who were fleeing wars in neighbouring countries.

    Zambians must be cursed to always end up with Malawian Dictators.

    KK was Malawian
    RB was Malawian
    lungu is a Moslem Malawian

    • when mwanawasa was president, his relatives, classmates, friends came out. Same applies with Sata.

      But have you ever seen anyone say he’s related to this Malawian Moslem Dictator? There are no relatives, no childhood friends, no ex-classmates. Only fellow drunkards like Findley.

      He can’t even speak a single sentence in Nyanja, typical of Malawian immigrants on the copperbelt.

      Even Tasila changed her surname to her Step-dad’s bcoz her real father was an irresponsible drunkard. Today we are being told that our future is in the hands of this Dipsomaniac. He even plans to rule till Mugabe.

  7. Zambia is again a one party state period learning from the Chinese and our Southern neighbors. Ba Edgar kaya?

  8. Subsidies removal from agriculture is not good mr president ,better we learn from developed countries who continue to subsidise their farmers to make them succeed.
    I dont know how we expect a poor peasant farmer to make it with his hoe to prduce products , the removal of subsidies will make farming impossible for the common zambian farmer .
    In developed countries eg, in Europe farmers are heavily subsidized by the European union and as such farmers produce affordable farm products for their people ,it is not only in Europe but in America as well better our leaders think again about this issue .
    Fuel may be the removal would be fair since a common zambian only uses it for domestic needs no problem.

  9. Now this is what is called genuine DIALOGUE! The President with opposition MPs who mean well for the country!

  10. when parties agree on a matter it doesnt make them one party… they are focusing on the common good. there is no need to disagree about things that are good like we need the invoking of article 31 to protect our country. Why does a normal person disagree? if the DPP decided HH has no case to answer I’m sure you would oppose as opposition. You just don’t get it. ma jacket aku salaula

  11. ” President Lungu has said that that the decision to do away subsidies both in the energy and agriculture sector is final. ”

    More neoliberal hypocrisy – stomping down on small and local producers, never questioning the massive subsidies given to the transnational corporations. Now everyone has to buy their onions from Klawer SA.

  12. Mushota, instead of signing off with “I have a PhD, you should start doing so with the ably befitting, “I have an ERECTION”. I mean, you stupidity defies all manner of logic. By the way, apparently there is a coup plot underway in Zambia to topple Chagwa. This month “Chagwa agwa”.

  13. Removal of subsidies appear to hurt only those in opposition. The PF members can not be hurt as they have more money in their pockets.

  14. People failed to realise that the removal of subsidies is because the government needs to start conserving money somehow. The IMF bailout is less likely to happen because of the lack of freedom of media and freedom of speech in the country at the moment. As well as the HH “treason” issue which is purely political. People need to understand that the government is in essence weak. It all goes back to complete hashing of our country under MMD. Chiluba’s sale of the mines are possibly the most corrupt deals in Zambian history. People need to realize that the sale of the mines was not bad only because of the low price for which they were sold but also because of the debilitating clauses that were put into the contracts. The government for example is limited in how they can increase taxes…

  15. @analyser – The President didn’t go to Dundumwezi for votes, this is not the time for campaigns, more over you and me know that Southern Province population is equal to Eastern Province so no worries even if they don’t give him any votes.

  16. It seems he forgetted where he came from and where our best resources lie – look after our resources mr President and make sure they are for the zambians

  17. No MMD is not dead nervous is alive and incharge he is running battles with the youth for zed to be free

  18. Sometimes i fail to understand people who say their is no Freedom on the media do they mean the post news paper or what? because from what we have seen people they insult the president on LT you name it and you say their is no freedom watch dog is their and other platforms so what is the problem people.

  19. Targeted Subsidies and then cautioned social security for those differently abled

    Then there is no country in the work that has progressed without increased access and consumption of energy increased access and productive consumption is synonymous to growth

    Then when you remove subsidies from consumption you PUT it into TRANSMISSION and Distribution Networks to reduce the cost of reticulation that is how its done in the sector

    Never one country will complete subsidy removal never Globally not even in the US or Eu but good intention and thinking

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