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Toll gate for Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway

Economy Toll gate for Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway

Above, trucks from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) heading to South Africa mostly carrying copper are stranded at Kazungula border post in Southern Proviince as authorities from Botswana site are not allowing due to enter their country fears of Ebola in DRC. Some drivers are now planning to back to Livingstone and try to use the Victoria Falls border post on the Zimbabwe route to South Africa
File:Above, trucks from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) heading to South Africa mostly carrying copper

Dear editor,

I would like to commend the government, RDA and the Copperbelt Provincial leadership for the wonderful work done so far in the rehabilitation of roads on the Copperbelt. Fantastic works are currently underway to resurface all the township roads in Hillcrest residential area.

My concern, however, is with the large number of vehicles which are using these roads. A lot of trucks from the mines as well as the Congo are using the newly rehabilitated dual carriage way between Ndola and Kitwe without paying for its future maintenance in the form of road tolls. Previous plans by the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) to put up a toll gate near Dag Hammarskjold have not materialized. This dual carriageway can generate sufficient resources for future maintenance and possible expansion without government intervention. I therefore edge our hard working authorities at NRFA to revisit the original idea of constructing a toll gate along the carriageway.




  1. This is good thinking. U are great. We need more Zambian citizens who think like u. I’m happy to have u in zambia. Keep it up !

    • Agreed. You can actually bid for this idea to be sold as a business for you to run. You pay taxes to the government and employee people who also pay taxes to the government but you are responsible for the modernization and maintenance of the road. Simply put, the government privatizes the road to you. That’s government efficiency. Speak to Mutati and someone from the Roads and Works Ministry to forge out a deal.

    • Toll gates are not NEEDED everywhere. It is illegal. People pay taxes already for such things as maintenance. If trucks are identified as over users they can be singled out for extra taxes or tolls but people cant be paying for the same roads twice

  2. I travelled to the copper belt last month I felt so proud to see how these toll gates operates, it wouldn’t be bad to have them in all towns. Whoever thought of this is a genius.

    • If the thought of a toll gate is being a genius… no wonder Zambia is not developed

    • I hope you noticed that just a few meters after the toll gates the bad road began till the next toll gate

    • If replicating an old toll-gate system, already implemented in so many countries world-wide for such a long time now is a piece of genius, then whoever discovered that you can actually feast on finkubala is out of this world

  3. ..toll gates are supposed to be erected every 100 km….only if you guys had a little idea what the money collected on toll gates is used for you wouldn’t suggest such…

  4. we have enough toll gates for the province let the government just maintain the roads with the money being collected

  5. putting up toll gates between Kitwe and Ndola would be torture to a lot of people who live and work between these towns. whilst I do subscribe to the idea of raising revenue for road maintenance, I think we should also realize the burden we would be exerting on such people who work in different towns as is very common on the Copperbelt. unless they would come up with measures of how to implement this such as monthly gate pass for specific vehicle and driver not the current system of after so many trips that’s when you qualify. bane life naikosa mu zambia unless youre a politician or a connected contractor.

    • Not at all @ wine. The system allows such people to pay a monthly flat fee. It is like that for people living in Kafue but working in Lusaka.

    • No more likely a PF rat who already has the contract to put up that toll gates.. ..what are road taxes paid for if you are having toll gates at every corner ???

  6. Yes he is a genius how many years has it taken us to do this, apart from the government depending only on taxes? Spaka like lilo we know you UPNDonkeys are not happy to see things working for PF.

    • That the problem now with you PF rats , you have discovered toll gates , an easy way to make free money without working for it…..

      Tax the people mercilessly then call for national prayers when they complain then make them dance…

  7. my brother man depending from where u come from lets assume one is going to Livingstone how many toll gates is he going to pass through and how much is he going to spend fine it can be a good idea but costly to some people I think let it be the way things are as one is coming from chingola the will be one near ganartone.is it not enough .

  8. The idea is good, but that location is WRONG. If you locate it there then those who join the ndola-kitwe road from the luanshya turn-off, going to Kitwe, will have avoided paying. Remember there is a road from kapiri-ndola road that joins there. So some distance towards Kitwe would make sense.

    • The idea is not to trap or ambush people but for people to pay for the length of road they are using

  9. But PF rats are indeed shocking….someone comes up with an idea to tax more the already burdened zambians ati he is a genious !!.

    That is the result of living on borrowing and money in your pockets in 3 months slogans…you just want to borrow and tax tax tax….it is seen as free money by the rats of PF. They have failed any manufacturing jobs so only tax tax and tax some more….

  10. Do you guys realize that we pay taxes when we have our cars registered? And the big trucks you are talking about are heavily taxed too. In addition, foreign trucks are supposed to be charged at the port of entry.
    Toll gates are useless if you don’t have proper plans for the money collected.

  11. Thank you! Demons are still not happy! They hate to hear of anything good in Zambia! That is why Hazaluza Hagain!

  12. Pls share info on the closure of Ndola Lime Company by ZCCM Pius Kasolo?zccmminerhateskasolo.blogspot.co.za/

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