Government commended for releasing K35 million to UNZA


Biology Department – UNZA
THE University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) has commended Government for releasing K35 million for tuition fees, project allowances and other emoluments for students on bursary scheme.

UNZASU president Adrian Matole said students appreciate Government’s response to their plight but urged the Ministry of Higher Education to find ways of paying project allowances on time in future.

Mr Matole said in an interview that expeditious payment of project allowances will give students adequate time for field data collection which can contribute to the country’s economic development.

He said students should be given their project allowances at the beginning of the academic year before their course projects begin.

“Paying student allowances on time will prevent arm chair research because students will have money to go into the field for data collection.

“Research is very cardinal to any institution and we have reached a stage when we need to re-discover, re-engineer and re-invent on various issues that can lead to the development of this country,” Mr Matole said.

He said UNZASU is hopeful that students who were not on the list of those to receive allowances due to registration hitches will also be given pocket money.

Announcing the release of the funds recently, Ministry of Higher Education acting permanent secretary Alex Simumba said the money would soon be disbursed to students who are on bursary at the higher learning institution.

Mr Simumba said Government will ensure that students on bursary are well-taken care of for them to successfully complete their studies.


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    Why not be honest and say this money is going in the hands of pf sympathisers. Why cheat the people. I have medical proof that lungu is sick. This news will be coming out soon. Those that want to see the records can visit me at upnd secretariat offices once I am back in Zambia and settled in. UK was very nice and relaxing.

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    Mr Matole? Are you sure this is NOT a typing error? Yes we have 72 tribes in Zambia and ALL with different accents, languages, names etc., but this name beats all names. Anyway bwana Matole
    well said, that’s very good news to students of UNZA – wabetole….

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    Wake up you UNZA under fives. You don’t praise a dog for barking. That’s what its supposed to do

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    This is the same broke govt that is going waste $40 million on a new State House and a City Market they burnt themselves to hastily put a State Of Emergence before Parley adjoins.

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    People don’t criticize the effort of the government. Let us comment on real issues to educate others. That will benefit numbers of students.

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    Why UNZA students only? What about students at UNILUS, ZOU, Cavedish, Rusangu, Kalulushi, Apex, and indeed self sponsored Zambian students abroad. Are they not Zambian enough to qualify?

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    How ridiculous! Commending government that has year after year failed to meet it’s educational responsibilities – including paying off retirees. After this payment there will be another period of time of riots and protests over non-payments, including students giving up their studies and pensioners dying before they get their dues. Then government will release some funds and there will be this kind of pathetic praise again. What a circus!

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