Support Lungu’s peace efforts

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

Former UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo has called on Zambians to support peace efforts President Edgar Lungu is pushing forward to foster national dialogue.

Mr. Lifwekelo said democracy is a collective undertaking that involves duties and obligations, rights and responsibilities that brings together leaders to a process of dialogue and consensus building. He said they are many constructive matters that the UPND can engage the PF government on to find solutions to some of the problems affecting the nation.

Mr. Lifwekelo has since urged the UPND leadership to take self-evaluation on their position on various national issues if they are to continue being relevant to the political dispensation of Zambia.He said this in a statement made available to ZNBC News by Mr. Lifwekelo tod


  1. He is got a name which sounds like ‘buttocks’ is some native language! Who would want to listen to his opinion? Why are you paying ZNBC license fee for Lifwekelo to spill out his bile.

    • In all honest Lifweko has nothing to offer, the only person who thinks Lifweko offers something is his wife.

      The President from what I know – has the mandate to serve until 2021, no question about it.

      Failure to accept is the accuse of happenings in your country.

      Kambwili, listening to his video on facebook has NOTHING to offer PF.
      He made a lot of revelations a bit too early, too soon and unnecessary.
      Politics of vengencance is a dangerous game Kambwili. My suggestion is you take yourself from the limelight and plot your next moves outside the media.

      He thinks he has a divine right to somewhat succeed Lungu, besides he can not construct a coherent sentence without appearing to repeat himself.

      Lungu should look to replace a few dead wood like Chilanga and his secretary…

    • Lungu should look to replace a few dead wood like Chilanga and his secretary General. Mwila is a lemon.

      Overall onward and upwards in PF but as a party they seem a little disorganized at present.

      I have a PhD



    • Alungu ni achimbi tyala,what peace can hyena offer?. What peace is this madman offering when he can reign in his PF thugs who cut people’s limbs at the yard; just imagine the level of evil this drunkard is unleashing on peaceful people.

      I for one would never trust any peaceful effort meant to stifle dissent and stop people from
      holding this f00lish dictator to account.

      Lungu is worse than a stinking sewage for you avoid it to prevent infection or you can it to grow food! A dog is by far better than Lungu………..

      The sooner this f00l dies the better.

      Free HH now or else.

    • If you hate Lungu like I do and would like him out of power by any means possible please give me a positive!

      Lets start sending a clear message to this f00l now.

  2. Its strange that some people say they support kambwili & they say they are pf & they loved o worshiped sata. But what they should remember is that sata got up from his sick bed to go & stop party cadres on the copperbelt that kambwili was not fit to be president. So if the owner of the party knew that kambwili was trash & yet kambwili claims to be one of the founders. So what founder is kambwili that was not respected by other founders?

  3. Everything has time and on firmly believe that this is no time for politics but to be very serious about developmental delivery.
    President Lungu is naturally a likeable and sellable candidate and he just focuses on his “what to do list” based on his campaign promises, I see him getting another 5 year mandate without doubt.
    A checklist list for PF is this:
    1. Be visible and demonstrate good leadership to the electorates
    2. Focus on youth job creation and encourage entrepreneurship among youths
    3. Take farming seriously to be the centre stage of the economy
    4. Engage miners now and retain as many miners as possible in employment
    5. Continue with infrastructure development focusing on roads, electricity and healthy facilities
    Once we keep these in view, it will be a done deal…

  4. Lungu is the source of violence in Zambia. He was openly told by his cohorts that they will start to injure those that oppose his 2021 bid. Did he condemn such comments? the answer is NO

    Lungu kuya bebele

  5. Their was peace before the insecure ghetto drunk became president.
    The opposition existed before the insecure ghetto drunk became president.
    The inept insecure ghetto drunk is the master mind of all the confusion.
    Edwin Lifwekelo is boot licking just like many of you here.

  6. The less you write Mushota, the better you sound logically, and the more entertaining you are. Today you are struggling, belaboured and unconvincing.Wa muyashani Muzungu ka? Take a break to recover and clearly remember that you have real Phd not just that appetite for Phallus handling!

  7. You can’t give what you don’t have! ECL has no love or peace in him. How can he give peace and love? The inhuman mistreatment of a fellow leader tells it all. If you call yourself a leader, treat fellow leaders with some dignity. That is why you hear of house arrests for dignitaries and VIPs in civilized societies. ECL should never wish for better treatment than what he has given others when tables turn. Time is the best teacher after all. We are still waiting for more PF cadres to wake up from their deep slumber. Too much bitumen and concrete pamenso! CK and Musenge have just woken up! More to come then the revolution! Fortunately it will be the same PF cadres who will drive the change …. Kikikiki

  8. Most commentators on this page are using their feelings and not brains in writing and analysing the national issues.
    What you write is not what Zambians think now, wake up and show respect when writing.

  9. The people to change this country are Zambian, but some people are more important than others. The president need to create an atmosphere favoring all.
    God Bless Zambia Army, God Bless Sikazwethegreat & God Bless Zambia

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