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Davies Mwila calls on All PF MCC Members to attend the Party’s Weekend Meeting

Headlines Davies Mwila calls on All PF MCC Members to attend the Party's...

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

The Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has called upon all members of the Party’s Central Committee to attend the meeting slated for Saturday 22nd July 2017 at 09:00hrs in Lusaka.

In a statement released to the media today, Mr Mwila said that this meeting poses an opportunity for Members of the Central Committee (MCCs) to positively contribute to the growth of intra-party democracy and debate in line with desires of the Party President Edgar Lungu who, according to the statement, believes in an all-inclusive leadership that is open, transparent and driven to serve the interests of the majority.

“In his desire to entrench inclusive dialogue and promote robust and open debate in the Party, His Excellency the Party President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has strongly urged all members of the central committee to attend the Saturday, 22nd July 2017 Central Committee Meeting at 09:00hrs in Lusaka. The Party President is desirous to entrench a culture of internal debate and dialogue and this can only happen when Members of the Central Committee, the highest policy making organ of the Patriotic Front pay attention to their duties and responsibilities as obligated by the Party Constitution”, the Secretary General has said.

Mr Mwila further bemoaned the laisser-faire attitude in some Members of the highest policy making organ. He challenged the MCCs to heed the call by the Party President for full attendance and participation in meetings as this will enhance internal cohesion and the smooth implementation of policies and programmes agreed upon by the Central Committee in their collective quest to make the PF more people-driven, purpose-driven and service-driven. He has warned that the Secretariat will not take kindly to any form of apathy from the MCCs as far as their constitutional obligation to attend and participate in this important gathering.

On the need for open, honest and robust deliberations in the up-coming Central Committee Meeting, Mr Mwila observed, “All MCCs are encouraged to participate fully in internal debates in the upcoming Central Committee meeting and express their views as freely as possible no matter how divergent those might be. This is the democracy we chose for ourselves as a Party. Let me state here that once that process has taken place and exhaustively debated upon by Central Committee, it becomes easier for all members of the Party, from top to bottom, to move to the next phase to support the Party President and Secretariat in implementing such positions”.

The PF Secretary General has called for discipline by leaders in the Party stating, “All MCCs, Ministers, Party Officials holding positions at different levels in the Party and MPs are particularly reminded to take lead in enhancing internal party cohesion, mobilization and engender the necessary message of discipline for the Party to smoothly connect with the grassroots”, he said.

The Secretary General has reaffirmed that the Party President wishes to entrench intra-party consultations as evidenced with the caucus meeting he held with Members of Parliament. “These consultations are going to extend to respective Party structures at different levels”, he has assured the membership.

The Central Committee is the highest policy making organ of the Patriotic Front which meets regularly to decide on several cardinal issues of the Party.


    • There is a thin like it may seem between Government and PF.

      If anything PF statements are accorded twice the traction than Gov’t statements. This is bizarre.

      They are not tandem as far as I know.

      I have a PhD



    • Catastrophic events in PF! State of emergency has back fired….
      Even with HH in prison, lunatism in PF getting worse, no leadership.

    • Kambwili be forewarned this session could be targeted at you, this request by Davis Mwila seems to bear a hidden agenda.
      Hope you will come out alive

    • looks like it will be a meeting to discuss about HH and UPND.They are a bunch of a criminals all of them…lol

  1. Its in the MCC where dull Chishimba Kambwili can go and express his views than doing so through Fred M’membe’s Mast Newspaper because PF is Fred M’membe’s number 1 enemy in Zambia!!
    But am seeing CK’s days in PF to be numbered!! GOD BLESS ZAMBIA!!

    • I think it is two reasons dear friend

      1) Because your beloved Lazy will be chairing this meeting
      2) Another opportunity for you to use the word Lazy on him

      How is that?

  2. Except for brave people like Chishimba kambwili can’t attend this useless meeting it is for you cadres and minions of Edgar lungu!useless!

    • It’s only in upnd were members are indispensable. There is no big or feared member in pf neither is there a founder or true green. Kambwili by popularity can’t be compared to those who left pf for upnd last. Guy Scott and mulenga sata are regretting today for cheating themselves that they are popular than the entire pf. Ask winter. That’s why 2021 will be very tricky for the tribal party because all those political heavy weights won’t risk their reputation to support you.

  3. Let the CM use this meeting to suspend kambwili. We are sick of his loud mouth yaping yaping! Who wants such pipo to be part of leadership when he lacks leadership qualities. Suspend kambwili

  4. Njibu just because you eating with one hand and another somewhere does not mean you have to insult Zambians who dearly understand why Kambwili has become a thorn in the lazy BUMS of PF leadership. Kambwili had spent much of his early part of political journey learning the great Michael Sata school of applied political sciences. Lungu is a shameless un seasoned light weight politician who preoccupation is to crutch anyone who stands in his well like a tonne of bricks. Lungu is happy by Creating tensions and unnecessarily tactics to draw sympathy whilst it a way of holding on to power as much as he can by silencing those perceived as enemies or adversaries.

  5. At least some parties are “seen” to practise internal democracy. Others such as UPNDonkeys do not even “seem” to know what that is, they think its a baboon.

    • Please, do not call your fathers “donkeys”. Your mother may be upset, not because of the size of “donkeys” pen1s (which she did enjoy very much) but it will create problems with your birth certificate as to the name of your father

  6. Upnd today supporting ck knowing to well that ck may become the weakest candidate pf may filled to stand 2021 elec because of the hate they have for him, espcly on trible remarks has uttered on upnd .ow

  7. The agenda of our PF President HE ECL was / is totally wrong. Two weeks after elections, you start scheming for 2021. You surround your self with deadwoods who can’t articulate any issues. Anyone seen to work hard whether as a minister or PF member is seen as a potential threat who should be purged. You remain with Kamba, Nathan, and Lusambo as the trustees of the party! Surely where can these people take our country? Next you start depending on Daily Nation, State media to prop you up after creating a mess in the party. There is a limit to propaganda and spinning. Amos Chanda now becomes govt spokes person because of the incompetent Kampamba who can’t say anything of value. Couldn’t you even have tried Frank Bwalya? Honestly why sideline quality just for fear of the 2021 challenge?…

    • ECL is surrounding himself with unreliable pipo from MMD who have just come to feast, he has completely forgotten true PF members, he thinks eastern province can land him the presidency, that province is very unreliable remember they were the last to get out of UNIP, last to get out of MMD and now that is when they have found goodness in PF and definitely will be last to get out of PF. Let him continue on this path at his own peril mark my words.

  8. The collective average IQ from that bunch of thugs gathering in that room will be less than 0.5. Very few university graduates and very few accomplished businessmen among them.
    As expected of them expulsions and divisions will be the order of the day.

  9. @12, the UPNDonkeys have so called professors, economists and others that you call educated, but look at their level of thinking pure Donkeys. Even the once “economic manager” that we all admired and looked up to, all he could do is reduce hinself to a common jail bird. And choice of advisors? Shameful and embarrassing – GBM as not only his running mate but Vice President of Zambia had he won the elections! Not only tgat GBM would have been bequethed to us by the former economic manager as President of Zambia had underfive passed on! Is that what you call intelligence? For me and the majority of Zambians 50%+1, UPNDonkeys are no comparison to our ECL, Inonge Wina and their team – by far!

  10. Yaa i wonder how this man Terrible looks like. limbi bakalambafye abalanda ifyabula ukulondoloka. Lord save Zambia

  11. Am officially inviting DR Kambwili to attend this meeting. After this meeting I expect DR Kambwili to stop bringing the good name of the PF party in disrepute.

  12. PF is busy, working and meeting to strategize for 2021,while others are trotting from one court to the other, from one cell to the other, condemning PF and burning property. I hope you wont cry foul if you lose again.

  13. Just the language can tell you what sort of supporters some people have. Bitter, disgruntled and vengeful. With no room for forgiving. Sober up politics is just but a game of numbers.

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