President Lungu congratulates India’s new President for his victory in India

Amos Chanda
Amos Chanda
Amos Chanda
Amos Chanda

President Edgar Lungu has congratulated India’s new President Ram Nath Kovind on his electoral victory following that country’s Presidential elections which were held on July 17, this year.

President Lungu says Mr Kovind’s victory is a manifestation of the confidence that the Indian Parliament has in his leadership and their desire for him to steer India to greater heights.

Mr. Lungu has assured of government’s commitment to work closely with the Indian government to further strengthen the longstanding bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

“On behalf of the Government and people of the Republic of Zambia, and indeed on my own behalf, l wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations on your electoral victory in the Presidential elections which were held in your country on 17th July, 2017,” the President said.

He wished him success during his new tenure of office and prosperity for the people of India.

This is contained in a statement issued to ZANIS by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda.


  1. What??? Modi accepted loss, no confusions like ECZ.
    I think 2021 Zambian elections should be conducted in India.

    • Kovind has been elected as the President. Modi is the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister under Indian constitution runs the country. The President is more or less an ornamental position. Although the President can fire the Prime Minister, normally the President will give consent to all that the Prime Minister and the ruling party will decide.

  2. Comment:India has a prime minister who is stronger than a president…Modi is still there…Pakistan uses the same system

  3. Free and fair elections unlike the kafwafwa under pf we saw. People raising hands to select a crook like lungu and yet this is 21st century

  4. General public do not vote and elect the President of India. The President is elected by the MPs (of the parliament) and the MLAs (The member of the State Legislative Assembly). It is common in India to have an opposition Party ruling a State (India has over 30 States with population of whole of Zambia) in India, while the Central Government is ruled by another (ruling) party

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