SA wants to address trade imbalance with Zambia-SA Trade Minister

SA Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies
SA Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies
SA Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies
SA Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies

South Africa says it committed to increasing trade and addressing the trade imbalance with Zambia.

Zambia is one of SA’s top five trade partners in the Southern African Development Community region.

This was according to South Africa’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies, ahead of a two-day Outward Trade and Investment Mission to Lusaka, Zambia, from 24-25 July.
Twenty South African companies funded by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) will participate in the mission.

Mr. Davies said the mission would assist the department with contributing towards South African’s objectives of regional integration by strengthening economic relations between the two countries.

The mission also aims to advance the commitments made in December last year by the Heads of State of both countries during the state visit to South Africa by Zambia President Edgar Lungu, where both countries agreed to deepen bilateral trade and investment relations.

Zambia is one of South Africa’s top five trade partners in the Southern African Development Community region with total bilateral trade amounting to R33 billion in 2016.

“Platforms of this nature afford us the opportunity to not only consolidate political ties, but also to create the much-needed value-chains, skills and technology transfer and employment generation required to give effect to our economic ambitions, both in South Africa and Zambia,” said Mr. Davies.

According to Mr. Davies, the mission would further enable South African companies to interact with leading private sector entities from agro-processing, agribusiness, infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, energy, services, tourism infrastructure development and mining and capital equipment.

“The mission will also present an ideal platform for South African companies who would like to export value-added products, and services, as well as companies which are looking for joint-venture partnerships in Zambia.”

The mission will be addressed by the South African High Commissioner to Zambia, Sikose Mji and the Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa, Emmanuel Mwamba, amongst others.

The programme for the mission will be comprised of a trade and investment seminar, business-to-business meetings, round-table discussions and sector-specific site visits.


  1. Just say it like it is: SA wants to increase investment in zambia. SA wants to build more Malls and Supermarkets in Zambia. What trade balance? What does Zambia export to SA apart from Economic Refugees? Zambia can’t even manufacture Condoms.

    • We were enjoying the trade imbalance to our advantage until people started talking too much and even deporting their citizens when they said, “wait a minute, after all there is this imbalance and they don’t appreciate us”.

    • So you are an economic refugee yourself since you are not in Zambia!No wonder your comments are always useless.

    • In Simple Zambian English, South Africa are very happy with Zambia as it stands and wants to trade with us.

      I have a PhD



    • Even the salt is imported from RSA (Cerebos Salt – See how it runs). With a DRUNKARD at the helm, it’s NOT possible to overturn balance.

    • Seems Maimane, NUMSA,Craig Mills etal achieved nothing with there ranting of boycotting Zambian goods…….pwa ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Mr. Lombe you are right. They are opening mall and their anchor shops are busy exploiting Zambians. There is need for Zambia to formulate policies which are implementable and monitored. The current minimum wage is simple political shenanigan and has not impacted workers of the SA investors.
    Even as this minister speak, workers of Pick N Pay have downed tools due to poor conditions of service.
    Please Zambian government and all watchdog institutions, get serious!

    • No one puts a gun to your head to visit the shops or malls or shop at Shoprite, Pickpay or Game ect if you don’t like South African shops or goods go else where and buy your Chinese made goods.

  3. Honestly!

  4. Why the outcome of ymthe meeting between HH and Mpundu is not published? What is happening?

    I’m sure HH was not happy with the meeting itself simply because he might have been confronted in a harsh way and so he threatened to take the Bishops to court if they publish anything.

    If it was for his liking he could have allowed them to publish the outcome of the meeting.

    Now he feels that he is important and as such worsening the situation in the country.

    • Kaponya (HH) would rather die from AIDS in Mukobeko than have dialogue with the majority sitting Republican President what a PRlCK!
      How could he rebuke the genuine efforts by the Bishops?
      He seems to be comfortable in Mukobeko.

  5. Really laughable..i find this really patronizing by the RSA, what does he mean he wants to address the Trade imbalance when his country is exporting to us …its docile Zambians who should addressing this issue.

  6. Why would SA want to improve the trade balance on our behalf? It’s in their favor to widen the existing trade deficit.

  7. @1.2, His comments (Lombe. @1) are useless because that is all you can expect from the Tonga group, masters of negativity of their country! Under Five supporters with Under Five scope (sikopo!)

    • If someone does not support or critcises Lazy Lungu it dont mean they support a useless opposition party of your recommedation or they are a tribe from one region..they just want to see their country move forward.

  8. Ba editor naimwe this is nonsense: Zambia is one of SA’s top five trade partners in the Southern African Development Community region.

  9. ‘committed to increasing trade and ‘addressing’ the trade imbalance!’ I think they are committed to increasing the Trade Imbalance of the Zambian side. SA has been nothing but hostile to Zambia in its efforts to improve the lot of the Blackies. Immigration for one and all that noise from unheard of SA political leaders campaigning on behalf of HH. They gonna address the imbalance by advancing the cause of hostile opposition against our gov’t. Cause a war so they and their Western backed capitalists can extend their control of black economies. Whilst it’s good to have good relations with our neighbours, it would be unwise for Zambia to fail to guard against the real power in SA, Whites.

    • South African Blacks have been reduced to dependency on the economic superiority of whites. They won independent but the economy us still controlled by whites. What meaningful relationship can we have apart from replicating that dependency in Zambia? These DTI backed SA businessmen, do they even do business with black Zambians? It’s a dire situation for the region when counter capitalist whites can have us lapping up milk from their bowl of milk. What’s in it? Anyway is this report making a differentiation from UK DTI or is this SA DTI. Must ask!

  10. No comment from me this evening. Don’t forget the UPNDonkeys though. I will have more fodder for them tomorrow morning.
    Oh sorry, underfive is welcome to enjoy the hospitality of Mukobeko for as long as wishes. Its actually good for everybody including his donkeys.

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  12. @17 Dukakis, on a scale of 1 (poor) to 100 (best) you are probably outside the scale as the lowest human form and Mushota stands at the opposite end at 99. Outside the scale makes you a UPNDonkey of course.

  13. There is nothing to be proud about the business delegation from SA to Zambia. The relationship is that of horse a rider. A check at the top supermarkets in Zambia, major ones are from SA and almost all goods come from SA. They are here to drain our scarce forex. We need to change our mind sets like our friends in East Africa, they first support their own small businesses. For us its always pushing trolleys. We are creating jobs in SA and here what we call jobs are nothing other than casual. The trade between SA and Zambia is one way traffic, their trucks are damaging our roads day in day out and yet us as taxpayers are busy maintaining the roads at a heavy cost. Zambia Railways I don’t know what is happening? SAA how many flights does it make into Zambia in a week? If one looks at all…

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