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UPND should recognise President Lungu before proceeding with dialogue-Ngoma

Headlines UPND should recognise President Lungu before proceeding with dialogue-Ngoma

POLITICAL analyst Alex Ng’oma
POLITICAL analyst Alex Ng’oma
POLITICAL analyst Alex Ng’oma has urged the United Party for National Development (UPND) to recognise President Lungu as the legitimate Republican President before proceeding with dialogue.

Dr Ng’oma said given the fact that the UPND’s action to dispute the Presidential election of August 2016 is an integral part of the problems that have warranted the need for dialogue, it is necessary for the Catholic bishops to ask UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to share with the nation the basis on which he has disputed the outcome of the Presidential election.

He said in a statement yesterday that both the Patriotic Front (PF) and UPND should ensure pre-conditions required for possible dialogue are realistic to avoid jeopardising the process.

“The nation is aware that the Catholic Church in Zambia was part of a consortium of churches and other stakeholders that endorsed the victory of President Lungu after the 2016 general elections. This fact should not hinder them from urging Mr Hichilema to justify his refusal to accept the 2016 presidential result,” he said.

Dr Ng’oma commended the initiative by the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) to facilitate dialogue between President Lungu and Mr Hichilema.

He said the commendation speaks volumes about the desire of Zambians to see unity of purpose prevail in the political arena.

Dr Ng’oma, however, said the ZCCB, under the leadership of Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu, should not ignore the widespread public perception that the organisation is biased due to its recent sentiments on the country’s political situation.

He said the perception that some Catholic bishops have taken a partisan position in Zambian politics is still strong.

“Thus, failure by the revered bishops to openly come out clean on this matter may undermine the noble work of dialogue that they have embarked on.
“We are now eagerly waiting for the outcome of the meeting between the bishops and Mr Hichilema. We hope these issues will be addressed,” he said.
Dr Ng’oma has urged the Church to continue playing its impartial role as an oasis of peace to enhance dialogue and national reconciliation.
And Dr Ng’oma said the UPND should also provide evidence that 3,000 of its members have been allegedly detained in various correctional facilities and provide reasons for the incarceration.
“The nation deserves to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but that truth,” he said.

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  1. Dr Ngoma weve also followed your sentiments and weve a perception that youre biased towards PF just like some pastors i wont mention here. The basis for non recognition is that the concourt didnt give any ruling they just threw out the case on a technicality of time which they created to a greater extent.

    • That being said, it would be good to see the UPND drop all recognition issues for the sake of unity.

    • You would do better not to comment on the conditions for dialogue, and just leave ZCCB go their way. They dont need your advise, otherwise you are just polluting the political atmosphere that is already tense.

    • @ine wine. The Con Court can only make a ruling if evidence is provided. The preliminary upnd lawyers spent the entire 14 days presenting prelimary issues and the concourt had to close the matter considering that the petitioner had presented not even a single evidence up to now. So the petition ran out of time andf it was going to be unconstitutional to continue beyond the 14 days provided. By the way upnd should know that the petition issues is completely dead and no court in Zambia will entertain such nonsense. If their heads are functioning properly, they should just start preparing for 2021.

    • Difficult to dialogue with a bunch of pathetic f.o.o.l.s. There is no honour among f.o.o.l.s you know!

  2. Dr Ngoma is right. Why does UPND want to meet ECL if not in his capacity as republican president. The Concourt threw out the so called petition because the UPND lawyers were trying to show that they know the law better than anybody else and brought in a lot of preliminary matters instead of presenting their evidence.

  3. @1 ine wine, the moment the Concourt threw out that “petition” even on a technicality as you say, everything reverted to the previous status quo, and that previous status quo was that ECZ had declared the winner. But Even if Concourt did not do as you expected, is a good enough reason for UPNDonkeys to try and put the country into what they call armageddon or even to get their presidenT behind bars and then start pleading for his release? If you are human beings certainly NOT.
    Later today I will try to repeat for you donkeys the facts about the “petition” in the hope that this time around some donkeys may see sense as they have shown by withdrawing their appeal for MPs.

    • Please, do not call your fathers “donkeys”. Your mother may be upset, not because of the size of “donkeys” pen1s (which she did enjoy very much) but it will create problems with your birth certificate


    • ok and me i will vote for any opposition and not not PF coz am PF but wat ouir ECL is doing is not accepteble to logical thing person,PF in 2021 i doubt coz i and my family and friends u have see no good in this ECL he cheated us that is a good person but from the face value is not good as he sounds but let the pipo of zambia come and vote who ever the wish

  5. I wonder why all the Ngoma’s, Lungu’s, Banda’s, keep talking crap? Does it mean there are not other tribes in views in Zambia. Cry my beloved county

  6. Definition of a Donkey: an adult especially a politician who behaves childishly and refuses to think or to see reason, cannot accept counsel even of the Courts of law, and behaves “recklessly” (words of the British High Commissioner) qualifies to be a donkey.

  7. This Wako Niwako and Umodzi Kumawa Analysis is so biased and illogical. Ngoma should know that the Root cause of the Crisis is the Disputed and Petitioned 2016 Election. Concourt did not declare Lungu Winner and duly elected President. Once a Presidential Petition is filed the ECZ declaration became reduntant. Why should UPND give its evidence to BCCZ? Why shouldnt PF give its winning EVIDENCE to BCCZ? Flawed and biased analysis from a Chipante pante Dr.

    • mwape. Use your head and read statutes. The concourt does not declare any winner. It is the ECZ. All the concourt does is receive evidence contradicting ECZ declaration and have powers to reverse the declaration. But the concourt DID NOT receive a single piece of evidence from donkey party part from wanting to hand over power to the speaker and other preliminary nonsense which ate up all to provided 14 days and the court had to close the case meaning reverting to ECZ declaration as there was no challenge to that. USE YOU GRAY MATTER

    • @ Nigga

      Please, do not call your fathers “donkeys”. Your mother may be upset, not because of the size of “donkeys” pen1s (which she did enjoy very much) but it will create problems with your birth certificate

  8. Dr Ngoma U’re Also Biased, Hw Do U Say HH Shud Recognise Lungu As President Before The Dialogue?
    How Do U Say HH Shud Tell The Bishops Crimes Committed By All The 3000 Upnd Cadres Who Ar In Prisons?
    Tell Lungu To Allow The Petition To Be Heard And Prove That He Won And Dialogue Will Follow Next. As For Now The So Called Dialogue Cannot Take Place And Hence Nothing Fruitful Will Come Out.

  9. Too many miseducated f.o.o.l.s in this country. ECL did not win. He is recognized as the illegitimate president of Zambia. Here is why. The final ECZ results said he passed 50+1 threshold by a paltry 13,000 votes. Then we saw how Lundazi results were inflated by over 8,000 votes. That leaves you with 5,000. The nullification of Munali and Lusaka Central election results effectively nullifies ECL’s election. That is the reason why the two MPs are still serving illegally and this is why PF dreads having the petition heard. If Ba Ngoma was wise, he will advise against setting pre-conditions. The political problems facing this country requires men and women of wisdom to get things right. Is it lawful mr Ngoma for any citizen of this country to be in detention for over 3 months without trial?…

    • Comment:Bishop x then go and petition, it’s disturbing for upnd activities to fail to read between the lines that, the information he is talking about was not noticed by the church, NGO and the international bodies, you forget to realise the Queen of England congratulated edgar, the USA congratulated EDGAR, and every one globally involved in seeing our elections said they were free and fair, only UPND and Thier hidden election results,no wonder HH pretends to talk to trump.upnd kuwayawsyafye…I approve this message

    • These were the evidences you were expected to put before Concourt within 14 days. But upnd went on raising issues after issues which did not have any facts/evidence. Seleniko tubombe baice. See you in 2021. You pre-emptied yourselves by saying you will never accept defeat.

    • @12 bishop Where is it recorded he is illegitimate? Answer: Only in your worthless UNPDonkey head.

    • @ Nigga
      Please, do not call your fathers “donkeys”. Your mother may be upset, not because of the size of “donkeys” pen1s (which she did enjoy very much) but it will create problems with your birth certificate

  10. Comment: suddenly the unconditional dialogue raised, and its true. who can trust Bishop Telesphore Mpundu at the moment when we very well know he is pro UPND by last behavior portrayed by him, let the clergyman and HH agree on which platform they are to dialogue, if it’s anything lesser than recognition of Edgar, then what’s the point. I approve this message

  11. Ba Ngoma naimwe as if you don’t know why HH has not recognized Lungu as president sure, and Mr political scientist you seem not to know the basis on which HH does not recognize Lungu as president which is non hearing of the petition. I’m not a supporter of HH but I strongly feel that his pursuit for justice is what should equate us as Zambians, poor or rich justice must be seen to be done. For me I don’t think HH is seeking for sympathy but justice which is the petition to be heard. Even my respected catholic bishops will be told the same by HH THAT ALL HE WANTS IS JUSTICE. So Dr Ngoma don’t confuse things at all.

  12. Why force people to recognise Lungu as President when Lungu fails to recognise himself as one? If Lungu won Legitimately, why should he care about what other people think?

  13. I recommend that insults and name calling should not be part of this dialogue.


  14. Mr Alex Ngoma is trying to be relevant and he thinks he knows it all???? How about you work on your dressing Sir because you look so pathetic for a Lecturer.

  15. Comment:what hearing of a petition…do you people know how to count, did UPND have its hearing or not which was set for 14days period, how complicated is it to have results from munali Constituency which had UPND representatives to ensure every vote was accounted for. what the concourt wanted were ABCDs. show them your very findings so that they can compare with other findings, if true then re-elections, but the 14 day’s elapsed without any tangible information,just some silly downloads on internet wasting the courts time,if true let the UPND show the nation these results than wasting Peoples time…breaker approved this message

  16. Who else who can say that its Ng’oma,Phiri,Lungu,Banda,Ndjovu,Mawnza,Mpezeni,Daka,Sakala, you’ve shown your colours.

    • In your foolishness and inability to see things beyond tribe, you are not able to realize that Ng’oma is not an Easterner.

  17. Timely and wise counsel, Dr. Ng’oma. You have covered very important points in your analysis.

  18. But Lungu is in statehouse, he doesn’t need to be recognised by every one.
    The world has given him thumbs up and it is enough you cannot please everyone in this world.

  19. When will everyone just realise that there is no legal requrement to RECOGNISE a president of zambia.
    Can all this crap finish and the ruling government of the day fulfill its pre election promisez.
    This is about Zambia not PF not UPND not any party not even ECL its all abput zambia.
    Lets unite Zambia not it divide no matter which political party you support

  20. What can I say. UPND are in denial. They know very well that they lost the last elections and have a problem to think of featuring HH in 2021 as he has proven to be a loser after so many attempts. Their nightmare is that they have a problem to pick some one else because they want à Tonga to be the next president. Now if they come up with another Tonga then that will be the proof that indeed UPND is a tribal party and many none Tonga members will leave the Party like some did when HH was picked after the death of Mazoka. They are in a catch 22 situation as à result they want to pretend that they won to save face.

  21. U cannot force someone to recognise u. The issue between HH and the Zambian state is not about recognize Lungu.

    The issue is about breaking the law of the country by not respecting the government. It doesn’t matter who is in office.

    What matters is respecting the law of the country.

  22. There is actually no point for this so called dialog. What dialog? For what? They were there hiting below the belt, always talking rubbish & behaving foolishly. There were there dividing pipo to their side with brown envelops. Now that they grew the wrong balls & the law has caught up with them ati dialog. Kwisa? OK, if they want they can talk, but the law should take its course. Court must be exhausted, no matter how long it takes.

  23. Before elections,2015 and 2016 , I plainly said on this media that upnd was not going to win presidential elections especially in Lusaka and Copperbelt.however,I predicted that upnd would make political noise because they are closer to their lane of state house but again and again the strategy and strategies are very wrong for them to keep up with their lane closer to state house .HH knowns that even dialogue with PF will not have helped him to accomplish his ambition.psychologically he is going to put his feet down hence accepting ECL as president means accepting another defeat.

  24. Dj7 wherei in the Constitution does say by not respecting the government is breaking the law.
    My friend follow the logic…….the upnd brought a court case contesting the result of fhe elections and the subsequent swearing in of fhe president, albeit not in accordance with the constitution, now if upnd say ok everything is in accordance then where does a case exist should at some stage they can bring a case.
    The moment they say HE ECL is the legally elected president before any envisaged court case ,any court can throw out a case simply by saying, but you have publicly admitted that HE ECL was legally elected so why try and bring a case. Thats why we have this stupid stalemate

    • HH in my view has a case to answer for not giving way to the president in Mongu. That is the case.

      Now to make it more serious, they gave him a treason case. why because it was the president who was passing and not just another person.

      Lungu, as a state president can testify and tell the court that his life was threatened by what HH did in Mongu and that qualifies treason logically.

      So Lungu can punish HH if he wants and no one can dispute that. Lungu can use the law of the country to justify his punishment on HH.

      That’s why the office of the president should be respected because u never know what can happen to u. U can insult Lungu but that can cost u terribly.

  25. The only possible dialogue between bishops and HH is to convince him that elections are over and let’s prepare for 2021 will help you to win ,by saying that he is going put his hand down.he can only accept defeat on conditions.HH has a strong character and and strange.if catholic bishops miss their own role they will regrets it ,as for my perception,HH is a problematic person who must be handled with strong psychology.however, he is NOT a political genius but business so those who should help him should also know who HH is .

  26. UPND is ill advised.. The poor guy is in jail for what, rebel without a cause? You guys sleep in your homes, wake up and wear your salaula over sized jackets to talk about how you can enter state house? Here is a simple answer; Support the buiding of the country and stop tribal politics and hatred. What kind of people celebrate calamities? Give the nation solutions. When people see your noble cause you may just add on your 48% support base to enter state house. Check all revolutions they are over 65%. 48%, 49% even 50% you are not good opposition. No one petitions a revolution vote, its too conspicuos to be ignored. PF won 50+. For now you will never get my support unless you bring another Mazoka. I miss my president, RIP

  27. Comment: HH is a mess. The man is a big dissappointment to the learned, the graduates, their chances as political leaders.

    He has a deffective sense of judgement; he joined hands with FDD & others, left them when his appetite was not achieved, tried a pack with Late M Sata, only to jump ship when Zambians needed him.

    The is so desperate, joined hands with William Banda, have conffesed to agree to use the Lozi’s to ascend to power & lately, he has abandoned his ‘clansmen’ settling for GBM, the man he’d sure sideline once voted into State House.

    His lawyers are a bunch of suckers, total mess, have no sense of focus except their fat bills. If they did not know what 14 days meant, why did they not seek court interpretation on day ONE. HH, UNDP and thier lawyers are timind,…

  28. PF Lungu should learn something from Mwanawasa MMD. Mwanawasa was humiliated, ridiculed, castigated, thrown the mud left, right and center but he concentrated on giving solutions to the nation’s ills. Sooner than later, his foes started cheering him up and endorsed him as one of the best presidents Zambia has ever had. So for me the issue of forcing people to recognise Lungu as president is a non starter because he is already president. What the PF Lungu should do is to concentrate on offering solutions which in turn will win over their detractors to their side. PF Lungu should also stop answering to every criticism. There is alot of wisdom in silence.

  29. UPND, you are wasting a lot of time meddling in a lot petty issues. If you’re not careful your president will be in jail even much longer. You’re not in power yet you behave like you’re. Sober up and be humble enough to help your president come out as quickly as possible so that you can start preparing in earnest for 2021; maybe you’ll have the chance to win but the way you’re behaving will result in you killing your own party which has largely been seen as second option (in fact received a lot of sympathy votes from many defectors and retired politicians such as Dr Scott, Mrs Mwanawasa, Mulenga Sata, Sampa, VJ, Depark Patel, etc most of whom had a grudge against Mr Lungu). Beware, 2021 is fast approaching and you have not even mentioned about having a UPND convention, which you’ve been…

  30. cont..
    Beware, 2021 is fast approaching and you have not even mentioned about having a UPND convention, which you’ve been avoiding for over 10 years now and you still have the courage to call Mr Lungu a dictator who has even gone to a convention, despite him being at the helm of the party for less than 5 years. If you don’t do anything right now voters’ confidence in your party will quickly vanish (already weaning fast) and will give UPND the final blow come 2021. God bless Zambia!

  31. Upndonkeys what does 14 days in the constitution mean kanshi???
    Anyway you don’t need to answer kikikiki yalikosa

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