Setting up of Zambia Railway Board welcomed

Zambia Railways
Zambia Railways
Zambia Railways
Zambia Railways

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) vice president Charles Kafumbo has welcomed the Parliamentary Committee’s idea on setting up a Zambia Railway Board.

Speaking in a walk-in interview with Pan African Radio, Kafumbo said the railway system must now be prioritized and should now connect rail lines across the country for efficient transportation of people and goods.

Kafumbo said the railway system has been neglected in the past through inadequate funding in this transportation sector and has expressed optimism that funding will now be available to the sector.

Kafumbo added that once the idea is implemented and echoed the Vice-President’s sentiment that this will decongest the roads in ferrying people and goods as well as reducing road carnages.

“We welcome the Parliamentary Committee’s idea on setting up a Zambia Railway Board” Kafumbo said


  1. Good job! Time to compare notes with Professor Chirwa, even though something bad had happened before. Try to check out his vision. God bless Zambia!

  2. Zambia will never have a modern rail way system as long as pf rule. Look what they did to that poor professor chirwa. These chaps are allergic to intelligence and reason

  3. NO NO NO. That doesn’t seem to be the best of strategies. What we need is a railway system and not a Railway Board!! The board should not come in at this stage bcoz we do not even have a single rail line to manage. It will just be another cost centre with inefficiencies viz a viz staffing, fixed assets, etc to enable it run. We are capable of constructing rail lines such as NorthWest Rail without the board. Why have you not just allowed the devlpt of such lines as the NW rail line, we may ask? It it the political will. Prof. Clive Chirwa proposed to improve rail lines but you scandalised him. Your idea has an intrinsic hidden agenda, other than just the construction of a rail system. Ask the EIZ, there is already a study doc of the rail system devlpt in Zambia. Consider implementing it…

  4. … without creating unnecessary inefficiencies.
    Suggestion: Let’s have projects to build a rail system under existing Institutions such as IDC, Zambia Railways, ZDA, etc.

  5. Rather than have one single rail system from Livingstone to chililabombwe (if it exists and functions) we ought to decide the system into smaller, manageable and independent units, (for example: Chililabombwe to ndola, ndola to Kabwe, Kabwe to mazabuka, etc) . When that is done, each unit can be sold off to investors that wish to partner with the govt in ownership. Each unit will have its locomotives, wagons and management system. Imagine the new jobs that will be created and these jobs will be under several ceo,s. Under todays system , we have one ceo, when he sleeps the entire railway system goes to sleep and railway employees throughout the country lose jobs. When one unit fails it will be easy point out the faults and correct them. It will also be a form of decentralisation, which…

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