Justice in Regional Trade and Investment


The COMESA Court of Justice, which was established in 1994, has made landmark decisions in the recent past including the Malawi Mobile and Malawi Government case, as well as the case involving an Egyptian company Polytol and the government of Mauritius in which the court ruled against the government for bleach of the COMESA rules for the Free Trade Area and ordered a refund of customs duties.

However despite all these and many more landmark decisions made, the activities of the court remain unknown by most member states.

For this reason, in 2015, the COMESA Council of Ministers, realising that the COMESA Court was not widely known or understood and that its services were underutilized by the COMESA Member States the Council directed the Court to start conducting publicity activities in order to increase awareness of its activities across the COMESA Member States.

The COMESA Court of Justice has since conducted Publicity Seminars in several Member States, including Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar, Sudan, Zambia and recently in Seychelles.