Chishimba Kambwili to contest his expulsion from PF in the courts of law

Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
FILE: Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
FILE: Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house

FORMER Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili says he will contest his expulsion from the Patriotic Front (PF) in the courts of law.

Mr Kambwili said in an interview yesterday that he will not leave the PF because he is among the people who have “suffered for it”.

“I said earlier, and I will say it again; I will be the last person to leave the PF. I am PF and so I cannot go anywhere,” he said.

Mr Kambwili dispelled speculations that he has plans of forming his own political party.

“Those that want to speculate about me wanting to form my own political party should continue doing so but they should know that I am not letting go of the PF,” he said.

Mr Kambwili maintained that his expulsion is illegal because it was allegedly not done in the right way.

But former Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge has welcomed his expulsion from the PF.

Speaking in a separate interview, Mr Musenge thanked President Lungu for having accorded him an opportunity to serve in his Government.

“I accept with both hands the expulsion from the party. Thank you for expelling me, we are going back to the people and then will later give a comprehensive statement on the way forward,” he said.

And former Lusaka mayor Daniel Chisanga said the decision by the central committee of the PF to expel Mr Kambwili and Mr Musenge is welcome and long overdue.

Mr Chisanga said Mr Kambwili was trying to position himself as the next leader of the PF because of being misguided that he was popular, hence his actions and manoeuvres.

“Let Mr Kambwili now open his eyes and see how many of those people who were misleading and chewing his money will follow him, same with his counterpart Musenge,” he said.

PF Lusaka district chairperson Yelisa Kondowe said it is a good move to expel the two.

And ARTHUR MWANSA reports that PF founder member Edwin Lifwekelo said the expulsion of Mr Kambwili and Mr Musenge calls for self-introspection among other undisciplined party members.

Mr Lifwekelo, who is also former PF first secretary-general, said the expulsion of Mr Kambwili and Mr Musenge is long overdue because the two were facing several disciplinary charges.

“The decision by the PF central committee to expel the two members may be regrettable because politics is about numbers. This decision should send a message to other would-be undisciplined members that the party is bigger than an individual, and no one is above the law,” he said.


  1. Must as well do.

    I don’t like the saga of this kambwili at all.

    Priorities PF – this is quiet frankly ridiculous. Is he threat ?



    • Well,no matter how big a building might be, they all have main pillars that they depend on for support,remove one and the building comes tumbling down…….the same is true with Kambwili and PF, only time will tell.

    • Kambwili was a pillar but in the recent past his relationship with the party was so negative but the party never collapsed. This goes to show you that his popularity was party based. He already formed his splinter party just like sampa did. Pf is still intact because it draws it’s support from the Zambians. When the so called heavyweights left pf for upnd last year the party still retained it’s favour because it’s a people’s party. Pf was bound to collapsing had Kambwili was was allowed to continue because his scheme was to cause confusion at any cost

    • Kambwili,
      Glad you realize that Zambia is a growing democracy with a functional justice system you can count on. At your strategic inflection point where one decision ought to be made, respect the court judgement thereafter and move on should it throw you under a train. There is life beyond politics. You are at liberty to join our army of free minds on the marketplace of technocrats, entrepreneurs, initiators, armchair critics and lose dreamers etc.

      FYI, Appreciate elements of transitivity in political party systems with respect to growth by embracing new members being granted equal opportunity with upward mobility. Such inclusiveness comes with some dynamism. Deal with a sense of entitlement and appreciate that Party interest transcends individual interest.

    • ****LATEST*****LATEST****LATEST*****

      Unconfirmed sources are saying Kambwili joined UPND almost a month ago- the cretin according to them are saying he met up with a team of UPND MPs in Lusaka where all the above was discussed and these statements of taking the matter to court are merely delaying tactics on the part of Kambwili so as to allow for more time for his preparation to recontest on the UPND ticket as MP.

    • Kambwili was behaving like RB’s son who started insulting his father in 2011 in support for HH but where is HH now. In Mukobeko.

    • It had to take emergency meeting of MCC at state house, and 10 hours of “you did that and that…”
      So Kambwili also has a right to fight, just like Nevers Mumba in MMD.

    • Learn from the great UNIP pillar, the late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe. No Zambian has ever left a ruling party to form his own party and win the next election. Michael Chilufya Sata lost two elections before being third time lucky, but what a toll it took on his life. Ba Kambwili is doing this not because he wants to stay in PF, but he wants the case to drag on in courts until the end of this parliament so that he gets his gratuity. There is money at stake.

    • Evil Malawian Dictator lungu CAN’T outwit any political foe without abduction, expulsion, abuse of Judiciary, abuse of parliament, abuse of prisons, abuse of police, abuse of ECZ, abuse of Media, threats, banning, State of emergency.

      With the main external opponent HH ABDUCTED at Mukobeko, & the main internal opponent CK expelled & soon to be abducted into prison for corruption, it paves way for the Evil Malawian Dictator lungu to stand UNOPPOSED for an illegal 3rd term.

      After 2021 elections, 3rd term clause will be scrapped paving way for Evil Malawian Dictator lungu to become a life president whilst his PF00Ls worship him & dance for him at the airports & other worthless functions.

    • This bully was live on Facebook. What a disaster! He was angry and almost beat up the reporter. The man needs mental health care!

    • Chishimba is too a loud mouth for his own good. I only wish this buffoon could hear himself. He is a good example of an empty tin making a lot of noise.

      If you were treated unfairly, the whole truth will come out. With CK, the truth about what hurts will soon come out as he undergoes political contusion!

  2. kambwili will be bruised badly in this game of politics. ask miles sampa or guy scott , the earlier he let it go the better.

  3. Bakamba ba CK please let it go like Musenge has done , never take it to court U ARE A POLITICAL HEAVEY WEIGHT, THINK OVER IT AND ANNOUNCE THE next move , i suggest u join UPND ur damage to PF from UPND will be overwhelming and u shall be prof. in politics, look at RB he damaged MMD and he is on record why can’t u be on record to damage PF?

    • He can’t damage a party in power. He has no such capacity. Sata was lucky because he rose at a time when Zambians wanted change at any cost. If it wasn’t for a regime revolutionary sata wouldn’t have made it. Ask politicians how impossible it is to challenge a ruling party. Roy chulumanda Nathan chishimba are people who are still popular and can crush ck. Even the that cretin who stood on upnd can be adopted by pf and still wins. Bakambwili has just bought his political coffin.

    • i dont agree with you CK has the right to appeal in the courts of law ,how come you can be told to exculpet yourself in front of all memmbers of central coomitte yet the must a displinary committee to do so and not that kangroo court and more over why create a bye election which is not neccessary

  4. @HH oval head I agree with you and PF hasn’t even clocked one year . PF has lost a lot of so called heavyweights remember Kabimba?? 4 years is a long time in politics

  5. Kambwili is not disputing the allegations that led to his expulsion but only questioning how the legality of the expulsion. If what was leveled against you is true and you failed to denied it even when the opportunity to do so was there why rush to the media. You had the opportunity to deny the cases against you in the same conference. Looks to me that Kambwili is just obsessed with the media. Your live fir the media will not bring sympathy on you. Just look yourself in the mirror and see how a baby hippo looks like.

  6. Kikiki useless party full of infighting. This is just the beginning.

    • but he has the right to be head in court let the court decide otherwise no bye election in roan CK for life,now i see how ECL is a bad man and his fall will terrible

  7. Useless Party, Lungu Is Now Chasing His Opponents For 2020.

    They’ve Chased Ck On The View That There Party Is Big Forgeting That He Is Among The Pipo Who Contributed For Pf To Reach That Level.

    Remember, Be Good To People On Your Way Up The Ladder Coz You Will Need Them On Your Way Down.

    The Impact For Their Actions May Not Be Seen Immediately, But It Might Be Seen On Their Downfall.

  8. Ba CK, suddenly your political space has shrunk and you now have no outlet but the courts of law! Good luck. I am certain there must be some lawyers who are already salivating at the prospect of eating your money!

  9. We are with you Hon CK. We know what you have done for PF. You are PF. Dont let go of PF. Don’t leave PF to Bowman Lusambo and Kamba. Those people asking you to form a party are the strangers in PF. those who are trying to compare CK to Sampa are very dishonest. The two can’t be compared.CK is a rock of PF. Sampa was nothing. We know that Harry Kalaba, Mumbi Phiri, Frank Bwalya are targets of Lungu’s myopic 2021 antics. To ECL he thinks destroying quality members within PF straightens his path for 2021. He is in for a rude shock.

    • ECL is a very ungrateful and vengeful person, after what CK did for him in the campaigns this all he gets, he is getting useless advice from MMD members and political nonentities like Davis Mwila. Right now Copperbelt PF is divided a lot of pipo in markets and drinking places are not happy about what they have done to CK ba Lungu is digging his own grave and his down fall will be very bad. CK please let it go and move on if you decide to re contest the seat we shall support you 100%. Easterners are destroyers and late comers on the scene they were last to come out of UNIP, MMD and now will finish PF and be last to come out of it.

    • It is this type of thinking where you want to say, “I am a founder member, I did so much for the Party”, and then you think you are indispensable and and can be stupid. A political party thrives on numbers, and if any member becomes an impediment to the attraction of new membership, they go irrespective of their status in the Party. Fell free to recruit them in your Parties like you did with Guy Scott, Mulenga Sata, Bob Sichinga, and Miles Sampa.

  10. A mistake of a leader is a leading mistake. It is indeed a mistake for a leader who is looking forward to challenge for Presidency to be washing dirty linen in public. He would have done better, if he did not,to discuss his issues in private with the President. My advise, Maintain a low profile and enjoy your stay. You have raised enough chocking dust already. The money you want to waste on lawyers can buy you a few more bricks for the Chishima Estates.

  11. Ba CK, this is what pride does. You could have avoided this situation but you are full of arrogance and self righteous just like your fellow HH. Ukusenda icinsenda kunkoko kunakilila. I thought your brains are not ugly too. We liked you but your pride and arrogance have taken you to the bottom of things.

  12. I was once a die hard CK supporter,but after noticing his real character when ECL dropped him,i stopped supporting CK!!discpline is very cardinal in life.look at how well Given Lubinda behaved when Sata fired him,perfect and there he is today enjoying life as a minister in PF Govnt.only a f00l would welcome support from a failure Mwenya Musenge because he lost Chimwemwe seat in PF stronghold.if Musenge was popular in CB,why did he fail to defend his seat?if CK recontest his Roan Seat,he can lose 100% to PF’s Nathan to prove a point,PF would take all its mps,ministers,a lot of money into Roan Constituency so CK is defeated the way Syvia Masebo was defeated in Chongwe!!CK KNOWS ALL THESE FACTS HENCE RUSHING TO COURT!!

    • but u pipo what is wrong of ck going to court unless u are dull person then you can discourage CK not to go to court,it is only the court that will tell these PF thugs that CK is still the roan member of parliament and not davies mwila AND WHO is nathan chanda pipo will vote wait and see but before a bye election let the court go through it and not that kangaroo court of davies mwila grade 7 failure

  13. For Kambwili it’s always “me, me, me”. He can’t go anywhere because HE suffered for PF. Really?

    What of the poor, suffering constituents he was elected to serve and who pay his salary and allowances? To Kambwili (and far too many others in politics!) it seems these people matter least and are the last to consider. He gave them a t-shirt and bag of mealie meal at election time so now it’s his “suffering” that matters.

    Please give us a break!

  14. Well during his time as Minister of Information he had threatened to close the muvi tv on several occasions .This time around he would like Muvi to cover him ,Very interesting indeed. Nevertheless, my personal advice to Hon Chishimba Kambwili is that, you have had enough in PF its time for you just to concentrate on other thing live politics and let others come on board. Go and do other things my dear friend and look after your family. Do not venture to fight with state machinery please you will just wast your little resources and you will never win and challenge them. If the part has expelled you it simply means you are no longer relevant to them and they don’t want to work with you. Please you are no longer the right person for the team to work with. ACCEPT and look for what you can do…

    • u pipo it was not him it was the government that what we call collective responsibily so dont say he say the his govt

  15. Kambwili helped to create this evil called PF; he championed tribalism and wanted free press like ZW destroyed; now he needs free press; let him feel the weight of this evil PF monster but let him stay and fight for his political survival in PF; so that Lungu will in future also feel the weight of what he is doing to others; Mr Kambwili; i wish you good health; you’re Zambian; i wish you good in the end;

  16. Quote “Mr Chisanga said Mr Kambwili was trying to position himself as the next leader of the PF because of being misguided that he was popular, hence his actions and manoeuvres”

    I thought PF was a democratic party. Is there anything wrong with a member having ambitions to contest the presidency at the convention????

    • Exactly!! and if EL is truly a humble leader who respects the tenets of democracy, why did he allow this??

    • EL is a Coward. This is a clear sign that Edgar Lungu is a Coward. Why is he afraid of facing CK at the convention?? If EL considers himself to be more popular in the PF and a suitable candidate for 2021, he should demonstrate his abilities now. PF members should also be allowed to chose their candidate at the convention based on merit.

    • Marks of a true Coward. He is eliminating his possible opponents. He’s afraid of facing them at the convention

  17. EL is a Coward. This is a clear sign that Edgar Lungu is a Coward. Why is he afraid of facing CK at the convention?? If EL considers himself to be more popular in the PF and a suitable candidate for 2021, he should demonstrate his abilities now. PF members should also be allowed to chose their candidate at the convention based on merit.

  18. I’m amazed at the ignorance of the likes of Nez and wanka like shows you united dunderhead chaps are not even pawns but just dull UPND spectators who pretend to know the inner workings of what is going on…ati kikikiki..non of you united dunderheads are aware of the meeting CK had with 4 top UPND members who are also amongst the suspended MPs this meeting occurred last month. Soon the truth will be revealed. CK a true coward and a traitor to PF!!!! Let him just resign and not waste time with more court cases!!!

    • Lungu and his minions have blundered big time they can’t win Roan unless they rig mark my words.Eliminating your perceived opponents is sign of cowardice. We shall wait and see, in the office I work from, almost all my work mates are very disappointed and PF has lost potential supporters/voters.

    • Rigging ia what they have been doing particulary in areas that swing during voting.The PF control ECZ ,high courts and Con Court and poeple accept this as the norm.CK will have a hard time fighting this

  19. If you live in glass house, don’t throw stones and if you can’t take a blow don’t throw blows. CK threw a lot of blows and stones at perceived enemies, not least of which was the media. It is also said, those who rise by the sword fall by the sword. And you never miss your water till the well runs dry….in times of need, that’s when you know your real enemies and and so-called friends.Chishimba ala apa kukosa….you made a bed of roses but forgot to remove the thorns and now it’s past bed time, you just have to sleep on it.

  20. @Vito Corleone III – why the fuss when he is already out of the party? Your CK has been behaving like HH who used to say that he was untouchable, who does he think he is to belittle the President including all senior members just because he is one of the founding members? He asked for it and he has got it.

  21. Dr. CK you are wasting your time talking and talking. just move on. take a leaf from nevers mumba, miles sampa, GBM. big political guys. where are they now. NO NOWHERE

  22. Comment:
    Something doesn’t jell about Kambwili. The people in PF don’t want you to belong to the party. Why do you want to associate yourself with a political party in which your services have been dispensed with. Not logical at all.

  23. PF, you have told your story through Davies Mwila. Let Kambwili tell his and Zambians will weigh the two stories. Is it true that dome PF members are asking the president to suspend @the rule of law so that they can butcher their opponents (not enemies). There’s nothing wrong with having presidential ambitions. This smacks of dejavu – Kaunda, Kamalondo, William Banda, Bulawayo and the lot during those very dark days when Kaunda lost his way. It’s becoming shameful.

  24. We used to pray this way soon after independence. Some MPs may not know this!
    The National Prayer
    O God, the Father of all the people of the Earth
    Look with favour on us.
    And hear the prayer we make for country.
    Bless all the people of our land.
    Deliver us from evil.
    Heal our misunderstanding
    And teach us to love one another
    Give wisdom to our rulers
    And a spirit of obedience and loyalty to all our people
    We ask your fatherly guidance
    Especially for our young men and women
    Upon whom the future depends
    Guide the work of our hands
    And the decision of our leaders
    So that our country may deserve an honoured place among the nations

  25. Chishimba Kambwili will aver to the High Court that:
    1. That as a founding member of PF I am not entitled to expulsion, and that
    2. I am entitled to break the rules of the party with impunity, and that
    3. I contributed a lot of money therefore I call the shots, and that
    4. As one of the first 100 members of PF I cannot expelled, and that
    5. All new members of the party, from the 101st member, do not carry the same rights and priviledges as the first 100 members, and that
    6. PF is a personal to holder property (the same way as UPNDonkeys) and it is registered like that and like my personal Land cruiser, and that
    7. The constitution of PF says so in Article 26 (5) on on priviledges and entitlements.

    Ba Chishimba you have also turned into a Donkey in terms reasoning?

  26. If those are your grounds of appeal ba Chishimba Donkey Kambwili, the Judge will give us the quickest verdict ever, like same day laundry.
    And you stormed out of the meeting where you are supposed to defend yourself, bwana courts of law are not your lawyers iwe chiimbwi.

    • Ba Terrible naimwe leave the man alone had it not been for him your Lungu could have lost CB big time don’t think Lungu is clever he has just lost a sizable number of sympathizers. PF wil never be the same again mark my words.

  27. Next how is underfive today? Planning the preliminary issues to raise on the first day? Please raise as many as possible at least to keep you in the luxury part of Mukobeko until you exhaust the preliminaries, but eventually a long long prison sentence you will not escape. And within a few weeks even your donkeys will forget that you ever existed.

  28. Chishimba Kambwili (when he was a Minister) was mocking HH that the PF government cannot plot to kill him. Now he is saying his life is in danger because the police were camping outside his house. What a demagogue! He has got brains of an ant, despite his large head!

  29. The PF constitution reads like a dictators user manual. It’s all don’t do’s and threats. Where is room for self criticism? Any divergent view in the PF equals being undisciplined. I don’t support CK, but this meeting turned into a sorry sight of unbridled lack of respect for natural justice. The central committee meeting quickly metamorphosed into a disciplinary committee. Are the accused not supposed to be informed in advance, to enable themselves time to prepare a rebuff to the charges if need be? Why were they not given a decision from the first disciplinary hearings? They had to be made to face further charges in front of the GREAT LEADER.

  30. It truly hurts. He is on of the founders of the party. He will fight until he drops.
    As a partridge that hatches eggs which it has not laid, So is he who makes a fortune, but unjustly; In the midst of his days it will forsake him, And in the end he will be a fo.ol.

  31. When Mr sata was in MMD government alot of people did not like him for so many reasons and one of the them was unpalatables but when it came to work perfomance in government he was excellent.I do believe even Mr kambwili is not as bad as he is potraid by some people.And to you Mr kambwili if you can improve in areas that are perceived to be your weakness the better because zambia needs such hard working leaders like you.I see Mr micheal CHilufya Sats in you.Embrace all tribes because we are one people and heaven has no tribalist,recists because their is no room for them,but their is the kingdom of darkness.

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