The Controversial facebook post



  1. According to the dictionary F…uck means to have s.ex or to damage. If you analyse the post critically there is nothing wrong with each individual sentence. You are allowed to ask the price of guns in Zambia. You are allowed to be frustrated with the cadres who attacked people at the grave site arent you? The entire post shows one who is frustrated with a government and police that is not maintaining law and order…mirroring what many Zambians feel.

    • Hes a coward, if you want to start a Revolution you show up in person not posting derogatory message anonymously.

    • so in your small and under developed brain…there is nothing wrong with “damaging” the police, Lungu, church or whoever he mentions? are you sane?
      If this guy is your friend then you are a fool too. Who creates a fake account on FB but post real photos of them-self thereon? Nonsense!

      What is he frustrated about? He is in college….supposedly studying….doesent he have study materials? is DMI closed due to government interference? what is it?

      Its because HH is in incarcerated and the man is a staunch UPND supporter… any, where has he been to be doing studying for his under-graduate degree at the age of 35….hope not politics….coz now he is wasting his future….

    • @Nubian Princess you say he is a coward but you yourself are using a pen name to issue statements that you are scared to identify with in public. Four of your five fingers are pointing at you when you say ‘ he is a coward’

    • Inciting people and the soldiers to topple a democratically elected government is a treasonous act against the State baba. No court case here, it’s straight to Mukobeko.

    • this case is going nowhere,maybe at state of fixing,the defence team should ask the prosecutors the methodology the used(online fingerprints)and then prove that his facebook was not hacked,indirect insulting a president should not be a crime in zambia,especially in this modern age.


    • @Peter F..uck is not a word I use in my day to day life but it’s certainly an appropriate word to use if you are at a funeral mourning a loved one and cadres descend on you and your relatives and attack you for no sane reason.It’s normal for one to express disgust and frustration at failed leadership especially in the height of intense emotional stress like at a funeral.

    • If the posting is a crime, then Lusaka Times should be prosecuted for contempt for posting the same article on this platform.

      God bless Zambia

    • @ 1.3 Mushota- Iam incest with your attitude of looking down on the African race. If you think your white folks applaud you, then you are dead wrong because they just see you as a delusioned African fool.

  2. But respect is needed among people. How can one just be insulting in public like that ? There is always a way of expressing one’s frustrations and not by insulting. Let whoever sent that message be held accountable. Ulemu ni wabwino bwana.

    • not in Zambia where people’s right are being violated.every one can see the criminality under this pf regime…lol

    • He was expressing his frustration in the privacy of his home among his friends on facebook like we all do.If you have never insulted anyone be the first to throw the first stone.Besides can anyone really prove who the author of that post is? Not even ZICTA knows.But the uneducated masses believe anything.There is no authentication to show exactly who someone is online.It’s easy to hack a facebook page.

  3. Convict him!!!!!!!!!! he is deforming the highest office in the land. Show no remorse. lessons should be learned. Even 2-Pac was arrested on several times under the US law, Arrest that under-Five Engineer.

  4. Members of the Public pleas stop making things bard than they are now. using social media to make defamatory and insulting remarks will not take you anywhere. The Zambia Police in conjunction with ZICTA are intensified investigations in crimes committed through social media and they are still bringing more culprits to book. HH what you have your own president, so just be.

  5. There is nothing wrong with saying you… general it means to hell with you…
    I think the threats that were directed at kambwili by PF higherrachy at the kangaroo court to effect that he was going to be hacked are worse criminal than this

    Just concentrate on providing jobs mr lungu…..people will always insult you, especially with the the PF lawless ness going on.

    By the way how many of the attackers of the mourners have been caught ???

  6. This is NOT just a person expressing his frustrations, rather it is a person who is inciting the public to join him and start the show.
    If this is what democracy means then I am afraid then we are as good as inviting evil. How do you think Isis started? I think this guy knows more than meets the eye.

  7. When you were registrating your phones 4 years ago we told you that the State Police will use it in the future that is why they are going to Zicta….they will catch your fake accounts!!

  8. People are just not serious!!! I am seeing this post now, don’t know who this ka boy is and who cares anyway!!! Ma cadres!!!! what I want the police to do is tell us who burnt city market, who cut ma pylons etc. Not giving us statements from a misguided youth letting off steam online!!!!

    • city market was burnt by pf cadres mwebantu,why did most of pf cadres from the mechandise 3 days before it got burnt?its all out their for people to see why the i support your comments

  9. Soldiers have never created order anywhere. Soldiers only ever create chaos. Zambia, you are better than this.

  10. How would all of you who are saying this language is OK react if your sons yelled at you “F…K You Dad!”and stormed out of your house? What if the President also just posted “F…k You Too” how would you all react? At 35 this young man could well be the President’s son-in-law if he was Tasila’s husband.

    Those who say its just another way of saying having sex, try telling your spouse or GF :”Hi honey I will be home soon to F..K you!” Tell me her reaction in your next post!!

  11. Ex Moma are you sure FB is private? when you post your thoughts on social media you make it public for all to read. Its no longer in the ‘privacy of your home’. And if those you are telling don’t like what you are saying about them they can drag you to court or get you arrested. Guess Zambian lawyers are behind all these arrests so they can continue coining it as the whole country troops to court daily for this or that arrest!

    • So whats this Allodoxaphobia our leaders have? Aren’t we all creative beings capable of forming our own opinions? Must we all agree with the president and be arrested if we think differently.Do you know an MP in Zambia is not allowed to to have a mind of his own but must vote for whatever the president or party says in parliament? Leave the guy he was angry and the only peaceful way of expressing this was on social media. There is no other feasible way to express oneself and be heard in Zambia. You need to be wealthy and be prepared to serve jail time if you form an opposition party.

  12. You African people think insulting people is democracy. It’s a sign of savages who can’t accept defeat. I don’t know what you’ll do in 2021 when you lose yet again.

  13. This upnd id1ot must join HH at Mukobeko as he did not only insult the president,ZP,Hon.Kampyongo and all PF supporters but also tried to incite people to start civil war in Zambia.please ZP cage that Luvale man called Machayi and throw the keys into indian ocean.
    The Democracy which Zambians cried for in 1990 is not the one being practiced by upnd.indeed upnd is a terror group!!

  14. The problem with the under fives is that they think 2021is far for voters to forget their childishness. Instead of providing checks and balances you have all resorted to insults and making Zambia ungovernable. Well don’t say we never told you because you are losing again!!!! We are not very surprised with the strategy you have decided with your strategist like Larry aka Nez in the forefront. Ama politics teya bana iyo!!!

  15. I think his best defence is to own up on having been high on drugs or drunk like a skunk. The judge will accept the tone of his posting fits those conditions!

  16. Jesus was ridiculed and lies told about him ,Obama was ridiculed ,called names and lies told about him.So who is Lungu to think he can be spared cuz he’s more special than Jesus Christ or Barrack Obama?

  17. Obviously this is a case of ‘Tone and Substance’.
    Substance = People were attacked at the graveyard.
    Tone = Reaction to the substance.

    The fact that no one is addressing the root cause speaks for itself.

  18. Kikiki I hear they are looking for nez. Lungu is a dog. Tell him am here at the upnd secretariat waiting for him.

  19. Some intelligent lawyer to defend this misguided youth please. He called out names of people and not the office of the president or president so and so. No case here!!

  20. He is only using one f word. The other day on a znbc station I heard a rapper using arseholl motherF..dick plus millions of ‘i sults in the name of hip hop and I never herd the police arresting anyone at znbc

  21. we all know that we have freedom of speech but watchout and mind the way you express your speech freedom if it means insults then you you deserve to be at Mukobeko

  22. From what I can see, there’s a lot of hate out there against those not acting in the Bible’s will. Have you seen this blog against corruption at the giant ZCCM and how the CEO Kasolo is behaving?

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