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Grade 12 examination  candidate arrested for examination cheating in Solwezi District

General News Grade 12 examination  candidate arrested for examination cheating in Solwezi District

Police in Solwezi District in Northwestern province have arrested a 22 year old female General Certificate of Education  (GCE) candidate Sharon Mulenga for being in possession of examination material.

Northwestern province Commissioner of Police Auxensio Daka says the development took place Tuesday during English paper 2 examinations.

Mr Daka said Mulenga was found in possession of an English paper two answer sheet while sitting for the same examination at Solwezi Day Secondary school.

He added that similar information was found on  the suspect’s mobile phone.

He disclosed that upon being questioned by police, Mulenga indicated that she had passed the answers to her friend who was also picked up but later released after nothing was found on her.

Mr Daka said that Mulenga has been detained at Solwezi central police station and a docket has been opened to investigate the source of the answer sheet

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  1. I got 22 points in grade 12 and during my time, the exams were tougher.

    Considering leakages nowadays my 22 points are like 6 points

    This is terrible, either we will see if the people that passed these exams will make it and have PhD like some of us



    • You are too honest Mushota. You are the people we need. I also got 14 points and I am a PHD candidate.

    • YESS!!!!! I got SIX (including !00% in Mathematics, Biology 5090 Paper 1 and Chemistry 5070 Paper 1). This was in 1990.

      I’m now a politician.


    • @They Promised Us Armageddon , I bet you miss that practical exam too for 5070 paper 3. I was blessed to have those questions that I had being preparing more than enough like I new that was going to be the exam. After having difficulties in grade 10 1st term, 5070 being my easiest subject after Math.
      CLASS OF 1990 CB-ZED

    • 40 points of kaunda /chiluba days is equivalent to 6 points of sata/lungu days. Kikiki kids of manje aikona man, is this not the same Sharon who always on LT busy praising singing pf, pf, pf?

    • I grew up in a house that had no electricity. Is that difficult for you to understand or you mean you only read during day time and do nothing at night?

  2. Cheating for what even when you pass there are no jobs under pf unless you want to be a useless pf chola boy like that cretin above ndanje

    • Ulota pf, ukudya pf, usamba pf. Ulichipuba iwe. You are the biggest PF supporter on this forum. You have made it your life’s mission to remind people that they are in power everytime you yap. Can you see why you are still in oppostion? You put too much energy into supporting other people’s parties!

  3. NEZ, know that education is not primarily to get a job in government. No govt world over can employ everybody. But education is a light to do other individual businesses. Did Dangote get employed by govt ? Govt facilitates only. I thank you.

    • This man is confused. Does he mean he won’t send his children to school because there’re no jobs. What a joke . He’s able to post unpalatables here because he went to school to learn and read.

  4. Has it got to be MULENGA in this scandal sure? Iexpected names like Kapijimpanga,Likoji etc. in North western province. She is certainly tarnishing the image of Bembas in this province if not already dented!

  5. I can’t just imagine what her parents are going through right now. It’s a nightmare, but as a family they will come out of it, dust themselves, pick up the pieces and get her back into school. She is only a child. I suspect her age had something to do with it. For a girl, 22 years old is a mature age and she must have found it difficult to concentrate in school with all the attention from men – and I highly suspect that the answer-sheet is probably from her teacher-boyfriend. At 22 she should at least have been in college or university somewhere. Good luck to her, hope she has learnt something from this unfortunate episode.

  6. Stolen Post from A former Monk at Unza Daniel Ngombo Kabani

    Sir it is irrefutable that your institution remains the gold standard of tertiary institutions in Zambia. It is irrefutable that having walked your streets and being called UNZA alumni gives a certain sense of pride, prestige and accomplishment. It is undebatable that the majority of the intellectual pillars of any sector of our country are your progeny.

    You stand with magnificence close to Great East road as if to make a statement to every passerby of you being the citadel of intellectual nourishment. Veneration can be felt in every passengers of the buses that make…

  7. Beware of a person called Bronson pretending to be Dr Chikusu’s son. This criminal tried to swindle me by impersonating the Docs real son. This creatures has no qualifications and has forged the signature of the doc on false documents. He sold land to Chinese that did not belong to him.

    • Bronson for sure ? Man of integrity and works for government with great results in charted institute of supply Cips uk .and is doing is degree at one of the most great university who’s a procurement professional you such a lier injala yakunokola.

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