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PF writes to the Speaker on its decision to expel Kambwili


Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili
Former Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says the party has notified the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini on its decision to expel Roan Member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili in exercise of its powers under the Party Constitution.

“In this regard, Sir, since Hon Chishimba Kambwili is no longer our member, he ceases to represent the interests of the Patriotic Front in the House”, stated the letter to the Honourable Speaker.

The PF at the weekend announced the expulsion of the duo for gross misconduct that tarnished the image of the party.

And Mr. Mwila says the party Secretariat has written letters of expulsion from the party to Mr. Kambwili and former Nkana Constituency MP Mwenya Musenge, respectively.

He has stated that the decision to expel the duo was in line with the disciplinary powers vested in the Central Committee under the Party Constitution.

Mr Mwila’s letter cited relevant abuse of Party Constitutional provisions for reasons for expulsion of the duo.

The duo are,therefore, urged to  hand over all party’s property that may be in their possession to the Patriotic Front Secretariat”, the letter reads.

He has however in the same letter wished them all the best in their future endeavours.

And addressing the media at City Airport this Afternoon, Mr. Mwila expressed disappointment with Mr. Kambwili had grown cold feet about putting his self-proclaimed popularity in Roan Constituency to test.

“The man has been bragging about being so popular and PF is craving for that by-election, but he is a flip-flop, full of contradictions, he opens his mouth and puts his foot into it.

“ Zambians must be wondering that in one breathe, he insults the party, and in another, he is busy writing “love letters” in certain sections hallucinating over his so called undying love for PF,” he said.

He said it clear that PF is addictive hence the reason why Rainbow leader Wynter Kabimba remains interested in commenting in their in-house decisions such as the party’s preferred candidate for 2021.

This is contained in a statement issued to ZANIS by PF Director for Media Sunday Chanda


  1. Zambians must be wondering……not because of what Kambwili says, but wondering about the continued discussion concerning this topic at all. You expelled him over the weekend and he responded that he will fight it in the courts. So meet there, otherwise we are tired of reading the same old stories.
    Zambians are interest in what is being done to better their lives, for example yesterday news about the economy picking up. We want you PF to translate that kind of news to ordinary people and how they are going to benefit from it.
    Not interested in internal political fighting.

    • The party wishes all the best in the duos ‘s future endeavours…..

      What a load of drivel, as if Mwila or the PF means it ….



    • Let me get this straight: Mwila lost in the election for MP position. That means the PF in his preferred constituency did not vote for him. But now he is the SG of the party? He is presiding on the people who don’t want him and thinks he has an appeal to attract votes. Which part of loser does he not understand?

  2. PF brought political infighting and public mudslinging into the Zambian mainstream and it still continues.

    Is it then a wonder that economic growth went south,inflation went north and the power sector took a dive bcuz PF took their eyes off the ball?

  3. Davis mwila has a lot of anger in him because mubi. The f.u.c.ker is ugly such that even with his money prostitutes still refuse his advances. Ugly chaps like lungu are a problem. Lots of envy and jealousy. We await kambwili revelations of corruption.

    • Have you seen kambwili wife. Nimbama. Now show me Davis mwila wife. Is he not just gay

    • Iwe ka No Education Zombie aka nez the bitter UpwiND demon incarnate, the only gay chap on the forum is you. This is the 21st century, you are free to live as you please. Stop projecting it on Mwila.

  4. Its Like These Guys Are Scared That Kambwili Is Going To Courts. The Speaker Cannot Declare Roan Constituency Without Court Judgement Being Delivered Against Kambwili Losing The Case. They Salaivating For A By-Election, So That They Can Again Waste Public Money On Useless Things Like Vitenges, Regalias, Useless Campaign Trips To Roan, Etc.
    Kambwili Will Reveal Everything That Has For A Longtime Been Hidden Behind The Curtains.
    Watch The Space.

  5. leave ck alone you people, he is a good man and he is the founder of the same party you have expel’d him.

  6. The gutless stupidity, wanton waste and sheer evil stupidity that characterize the way of conducting political business by the wrecks that creep the Zambian political landscape stink to the very heavens above! Sometimes one feels like shooting them all in their heads and cremation get them. With wicked creeps like these in charge of instruments of power, forget about development! As for Kambwili, do you recall this statement, and quote: “Umupele ama instruments of power leloline!”. This was you harassing Scott to cede power to Chagwa! Now fry in your own pan you vile baboon ?

  7. Mushota, once in a blue moon you come out sensible! Are you attending counseling for se.x addiction? I mean, you clearly seem not to have been inflicted by your perpetual genetalia ERECTION when pasting above!

  8. The patriotic front’ s agenda for Zambia -No Agenda.
    Mr Sata’s project , a failed project.
    A mix of Kaponyas, Jerabos, Thieves,Potential thieves, drunkards, disgraced lawyers and of course their wives of equal standards. These are the people governing Zambia today!
    They want a bye – Election in Roan. For what? They are busy mobilising so that Harry Kalaba is hounded out of the party and another bye election.Come 2021 this party should be archived to the political dustbin. And those thieves and their wives abandoning govt projects after getting paid should face Treason Charges.

  9. THE DREAM OF KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR, THE IMAGE OF THE MAN REPRESENTING KINGDOMS AND POWERS. clay and iron will never mixed and i believe they z no catalyst for politics and Gods power to work in one accord..confusion will always be there in the part until this guys repent and reconcile. however we all know that bureaucrats should consider transparency and accountability. love, peace and justice LPJ MUST PREVAIL

  10. If Pf govt and its overzealous SG means well to Zambia’s development,they should not be in the forefront pushing for bye elections which are avoidable because its too costly to have one(about K7million for an MP)They should have waited till CK finishes his term and go to 2020 pf conference where they could have demonstrated that they are democratic by allowing every member to freely stand and win or lose on any position.My surprise is that SG is not even cost sensitive to implications of the bye election his pf govt is craving for.The people of Roan constituency needs food, good healthy facilities,medicines in both clinics & hospitals,good road net work etc not “who is popular” between pf & CK.However,there’s still time for reflection and way of spending govt resources wisely.

  11. Davis Mwila lost election, how come he is doubting the popularity of Chishimba Kambwli who won election? Kusekafye ba so called secretary general.

  12. my comment on this one, know human being is ugly. let us respect one another God created us from his own image, this is just politics we will need one another somewhere mark my words. God bless you all.

  13. ba mwila you lost an election in your own village, leave your friend alone, Kambwili managed to win the hearts on miners on the CB ,who had earlier cross over to the oppostion party. without his campaign , the oppostion could have been in power by now!


  15. Go kambwili. PF can’t win an election anymore. They are even afraid of you. Davies mwila is a failure. He lost. He wants to push for a bye election so that he milk for the funds. Kambwili you are a hard worker. If God has chosen that you lead, you will lead us no matter what failures do to stop you. I ask a question countrymen, my president Lungu told the nation that he had a list of corrupt ministers who he intended to fire. Few days later kambwili was fired. Who else? Do you tell me that kambwili is the only corrupt man in government? Can kambwili be more corrupt than DS and others still serving? Give me a break. PF is headed for doom if selfish ideas keep on like this.

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