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Government to build Dams in Four Provinces at a cost of $8 million


Bishop Dr Edward Chomba Permanent Secretary Water Developent Ministry of Energy and Water Development
Bishop Dr Edward Chomba Permanent Secretary Water Development Ministry of Energy and Water Development
THE Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection has embarked on a project to build dams in four provinces at a cost of US$8 million.

Permanent secretary Edward Chomba said the dams will be built in Eastern, Luapula, Copperbelt and Southern provinces to improve water storage facilities.

He said in an interview that Government is scaling-up the construction of dams countrywide, including areas where there is enough rain, to ensure sustainable management of the water resource.

“The ministry has embarked on a dam construction project with support from various stakeholders who include the World Bank and African Development Bank (ADB). We want to improve storage facilities so that we do not experience water deficit in future,” he said.

Bishop Chomba said the dams are aimed at harvesting water for sanitation, irrigation, wildlife and keeping the environment clean.

He said investing in dams is good for the country as it is intended to also increase agriculture production and contribute to the nation’s diversification agenda.

Bishop Chomba said the water will also be used for irrigation, domestic purposes and fish farming.

He said the ministry is mobilising resources from the ADB to construct 16 more dams countrywide.

And Bishop Chomba said the construction of Chikowa Dam in Mfuwe, at a cost of US$1.4 million, was completed and is operational.

He said Chibalashi Dam in Mansa is also completed and 3.9 cubic litres of water has been harvested.

Bishop Chomba said communities in the two districts are already benefitting from the harvested water which is expected to last up to the start of the next rainy season.


  1. I think a fish would be lucky to swim in 3.9 cubic litres of water let alone use it for irrigation and drinking. Expensive bath thats zbout how big 3.9 cubic litres is… jounalist or minister is wrong. Hey zambia looks great onmthe world stage reporting like this

  2. it’s worrying the silence some oppositions show when ever development is shown…could it be that they are blind to loyalty that it’s impossible to see what the Government is under taking….I can clearly say this has been the most hard working Government of them all in the history of zambia.from dams to new constitution to new money to new power plants to diversification to 14universities to 480 health posts to power plants to roads and bridges to first ever drug manufacturing facility to kaya I don’t think our minds are capable of consuming everything because even airports are being upgraded…trying to still figure out what my Government will do next.i approve this message

    • to the unfinished roads where billions have been spent ! Power plants were started before PF came into power – so don;t give them credit for that. Failing school system where we have 650 pupils and only 4 classrooms,
      bridges in the western province where only 10 vehicles pass through in 1 day !!!!!
      I am not saying this government has done nothing and kudos to them for what they have done, what i am saying is there is 10 times more wasteful expenditure and corruption !

    • @Jo Breaker, you have taken words out of my mouth. Hate breeds contempt. As Zambians we need to rediscover our common purpose. Hate of another has never delivered happiness. Make the best out of what God has given us. What can be wrong about building dams for exploiting. Agriculture & aquaculture will remain the biggest employer & 100000s of more jobs can be created by each of these dams. How can a Zambian talk down such development unless it’s out of hate. This gov’t is really doing transformative things that should’ve been done long time ago. God Bless Zambia

    • So you see sense in borrowing a mere 8 million dollars when you can raise that from your own resources…you can find $40million from nowhere to build pointless expensive structures but can not find money for clean water.

  3. Why do you call this man a Bishop? You simply can not have it both ways on one hand you want to recognised as a man of God and on the other you are making a leaving from being paid by poor taxpayers.
    How on earth does a big hole with a pump cost millions and do you need World Bank to assist in everything including your own drinking water? You are happy to waste 40 million on a new market and State House BUT can not source a mere 8 million for drinking water and sanitation.

  4. This is theft of the highest order! Zambia is a well-drained country with water features in every part of the country. Either we are facing threats from commercial farming or the mines are putting pressure on the government to discharge toxic waste into our rivers or someone’s had a sniff of some mega deal sponsored by loan money. We need to stop this foolishness. Build one dam first and see how that benefits the country rather than raising people’s hopes for projects that never materialize. Opposition parties are quick to call Zambia a dictatorship, here is your opportunity to provide checks and balances. Where is your voice?

  5. “Bishop Chomba said the construction of Chikowa Dam in Mfuwe, at a cost of US$1.4 million, was completed and is operational….”

    This poorly planned dam will be USELESS in two years! It has no provision to handle a high load of silt that will completely fill it and it will be incapable of providing any water. A pure waste of US$1.4 million!!!

    • Its a shame that today no one is concerned about all these million dollar valuations of these projects and no one has the stomach to employ value engineering technics to save some money for the taxpayer; why should everything cost a million dollars, that’s a lot of money when all you are doing is simply building a wall across a stream or river and moving soil.

  6. Good as it sounds, this is not development but day light robbery until the day we see real structures and meaningful development. Why rush to build 8 dams when critical infrastructure such as roads, rail, hospitals are in such a deplorable state? Where is the revenue for these projects coming from when the country is at loggerheads with IMF to borrow more money?

    • They are rushing because its a loan …there is no way the World Bank and African Development Bank (ADB) can join the party for free, the ministry has not embarked on anything its simply borrowed $8million I am sure if the Ministers and MPs all tightened the belts and reduces their excesses that amount could be raised in 6 months. I have never seen such a reckless regime in my life with no concern for how our children will pay for all this debt.
      Moreover you have all these thieves with religious titles in strategic govt positions preaching the ruthless King Jame’s Bible whilst stealing at the same time, you simply can not be a PS in the govt institutions and not notice the corruption. You can not be an executioner and a Pope at the same time.

  7. “We want to improve storage facilities so that we do not experience water deficit in future,” he said.
    If you want to plan for the future why do you not raise your own money…$8 million is small money for a govt that spending $42 million on fire engines that can not even put out a fire that is a mile away from the station and in ground level structure.

    • BaJay Jay you have raised an interesting question here.

      How come our fire department did not extinguish the fire at the city market. Is it because we do not have adequate equipment or we lack prepardness in dealing with such disasters? Good observation indeed. I hope some one will take this up..and bring them to account..
      However i differ with you on dams and many other development programs being done by PF. They are doing a great.

      The very fact that they are giving bloggers something to talk about it means they are working

    • Airports from Livingstone through to Ndola have or are being done up..clinics in compounds have been upgraded to hospitals. There is now a theatre at formely Kanyama clinic
      Schools have been built and continue to be built
      Roads have been done and are beind done. There is bridge over the Zambezi in Mongu!! Citizens must now look for opportunities in Angola …the road is there!

      The ZESCO Kague gorge expansion has now begun. Admitted some power stations were commenced in the MMD era but this one is a PF project.

      Our new airline is on the offing.Generally a lot still needs to be done.However I am happy to see that the PF government is working hard in bringing develoment to our people..

  8. At least if not critical water resources and very much emergent though every water is emergent let him go the way of revolving fund and create some water financing and innovation act There could be need for water bodies but at GRZ cost of capital (risk free interest rates most favourable)

    The drinking and water usage act should go side by side with the water infrastructure and innovation act

    That is the water sector

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