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PF cadres condemn police for disrupting their protest against Chingola Mayor

Headlines PF cadres condemn police for disrupting their protest against Chingola Mayor

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) cadres in Chingola have condemned the police action for disrupting a peaceful protest over illegal land allocation and bad system of engaging citizens to work for AVIC contractors who has been contracted to do road development on the Copperbelt Province.

PF Youth Development Leader Moses Mushinka said the police who were inriot gear rounded and arrested 50 cadres who were heading to meet the District Commissioner (DC) Mary Chibesa after they failed to meet the Chingola mayor Titus Tembo who refused to address them over thematters they had been demanding.

Mr Mushinka wondered why  the Mayor was failing to respond to various concerned tabled before him such as illegal land allocations and the position of engaging citizens to work
for AVIC contractor on road development.

“We wanted to know why the mayor has hijacked the powers of employing people who should work for AVIC contractors instead of the contractor themselves to employee and also to know why he has allowed illegal land allocation behind Chikola Secondary School” Mr Mushinka said.

He said for several times PF members had attempted to meet the Civic leaders and the  Member of Parliament (MP) Matthews Nkuwa over the illegal land allocation and employment of youths and women empowerment, but were advised by the MP to table the matter with the Mayor who is the custodian of land allocations.

Mr Mushinka said the Mayor refused to attend  to any meetings organized by the PF members whenever he was called to address them over the pressing issues which angered the people and resolved to stage a protest at the Civic center so that they could be addressed by him.

He said the Mayor refused to address the  cadres who flogged to the Civic center in the morning on Tuesday and commanded the police to arrest the cadres who were protesting over illegal land allocation and employment.

“As PF members in Chingola we are calling upon the Minister of Lands madam Jean Kapata to crossly monitor the Chingola Municipal Council on the issuing of illegal land allocation because it has gone rampant” said Mr Mushinka.

Provincial Youth Chairperson Nathan Chanda who is also a Luanshya mayor travelled to Chingola to console with the police to release the 50 PF members who were arrested and were released later in the evening same day.

And Chingola PF Youth Secretary Gift Siwale said the youth in the district want employment and they should be engaged by the appropriator of AVIC contactors than the Mayor to hijack the employment power.

Mr Siwale said councilors should work together with the part officials in the district in the area of land allocation than misleading people to offer them illegal plots.

“We also calling upon Ant Corruption Commission (ACC) to come and investigate the issue of illegal land allocation in Chingola before  things get out of hands” said Mr Siwale.

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    • So these pf cadres think this is their country where they can do all kind of evil things.They are a bunch of criminals!

    • For sure that Mayor should be from Opposition. PF cadres are so unruly and dull. They think they own Zambia.

    • They just congregated and started the march without prior notification to the police! For once the police were on the right track to stop these cadres who think they can do whatever willy nilly!

  1. Party Cadres want to work with the council in allocating land. We need to get serious as a country for once.

    • pf cadres can protest, attack people when they are burring their relative while pf police cadres are watching;will wait for the comments from the master of lawlessness himself Chagwa Chakolwa Lungu…lol

  2. This is a just cause; There is too much corruption in the allocation of land. Maybe for security reasons the timing was wrong?? But protest, as long as it is peaceful, is justified.

  3. is this a verbatim writing because the grammar and spellings are that of a grade 2. Crossly following… flogged the council, Ant Corruption

  4. Cadres would have been charged for treason if they were from the UPND party.Lawlessness under Chagwa Chakolwa Chimbwi Kamwendo Lungu and the pf government…lol

    • It’s total chaos in govt.The other day l was reading that eastern province ps was summoned to a meeting by carders (via sms), how did we get to this stage! It’s like carders are now running the show. Total madness, all systems hAve broken down.This will come and haunt all of us

  5. I salute the mayor and police for not brooking nonsense. I voted for PF but that doesn’t give me more rights than any other citizens. Keep them safely in custody.

  6. The army of cadres will become formidable and eat up the architects of cadre-ism in this country.

    This applies to both ruling and opposition parties, but the ruling party has more responsibility to citizens.

    Time is the master!

  7. One Mayor orders their arrest and the one from Luanshya (also PF Youth Chair) asks the police to release the 50 cadres and they are released. Circus. Police are embedded in the internal PF wrangles as they are part of the ‘structures’.

  8. A Cadre or voter is like a football club supporter. When the team wins a cup final, he’ll not be invited to the victory party.

  9. Instead of providing jobs, PF are looking at ways to shackle divergent views…..now the unemployed youth they used to terrorise the opposition are demanding jobs……

    Eza kosa bolla benangu……

  10. I Thought AVIC Will Employ People On Merit And Not Based On Political Affiliations.

    This Thing For Cadre-ism Has Brought Alot Of Confusion In Zambia. Pf Cadres Think That Their Party Own Zambia And Lungu Is A King. They Now Want To Compromise The Councils So That They Can Be Part Of Town Planner Committees.
    Wat A Disgrace To The Country!!!

  11. Cadres of any party in power in Zambia has the same mentally, this shows how the break down in the rule of law is with every party that is in power at that particular time. Its a sheme leaders fail to control their cadres. But this must change, there must be hygiene in governance in every party that forms government.

  12. LT provides us with news at the finger. If you are able to do better than them start your own online paper see if you can match them. Lyonse kulilana fye pali grammar and other minor things. BE GRATEFUL. ACTUALLY YOU ARE NOT TAGGED SO THAT YOU EVEN COMPLAIN. YOU BUY DATA OR AIRTIME TO READ LT. LET’S APPRECIATE THAN COMPLAINING ABOUT THE NEWS AFTER YOU HAVE READ.


  13. I’m impressed with the Police this time around in the sense that they did not look at who staged the protest but went on to arrest whoever was involved without any bias. If it was UPND cadres who were arrested it could have been another story saying the Police were biased towards the ruling party

  14. Can the council or the mayor comment on this land at chikola secondary school ,please spare this land not the way you did with Swazi park you have sold enough land

  15. PF Cadres. You need to lead by example. Be law abiding citizen. Do not be like UPND who have since stopped respecting the law in the name of Democracy. Also stop harassing people at bus stations and stop dancing at the airport. PF Please sort out street vendors and clean up this country, it is dirty.

  16. Police Job well done, lock up very one who breaks the law without fear or favour. No one should be above the law.The courts should do the same.

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