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Government committed to ensuring sustainable social security systems-Labour Minister

Headlines Government committed to ensuring sustainable social security systems-Labour Minister

Labour and Social Security Minister Joyce Nonde addressing participants during the official opening of the Tripartite Consultative Labour Council Meeting held at Sandy’s Creation

Labour and Social Security Minister Joyce Nonde Simukoko says government is putting measures in place aimed at sustaining the social security system.

Mrs. Simukoko observed that the current social security system does meet the aspirations and needs of the retirees.

The Labour and Social Security Minister said this when she opened the Tripartite Consultative Labour Council meeting on the National Social Protection Bill in Lusaka.

She urged the labour movement to come up with a bill that will reflect the views and comments from all stakeholders participating at the tripartite consultative meeting.

Mrs Simukoko said government is interested in presenting a bill to parliament that will capture the aspirations of the workers.

She bemoaned the current social security system which does not provide adequate social protection to workers.

And Finance Minister Felix Mutati appealed to the participants to come up with a bill that is realistic and implementable.

Mr Mutati said there is need to make reforms to the current social protection system so as to move the country forward.

He noted that government wants to help employers grow their business and employ more people and increase the tax base.


    • Joyce Nondo approved an offer of K50 salary increment to Pick n pay workers who are currently on strike. That’s the calibre of PF ministers.

      Trade Unionists & lawyers are the worst traitors. FTJ a trade unionist for over 27 years came & killed ZCTU after he was elected president. Morgan Tsvangirai betrayed the Zim workers after he served as Veep in Mugabe’s Govt. Who can forget polish president Lech Walesa’s downfall.

      – Lungu, a dull lawyer, has betrayed the legal fraternity in Zambia. Abena Ireen Mambilima who was once an ICC judge is now a dull cadre judge.
      – Young DPP Fulata Lillian Shawa Siyuni has now sacrificed her bright career all to protect evil lungu.
      – who can forget Mwewa-Sitali & Concourt who made Zambian judiciary a laughing stock of the global legal fratenity all…

    • CONT’D….
      – who can forget Mwewa-Sitali & Concourt who made Zambian judiciary a laughing stock of the global legal fratenity all for 30 pces of silver..
      – Police, ACC, ECZ, parliament, my former poverty stricken lecturer Matibini, etc.

      Now the evil malawian dictator wants to dismantle LAZ as a revenge after expelling him for swindling a client, a Chilanga Cement Widow. He swindled her out of the benefits of her late husband & drunk all the money.

      Today I’m being told that the future of my kids & grand & great grand kids depend on this visionless evil drunk.

  1. again the Government creating a working system for employees.this is a working Government not night crawler tombstone graveyard scare crow boogyman leadership..this is a God fearing and hard working Government…bravo….take is all to the promised land…I’m breaker a transcendent and i approve this message

  2. Since the world economy tanked in the last dip in 2007, all employees are facing less retirement security worldwide. We have less security in our old age and these capitalist systemic solutions are failing us. Maybe we need to be more radical, so I hope they come up with something creative and tenable.

  3. 1.3 something terribly wrong with you. You tell me all these people you mentioned were corrupted,even the AdisAbaba declaration was corrupted? Africa twasebana.

  4. Madam, you’re Minister of Labour and Social Services. You must have a broader perspective so as to be relevant to all citizens under your umbrella. You focus so much on workers and retirees but you have no Policy on the disabled, the blind, young girls that get pregnant with no help to look after the child, Street Kids, the Elderly, etc., etc. Stop focusing on workers only. Yes workers pay taxes, but where is social responsibility from the government on other vulnerable people?

  5. Joyce Nonde don’t eat with both hands, fight for workers please. Time is ticking bane don’t think we are sleeping tichosa wins fwaka pamenso

  6. Ba terrible pleeeese french wine my friend you have negotiated a good salary package, please at least show loyalty to africa and buy that sth african stuff.kikiki.

    Madam minister you start by saying that govt is putting ” meaures in place” then you continue by asking the participants to come up with a bill that reflects…….. so in other words she does not what the measures. Madam think and read and analyze your speech writers offerings before you speak

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