KK discharged from UTH

KK after being discharged from Hospital
KK after being discharged from Hospital
KK after being discharged from Hospital
KK after being discharged from Hospital

Zambia’s founding father and First President from 1964 to 1991 Dr. Kenneth Kaunda who was admitted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has been discharged.

Dr. Kaunda suffered a minor ailment on Wednesday 19th July 2017 and was admitted for observation and treatment to the hospital in Lusaka.

The 93 years old statesman was kept in Hospital for a further comprehensive medical checkup.

He was on discharged on Saturday afternoon and went to his home in Lusaka East.

Among the noted individuals receiving Dr. Kaunda at his home was Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya.


    • Your Excellency President Dr. K.D Kaunda (Rtd), It well please enjoy good health again. We dearly love and appreciate you sir.


    • We thank God for hearing our prayers … Long Live KK, Long Live The Smart People Of The Zambian Enterprise …

      A vote of thanks to all the smart doctors that took good care of KK … One Zambia One Nation

      May God continue to bless our great nation, Zambia!!! What a sweet name this country has … Zambia

  1. Unip! Power!
    Unip! Power!
    Unip! Power!

    Lesa kumulu!
    Kaunda Panshi!
    Lesa kumulu!
    Kaunda Panshi!

    I will never forget the essential commodity shortages and lines.
    I will never forget the teachers strikes.
    I will never forget the oppressive unip youths.
    He was as cruel as the current.

    • @Umodzi Kumawa You only heard of the bad things! I [email protected]
      * Free first class education
      * We had university, colleges and even jobs to look forward to (waiting for you ka)
      * My father was able to buy motor cars and even houses my parents bought by his own salary and he saved off course!
      * I even went to National Service where they provided full uniform, beddings, food and KK even paid me K6 per month which was about US$12
      * When my father retired he was paid a handsome pension and a huge tract of land to ”Go Back to the Land” to
      * As if all the above was not enough, KK taugh me to love other people as I loved myself (exactly as in the Bible- though KK called it Humanism!)
      KK uli mwaume! Not these new gongas like Mushota!

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